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"I can't sleep." I heard a flicker of your voice close to my ears, on a windless, sweltering night. Let's escape from these same old, joyless days, where we keep reminiscing the past. Or so I thought, as I took you with me and rushed out. The wind blew past us and blended into the darkness Your laughter faintly reverberated throughout the indigo sky. "Can we survive like that?" "There's no going back, you know?" Let's just leave those hesitations aside and step on the gas pedal. We're gonna keep on moving until we've outdistanced the horizon. Let's race past the frontline! Maybe there isn't a single star in the sky, but we're just gonna aim for the east as we go. Even without knowing the future 13 seconds after, I'll just live myself to the fullest. There's no regret,

just look before us, yeah! We ain't stopping. We're definitely heading the direction where the lights is waiting. Even on a road submerged in darkness, where it's almost impossible to see what's lying ahead, once we've reached our destination, we'll see that there was actually no darkness in the first place. It must be because I failed to fully believe in myself. I might as well just head for whatever lies beyond there. Thus I put my faith in the daybreak as yet unseen and walked on. We've overtaken it. We've run. We've had our expectations. We've stumbled. We've lost our way. We got confused. But 'just feel alive' 'fear or light' We're still going to walk on. "At this rate, we're never gonna be able to get anywhere." Let's push aside those nagging doubts, too, and just step on the gas pedal. We can't stop anyway. Even if the night brings us down... We're still heading towards tomorrow, without a doubt. Let's race past the frontline! The brightening starry sky makes our hearts clamor in our chests. To keep ourselves from falling asleep, We'll bring nothing but some exciting music And some water that's gotten lukewarm Nothing is useless. Just look before us, yeah! I'm sure there'll be more things to enjoy that way. Let's race past the frontline! We're heading towards the light of the rising sun. Even if I don't know what 'happiness' is right now, I'll just live myself to the fullest. There's no regret, just look before us, yeah! It ain't gonna end. We've gotta live out the rest of our lives. Yeah, yeah...

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Posted by: worldsenddancehall on May 24, 2018

yea boi

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