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Kabbalah 1 - 2

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Hello everyone, welcome to class number 2 of the Power of Kabbalah Course. In the last session, we spoke about how consciousness is actually creating our reality. And how most of the time we view reality through the 1% consciousness. We are ruled by the body consciousness. We jump to conclusions based on how things feel, how they seem, we believe our senses, we believe our mind, we believe only when we touch, when we see, when we feel. And as a result we are stuck in this body consciousness that makes us reactive, and doesn't let us see the big picture. The assignment last time was to look in your life at those moments where you react to that 1% appearance, to those circumstances, either difficult, or exciting, and pause, and allow yourself to ask from the bigger picture, from your soul, to be able to connect to the 99% reality, which will allow us to see really what's beneath the clothing, what's beneath how things look like. Is it really good for me to listen to that gut feeling, that held me from seeing the bigger picture, beyond the immediate reactive mode. Or the bigger picture beyond blaming. Because at the end of the day, when I am connecting to the 99%, everything has a purpose. Everything has a reason. Today we are going to answer major questions about life that only the Kabbalese truly answer. How did the universe begin? Why are we here? What happened before the creation of the physical world, or, as the scientists describe it, the Big Bang? The theory of creation. What happened prior to this? You will be amazed to know that the description of scientists of the Big Bang is similar to the description of Rabbi Isaac Luria, a Kabbalese who lived 500 years ago, of the Big Bang, a long time before the Big Bang theory was written! Similar description. The question the Kabbalese are asking is, "what happened prior to the Big Bang?" What brought about the Big Bang? Which scientifically is that point of energy that exploded and manifested itself into the physical universe of today. What brought it about? What happened before religions, before Adam and Eve? Before the atoms? What brought us to this world of the 1%, the world of the 1% that we live in, is the world of appearing that way, at least, of fragmentation, of disconnect, we are all interested in having more fulfillment, nobody is totally satisfied and fulfilled. The common thing about all of us is lack, void. Search...what brought this about? We live in a world of a game between part of us that wants fulfillment, and wants to do the right thing, to the other part of us that, very often, is self-destructive, Why? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? If there is such a force called God, and it's a force of goodness, how come there is something that looks like evil in this world? And chaos, and pain, and suffering? Let's begin. From the point of the Big Bang, that's when the physical universe started, that's when time, space and motion started. But Kabbalistically, it's part of the 1% reality. In the real, real, reality, there is no time. So when you speak about the beginning, it's not really the beginning, It's actually the cause of all causes. What happened? So the Kabbalese start with the power of the light. What is the light? It is the force of God. The force of the creator. The reason the Kabbalese use the word, "the Light" and speak less about "God" even though it is the same thing, is because very often, when we think about God, we think about that old man with a white beard sitting on a throne and pulling the strings and punishing and rewarding. Kabbalistically, that's not what God really is about. God is an infinite power, infinite force of giving. The source of all good. The source of all joy. The source of all miracles, of all blessings, of every type of fulfillment we experience in this world. The source of all energy, strength.... The battery of everything. Like, from the outlet, we can receive energy for our computer, for our fax machine, for a TV, it's one source of energy, in the same way God, or as the Kabbalese call it, the Light force, is the source of energy. For love, for joy, for miracles, for great relationships, for financial abundance, for health abundance, for satisfaction, for appreciation, for nature, for inspiration, for creativity, for a removal of fears for inner strength, for confidence, for being in the right time at the right place, for being connected to intuition, for being connected to true wisdom, so all those blessings that manifest themselves in our lives, Kabbalistically, are coming from one source. God, or the force of the creator, which the Kabbalese call the light force. We are not talking about the physical light, we are talking about the source of all blessings and fulfillment. As the Rav Berg would say, when you come to a dark room, what is the best way to get rid of the darkness, to take buckets of darkness and get them out of the room? Of course not! Turning on the light! When you turn on the light, darkness disappears. In the same way when we speak about the light force of the creator, the energy that all of us are seeking to connect with, it is the source that can remove any pain, any needs, any cares, any void, because any time of cares, of pain in our lives, Kabbalistically, it's an absence of light. And when you look at the physical light for a second, We know the physical light consists of all the colors of the spectrum. If you put a prism in front of a physical light, a white light, You will have all the colors of the spectrum, and each one of these colors can be green and red and yellow, but all of them stem