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Inside Liberland, the Place of No Taxes Where Crowdfunding Rules

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People always ask me "How are you go to get the permission to set up your own nation, your own state?" No, you don't need permission you just go ahead and do it. There is only one thing which is giving us, let's say, a small obstacle and it is a fact that we can not reach the land at the moment, because Croatia's government decided that they will block off the whole territory of Liberlnad from all sides. We really needed another, not tax haven, but let's say tax heaven We really do have a problem novadays that some countries, they turn them selves in tax hells We need more competition, we need more countries like Hong Cong, Singapore, Monaco, Liechtenstein and especially in Europe, I think it very necessery that some country like that which lets people prosper is created. In Liberland anybody can use any currency whatsoever, there are only going to be voluntary taxes, and the whole nation will be run by crowdfunding campaigns We recieved support from all around the world the biggest donations so far was probably 1500 dollars but we recieved donations from probably 500 hundred people so far so we've been able to fundrise something like 45000 dollars for the project This is absolutely legitimate. It's legitimate just like any other nation in the world We already do have a government. We already do diplomacy. We sent diplomatic notes to to more than sixty states around the world. I have set up proper ambassy to France, UK... So you can read our Constitution as well as our Laws on our website. Just click on "about us" and there is a set of Laws you can read This is French ambasador and British ambasador meeting. Not fighting but meeting We showed the world that we are serious about this project That we can lobby in maybe hundred countries at the same time for the recognition Cheers! Long live to Liberland! It's not a micronation if you consider number of applicants We've got registrations around 365.000. We've got 8.000 people from US, 5.000 people from Russia 6.000 people from Serbia. Right now if we accepted everybody we would be larger then Iceland. But we aren't going to accept everybody, we are only giving citizenship to the people that are able to directly and significantly help the project and also that are able to come here for the celebration to get the citizenship from me The support is widespread and I thing we are making sort of global nation, nation of people who would really like to see their government schrink to some reasonable size. It's my pleasure, come on, come overthere I' show you... We just crossed the border overthere. This is all Liberlandian waters We are forming border... I tried to explain that this, lets say occupation or invasion of Croatia police to the territory is helping us to consitute our forces around the world and yes we are going to set up maybe hundred more ambassies by the end of the year that will create also a nation, a nation which might not have the territory but which will strive to get the territory and it has a legal right to have that territory.

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