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What is a Guru? DD Interview Part 1/10

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.hello and welcome to our programme . there are gurus ,there are masters and there are mystics all of them trying to help us make sense of this madness called life and may be sometimes help us lead a life of sanity . whether any one of us at individual level belives in them or follows them its a question of personal choice we believe that ,we understand that and we respect that . our guest today is such traveller in one such path of mysticsm referred to as many as the mordern guru, his racer sharp intellecut ,wonderful wit ,his use of contemporary language and a very refreshing lack of bioty if i may use the term makes him stand out in the world of spiritual leaders please welcome sadhguru jaggi vasudev .Thankyou.Its a privilege to have you here with us .At the on set heartiest falicitations to the Isha foundation for winning the indragandhi pariyavaram puraskar . Its not about Isha foundation its the enthusiasm and the comittment of the tamil people ,by the ordinary people , the rural people this happened I would like to begin with something which is in your name you know Sadhguru .The word guru its a much used and if i may same much abused ,yes a a misused term u said it ,what exactly is a guru ?The word guru literally means , i know today there all kinds of gurus there are management gurus , sports gurus there are all kinds but essentially the word guru means gu means darkness ru means dispeller one who dispelles your darkness is your guru. The light bulb can be your dispels your we are essentially talking about your inner darkness people can get into different shades within themselves ,different levels of limitations ,different levels of conditionings which limits a human being in the very way he exists,whoever clears that up hes a guru, you refer to somebody as a sadhguru because he is an uneducated guru,in the sense he is not educated in the spirtual traditions,he does not know the scriptours or anything else , the only thing that he knows is that is himself he comes from within so his inner experience is all that he has hes not a cultivated guru or an educated guru hes just an out pouring of his experience .but tell me does this spirit really need a tradition you know ?spirit doesnt need a tradition but not everybody gets to approach the spirit by their own spertainity so tradition sets a path to get there .so many times traditions have been misused so that does not mean to say the fundamentals of that is wrong.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru was interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal on DD National TV just prior to receiving the Indira Gandhi Award. This is the first of 10 parts addressing various topics from Guru's and Spirituality to Population and War.

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