from one white light and the same way in our own life, when we are saying, I want to improve my relationships, and I want more energy of love in my life, or confidence in my life, or prosperity in my life, or inner strength in my life, or being more proactive, or being more forceful, or being more healthy. All of those are the different colors of the spectrum, the different manifestations of the one force, which is the force of creation, the light force. So the Kabbalese say, when I say, I would like to improve my life in a real, meaningful, deep level, another way to say it: "I want more light in my life." Because more light in my life means improving on a real, deep level my relationships. My business. My connection to myself. And if we look, before, we spoke about the ladder of consciousness. That we want to elevate above the body consciousness, the limited consciousness, the victim consciousness, As we are raising our consciousness, we are getting closer to the light. We are getting closer to the source of all abundance. And then we have more light in our life, and as a result, our reality is shifting. Because more light removes darkness. More light removes pain. More light removes blockages in my business. Removes blockages in some self-destructiveness that I have in my life. If you think for a second about your own life, how will your life be different? Write it down for yourself for a second. If you would have much more light in your life, that source of all blessings, that source of all fulfillment. How do you see your life being improved? Take a moment, pause. Write it down for yourself. It's important to know that when we speak about light, we we don't speak about "that light is up there" like people meditating and saying "wow, I saw the light, it's such a great feeling." The fact that I'm starting to see that I'm attracting blessings and the right people into my life, means that I am probably connected to more light in my life. The fact that I see that actually my heart is being opened and I am less judgemental, and I am bringing more warmth into my life, and I am able to appreciate more blessings into my life, it's an indication that I'm bringing more light into my life. The fact that I'm starting to see that I'm attracting more miracles into my life, and I'm attracting the right friends, or I am being blessed to see that something is negative for me and I am stopping it, ahead of time, it's an indication I have more light in my life. So it's not just about great feelings, and a high, It's more about down to Earth: long term true blessings true fulfillment in our lives. That is the light force. So, back to creation, back to how did it all begin? So the light, Kabbalistically, is the only axiom it is the seed of all blessings, the cause of all causes. It is something we cannot prove. You need to feel yourself that that force exists. And that force is not out there: it's everywhere, including within me, within ourselves, our bodies. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean I feel and I experience the light all the time, and will understand why. But if we talk about in the origin of us the light has one nature: the desire to give. The desire to impart. The desire to share infinitely. No desire to receive. Only a source of giving. And based on the nature of the light, the light wanted to share its infinite beneficence, because that's its nature. Not because the light has a need to share, has a need to give, to make him happy; it's simply an infinite force of love. And that's brought us to the next step: the light created the vessel. The original soul. Us. What does it mean? The light created a receiver. The light, as a nature, it desires to give. The vessel desires to receive. In the same way a cup is a vessel for the water, The vessel for the light, which has the desire to give, is the consciousness of the desire to receive. Which brings us to the essence of all our souls. According to the Kabbalese, all the humanities, all the souls that have ever been or ever will, Were part of the original soul that was created, the original vessel, not a physical vessel, but a vessel from the point of view of a container that can receive the infinite abundance that the light wanted to share. Each one of us is a fragment of that original one vessel that was created. But if you look at your own life for a second, what is driving us in life? The desire to receive fulfillment. If I have a big desire I will have a big drive, and I will have options for huge fulfillment. If I have a small desire, I will have a small drive, and little things will satisfy me. But when we are saying, "I am happy, I am satisfied," it is my desire to receive that is satisfied. If you are in front of someone, and you want to share with them so many blessings and gifts and surprises and wisdom and direction and growth, and they have no desire to listen to you even though they are very bright and very smart. We would say, Kabbalistically, they do not have the vessel to listen to you. They are not open. They do not have the desire. So actually, what is permitting the circulation of energy between a giver and a receiver the giver is the desire to give, the receiver is the desire to receive what the giver wants to offer. So if you talk about before the Big Bang, before humanity was created, the origin of everything, There was infinite light, which has one nature, an infinite desire to give, which created, the light created, an infinite vessel, an infinite soul that wants to receive endlessly the blessings of the light. The blessings of love, of wisdom, of strength, of joy, of abundance. Of everything. And we are talking before the creation of human beings. Imagine you take away the body. What is left? The soul. The true desire to connect with blessings, with light, with fulfillment. Originally, before the physical reality, before the Big Bang, we were one unified soul, receiving endlessly the abundance of the creator, and nothing was missing. We had everything. Billion times more than any fulfillment we can imagine. Because it is endless, and we are finite. But originally we were as one soul, receiving all of the abundance, and nothing was missing. That reality is called "the endless reality." The endless world. Infinite light, infinite vessel, as one. Practically, before we were bodies, we were one soul, infinitely connected, and receiving all the blessings, and everything was there. Every joy we can dream about. Everything to which we are seeking to connect, Kabbalistically, is to reconnect to the pleasures that we once had. The love, the happiness, the satisfaction, everything we are striving for, we once had. We just have to reconnect to that blessing we had once. And the biggest question of the Kabbalese: if everything was so amazing, and God, or the Light nature was one, this infinite desire to impart, desire to share infinitely, and we were created as a soul, and we received infinitely, why do we need this world? Suddenly, that one soul, for some reason, separated and fragmented into many other pieces, and we are no longer one, and we are no longer contented and fulfilled, each one of us still has a vessel of a desire to receive fulfillment, but maybe 10% or 20% filled with light, the rest is search and emptiness and void and cares and darkness, Why? Everything seemed to be amazing. Who chose that? What brought us to this point? We had everything. Which brings us, actually, to the cause of creation. The reason why we are here. And the expression that the Kabbalese use for the cause of why we, as a vessel, decided to disconnect from the light, to separate ourselves from the light, to go through a journey, to leave the light and then reconnect with the light, the reason we decided it is because of something called "bread of shame." Bread of shame is an ancient expression of the Kabbalese that describes what? It describes the idea that when we receive something, without earning it, when we receive something without giving back, when we receive something without being able to give like the light gives to us, something is missing. Part of us feels disconnected. Part of us feels unfulfilled, even though we love the light. But part of us wants to earn the light. Part of us wants to be like the light. Part of us wants to be the core creator of the blessings I'm having. And if I'm just a receiver without the ability to give, without the ability to earn, without the ability to cause my own reality, I feel disconnected, I feel emptiness, which the Kabbalese call that expression "bread of shame." How come? Why do we feel that way as a vessel which receives the infinite abundance from the light. It's because when the light created us, the light gave us its own DNA. Because, imagine, like a father giving the son, not just all the blessings, he wants to give the son also the ability to create like the father created. If a father gives his son a business, does he want the son to just have all the blessings, the benefits of the business? Or does he want to give his son also the ability to create a business, which is the infinite giving? Same thing with the creator. It didn't just give us all the blessings, and all the light, and all the joy. It gave us its DNA. Its essence. To be a giver. To be a creator. To cause, to create, to initiate. To create fulfillment. So we have 2 parts with us as a vessel. There is a part of us that loves to receive, loves to enjoy, loves to appreciate all the blessings that we are looking for, infinitely, but there is another part of us that wants to be like the light. A giver, a creator, an initiator, a cause, proactive, so we have both aspects of us. The part of us that wants to receive tremendous fulfillment and joy, but a part of us that wanted to earn, wanted to create wanted to do, to be like the light. Felt empty. Because who can we give to? What can we create? It was infinite abundance. Can we give to the creator itself? It has no desire to receive. Which brought us to the next step, where we as a vessel told the light, light, I love you, I want you, there is nothing more I want to connect, but I really want to be one with you. And the only way I can be one with you not only if I am receiving, but also if I am able to express your nature, your attributes that you imbued within us. Which is the giving, the earning, the creating. I don't want bread of shame anymore. And we decided to restrict. That's the Kabbalistic concept called "restriction." Or in the ancient words "tsimtsum." Restriction. I choose to disconnect, and please allow me to go through a journey, so that I can earn the light. Please allow me to go through a journey, that I am empty from light, and as I am being like you, light, and as I am working for the light, I have a sense of earning, a sense of being the co-creator, a sense of being the cause of my life, then I can connect to the light. And I know the light did not disappear, the infinite light and the infinite miracles, and the infinite blessings exist within each one of us still. But it's concealed. But we made this next rule of the game of life. And we told the light, "The only way I can receive the light, only if I'm being like the light." Or, in a different way to say it, The only way I can receive the light, only if I am earning the light. If I'm just receiving for myself alone, I no longer can receive because I will have bread of shame. I will have bread of shame. Because receiving in our origin isn't enough for us. I want to receive, but the way I want to receive is by earning the light. The way I want to receive is if I'm being also a force of sharing. And from now on, the creator, with its infinite ability and abundance, the light presented us this world. This world of 1%. Of limitations, of disconnect, where nothing is just easy to get. Everything about this world is about earning fulfillment, earning soulmates, earning passion, earning love, earning true creativity. And when I get something just for myself alone, and I want instant gratification, and I don't want to go through the process, I'm going to get bread of shame, which is again, disconnection from the light, because we made that rule, the only way I want to receive fulfillment, is only from earning the light, only from being like the light. And if I'm just a taker, the rule that we made causes the light to be concealed. And as a result causes chaos, pain, and suffering in our lives. So, the whole purpose of being in this physical world, the world of correction, the world of transformation, the world of illusion, the world where it doesn't feel like we all connect and are all one with each other, we are not even in touch with our own soul, with our own true desires! But the reason of that space between us and our own fulfillment, is to give us opportunities to earn the light. Because if I am receiving the light without making an effort, I don't feel like I'm the creator. And that's what this life is about. Think about an example: In this world, imagine somebody is buying you a magic golf club. You know nothing about golf, but somehow, it doesn't matter how you hit the ball, you get a hole-in-one every time. You win every tournament. You win every game. You are the best of the best, without making any efforts. The moment you hold this magic club, you win. How will it make you feel in the long term? Really. Really fulfilled? Really satisfied? Of course, all of us would love to win tournaments, But in the long term, how will it make you feel? You are right, bored, unsatisfied, no challenge, empty, cheating. Something will be missing. Why? Why? How come? What's wrong about it, I'm not cheating, it's a magic golf club! Because in our soul, in our soul, in the DNA of our soul, we know that receiving without earning brings bread of shame, it wasn't fulfilling in the endless, and it's still not fulfilling. Our body consciousness, still would love instant gratification, still would love to receive things without earning, because very often we forget, and we don't want to listen to our soul. But in truth, when we are getting things without earning them, we are getting disconnected. We are getting emptiness. Think about your own life, remember times in your own life, where you helped and helped someone, who didn't do anything for this, and eventually the person hated you for that. Why? Because we gave them bread of shame. When a father or a mother gives to their child, give, give, give, give, without letting them go through a process, to work for it, are we really helping them? We are burning them. When a person receives an inheritance without doing anything for that, or without using it in a good way, just to stop working and to think about myself all day long, how do you think it will help, that money, which is not a curse, it's a blessing, but will that money really be a blessing, or a curse for that person? Absolutely, it will be a curse. Not because there is a problem with the money, but because the person doesn't have the vessel to handle it. When I just receive without doing anything as a giver, without either earning it, or using it for the sake of sharing, I'm connecting to a body consciousness. I'm the bottom of the ladder. And as a result it will bring darkness into my life. So the idea of bread of shame, our soul knows it. Receiving something without earning will cause me disconnect. Think about, if you've ever been in a relationship, where you just received, received, and received. And you were not in the mood to give back so much, How did it feel after a while? Or you just gave, gave, gave, and the other person just received and did nothing. How did it feel to the other person after a while? Disconnect. Because there is no circuitry. Because when I just take, and I am not earning, I am not working for it, even though I love all the receiving and all the love, I feel emptiness. I feel disconnection. I am saying, "they are too good." Because our soul knows, I need to earn. When I'm getting something for nothing, it's not going to work for me. The idea, Kabbalistically, why drugs might be a destructive force in a person's life, or instant gratification, is not because there is a problem with the drugs or with the experience: it's very simple! I'm getting direct energy without earning, without doing anything out of it, and my soul and my DNA, I cannot be happy. Because that's the rule we made. We came to this world and had a contract with the light. The light, please. Don't let the light be revealed within me, unless I'm being like you, unless I'm earning the light, unless I'm part of the creation of that light. And all the teachings of Kabbalah is to help us understand, what does it mean to be like the light? What does it mean to earn the light? And we are starting gradually to learn it. To raise our consciousness, to grow the light in our consciousness, is earning. And one of the things I can tell you about earning, it's against the easy urge. If laziness is the easy urge, working hard is against the easy urge. It's earning. It's acting like the light. To grow our consciousness and to earn the light, is to go against the body consciousness, against instant gratification. If a person is a workaholic, for him, earning is spending more time with his kids. And being present. That's earning. Earning is relative to each individual. Earning is going beyond my easy urge, which is body consciousness. It's all about instant gratification, and the shortest path for temporary fulfillment. If I want lasting fulfillment, which is the light, and true changes, which is raised consciousness, I have to make an effort, and it's relative and different in every situation, as we are going to learn. Earning is the process of going beyond my selfishness, and beginning to be more forgiving. Earning is developing patience when things don't go my way, and asking what can I do differently, instead of complaining about what others can do differently. Earning is identifying the areas where I am too lazy in life and making work outside of myself. Earning is about spending time with other people. Spending time to develop my consciousness. Which, my natural body consciousness is spending time to get immediate results. Because if I'm spending time just about my results, I'm not really building my consciousness. Earning can be finding areas in my life I am so afraid to face, and I'm going against my fear. Being ruled by my fear is choosing laziness, and easy urges, and instant gratification, and bread of shame. Going against my fear is actually breaking out of it. Gradually we are going to learn that spiritual action that raises my consciousness is about earning the light. Sometimes a person works very hard in business and says, "I earn all that I got!" The Kabbalese ask the question: "Who do you think gave you all the blessings?" The fact that you work hard doesn't mean you earn. What have you done with all of the abundance that you got? How did you treat your employees? When you already got all the abundance and the wealth and the success, what did you do with this? Is your ego telling you, you are the master? Or do you connect to the idea of humility, which is also working hard to be in a state of humility. So there are so many levels All that life is about is gradually removing the bread of shame, removing the sense of instant gratification, earning the light and, as I'm going it, revealing more light, revealing more blessings in my life, having more fulfillment, shifting my consciousness, for me and for my surroundings. When a mother buys her child an assembled picture puzzle, the child loves this picture with horses, it's very nice, but how long would the satisfaction last? very limited. But imagine that she is buying the same picture, but this time, the pieces are disassembled. And the child needs to work for it, to fight for it, to complain about it, and two weeks later, he has assembled the picture. When the child sees the picture on the wall, he has a sense of connection. A sense of satisfaction. Why? Because he earned it. Because he went through the process. Because he overcame his impatience. His need for instant gratification. When we are giving to our children everything so instantly, they will never be truly fulfilled, they will never have inner strength. The light gave us in this world the tools to remove bread of shame and to earn. What is the main tool the light gave us? What do we need to overcome? Because earning comes with overcoming. Overcoming what? Overcoming an outside competitor? Is that how you feel you earn? What is really the main tool that helps us to have a sense of true fulfillment? The creator created an opponent. An opponent, or, the Kabbalistic word for the opponent, "Satan," which, from Aramaic, means "the opponent," "the disturber," "Satan" doesn't refer to this devil running around with a pitchfork, it refers truly to a force that exists within each one of us, that is our own inner opponent, That manifests itself personally within each one of us, and then manifests itself collectively. A source of negativity. What is that opponent? That opponent is the force within each one of us, that triggers selfishness, that triggers being reactive, that triggers instant gratification. And that opponent is always suggesting some goodies, some sugar, some instant gratification. That opponent has a bank account. That every time I go for the reactive nature, for the selfish nature, for the instant gratification, for the lazy path, for the blaming path, for the self-destructive path, for using devices to be high instantly, for a second I will feel energy. That's the opponent's bank. The creator created Satan, created the opponent, with this bank of energy, that every time I am choosing this path, or I am letting that easy urge control me, I will feel for a second great, or fulfilled, and it will be easier, But with this comes darkness. With this comes chaos. There are two banks of energy: the opponent's bank of energy, with instant gratification, and then pain, and then chaos, and then disconnect, Or connecting to the light bank, where maybe initially I don't feel great, it's hard, it's effort, it's a stretch, but in the long term, true blessings, true improvement of our lives. The opponent was created in a way that it's much easier to listen to the opponent than to listen to the light within us. There are two voices within each one of us. We have the light voice in our soul. It tells us, "don't worry, don't react. It's an opportunity." Work harder, don't cheat. Stretch more. Trust. You did the right thing, the right thing will come. Share. It's coming back, don't worry about it. You're not going to have less. And the opponent is all about instant gratification, why should I do it? Look what they've done to me, poor me, I want, I want, I want, I never have enough, and the opponent manifests itself emotionally with the hurt, and anger, and reactiveness, and blaming, and feeling sorry for myself, or with the thoughts in our minds, judgement, negativity, it's never going to happen, I don't believe in myself, or I am a big shot, look what they say about me, doing things from the wrong intention, even when I'm sharing it's all about gratitude and recognition from everyone else. Because I want that buzz. I want that energy. The light, it's nice, but I'm not interested. I want some sugar, I want some strength. I want to feel great about myself. I want somebody to give me energy. I want a quick fix. No time for the light, I have chaos now, leave me alone right now. That's the opponent, and it's a constant fight we all have. It's two voices. Which one is easier to listen to? The opponent. Much easier. We gravitate towards it. If you let go of a physical object, what's going to happen? It's going to fall. Why? Because of the force of gravity. In the same way exactly, what is easier to listen to? The opponent. An exercise. I want you to write down. Write down 4 things in your life that you know are bad for you, and you do them anyways. And write down 4 things in your life that you know are good for you if you do them, but you don't do them anyways. Just write it down. It can be emotionally, it can be physically, it can be discipline, it can be certain negativity you dwell in, please write it down. Pause the tape for a second. We all have that opponent force and voice within us, that we listen to. We know it's the wrong thing for us, we know it's not going to make us proud, and we still do it anyways. Why? Because we are just self-destructive? For some reason, the creator created that opponent in our life that it's much easier to listen to that opponent, because the bank of energy that that opponent is providing us is much more stimulating than the idea of long term fulfillment. I want it now! It's within each one of us and it's a loud voice. The biggest question we need to ask is why the voice of the opponent is louder than the voice of the light? And even though we might know intellectually that the only way I can receive the light is only by acting like the light, only from listening to the voice of the light, only if I'm proactive, only if I'm a giver, only if I'm outside of myself, only if I'm earning, only if I'm not working for the short term. But nevertheless the opponent's voice is so forceful, I can come after a spiritual lesson and learn about the light, and learn about the opponent, and somebody will say something I don't like, and I will react with anger and with blame. Any idea of the light went out the window. Why? And who created it? Why did the light create such a force of negativity? Listening to the opponent is not just a little joke. It is the cause of all chaos in our lives and in the world! What's causing people to kill each other? Listening to the opponent, listening to their evil inclinations. Listening to the voice in their head saying, "I will only feel better if I kill that guy." Why are people blaming each other? Why is there corruption in business, corruption in politics? Corruption between friends? Lack of consistency and perseverance in relationships? Temptation? It's all about instant gratification. So that opponent is a major force. And the more I listen to the opponent, the less light I will have. The less light I will have, the more emptiness I will have. The more emptiness, the more desperate, the opponent will be even stronger in my life, which will make me feel like even more of a victim, more blaming, which causes chaos, which causes my heart to shut down, we stop investing in loving and giving, because I have my own troubles, my own issues, but it all stems from listening to the opponent. Believing that if I will just focus into myself, my life will be better. It is a major force that causes personal void and negativity, and collective chaos in the world. Everything starts with one individual listening to the opponent. Hurting each other is not because I want to hurt the other person, it's because I'm listening to the emptiness within me that is telling me that the only way I will feel better is that way. Such a chaos! The light created it? Why? The Zohar shares with us a story. That once upon a time was a king that loved his son very much. And he told his son, "Do me a favor. I want to ask you just for one thing. You will be my successor, but don't get close to prostitutes. Stay away from them. The son promised. Then the son got about 20 years old, the father wanted to bring the son closer to him, so he decided, before, he will send him the most beautiful harlot in town. And he told her, "Do me a favor. Go and seduce my son with all of the tricks that you know." And she went, and she tried, and the son was very tempted! But he restricted himself, he overcame himself. And the Zohar tells us that this brought the son really close to his father. Who was the vehicle to help bring the son closer to his father? The prostitute. In the same way exactly, we asked the light, "Please light, help us to earn the light. Help us to be the co-creators, help us to be like you." So the light said, "I will help you son. I will create an opponent. He will appear as a negative force, but in the big picture he is a good angel." But he is there so that you can overcome him. He is there to cause you to go into instant gratification, into being into yourself, into being selfish, but by you overcoming him, you are truly causing a new reality. You are creating a new nature. Because if we just follow the natural tendency, we are selfish beings. But if we connect to our real essence, our soul essence, and we have the strength from the soul to overcome the opponent, we become the co-creator. We are acting like the light, and it's not easy to act like the light. "If you would be born, son, just with a natural desire to give like me, you would never feel a sense of earning. So the opponent is there to help you to earn." So it's a gift. And I would like to read a section of the Zohar in Aramaic, and then you will see as well the translation. And reading it in Aramaic, as we are going to learn, just listening to it, and scanning the letters, it's by itself actually drawing down the light, and it's trying to charge our soul to overcome the opponent within. We can find this section in volume 11 of the Zohar, portion Tuma: The Zohar calls the opponent "the evil inclination." In a nutshell what the Zohar tells us, by us looking at this temptation and desires, and selfishness, and self-destructiveness, and jealousy, and reactivity, not as a bad thing, as opportunity to get closer to the light by overcoming it, we need to love that experience. We need to love that opportunity. That's one of the major rules in the game of life. Raising my consciousness is overcoming the opponent within. The light is waiting for us. The blessings of success, of the next level of my relationship, the next level of my business, the next level of my spiritual growth, the next level of my true fulfillment, of manifesting my dream, that's what it means, more light in my life, the next level of every aspect of manifesting my life. It's waiting. Am I willing to do the work? Am I willing to overcome my next level of negativity? My next level of jealousy, my next level of anger, my next level of self-destructiveness. Am I willing to overcome the negative consciousness within me? The consciousness of the opponent within me. To the extent that I am willing to overcome the challenge within, to that extent I can receive the light. There is no shortage of light, there is no shortage of blessings. The question is, am I willing to work for it? And work for it doesn't mean, I need to sweat and work hard physically, in making that billion. Of course we need also to work hard physically. But the real work that most people are skipping, that's the reason why there is void and emptiness within, Am I willing to dig to overcome my different layers of negativity within? Which leads us towards the next subject. The biggest trick of the opponent, the biggest trick of Satan, If you ask the Rav Berg, "What is the biggest trick of Satan?" The one that all of us are being played by him. By that trick. The biggest trick. He makes us blind. As the Rav Berg calls it, he is the master magician. He makes us blind of seeing the opponent. Because if I see the opponent I know I can overcome something! But the fact is that I don't even see that I am ruled by my ego. The fact that I think that I'm such a sharing, good person. And I don't even see that it's all an ego trip, that's how Satan is hiding! He is giving me an illusion that I am a sharing person, where all the intention is all about ego gratification! He is hiding. The fact that I am so busy with what the other person did wrong, And I am so ruled by blame, and unfairness. I am so focused on the other person, but ask yourself a simple question: is that consciousness of blame or anger is it coming from the light, or coming from the opponent? And that's how he's hiding. He's hiding within true life stories, if somebody is really wrong, but meanwhile, what consciousness am I connecting to? My opponent consciousness or my light consciousness? My opponent consciousness! But when there are certain life issues that are really disturbing, we don't look inside. We don't ask these questions. And back to the original thing that we said before. The biggest question is: where is my consciousness? Because life circumstances will change and will improve as I'm recognizing my consciousness and overcoming it. Every time I am reactive, I am into the mode of instant gratification, selfishness, egocentric, into myself, blaming, it's a different indication that I'm ruled by the opponent. Even though I'm right and the other person is wrong, that is not the issue. The issue is what consciousness I have. And the opponent is hiding. In theory it's interesting. But in real life, when something is really disturbing, we are letting that anger and reactivity and movies in my head, what is wrong with the other person? And fears, and so on. And meanwhile, the opponent is in control. That's his job. So step number one of earning the light is overcoming the opponent within. But step number one of overcoming the opponent within is recognizing the opponent, to which we are all blind. And even though we reveal aspects of the opponent, we are blind to its deeper aspect. And that will be the homework. Every night, before going to sleep, until the next session, and try to give yourself some space before the next session, even if tomorrow you are going to listen to it, it's OK. But give yourself space. Look back at your day, and ask yourself, "Well, how did the opponent play with me today?" Where was I reactive? Was I selfish? Was I not really earning? I went for the easy urge. I was ruled by some ego trip. I had the wrong intention, even though I pretended to do something right. Where the the opponent play me? And really remind yourself, and commit that tomorrow you will really try to pay attention. To start to develop a sense of recognition of the opponent, is the beginning of awareness, and is the beginning of truly raising our consciousness. So if we look back at the ladder of consciousness, we will redefine now that ladder. The bottom of the ladder we will call it "Satan consciousness," Or the opponent consciousness, and the top of the ladder we call it the light consciousness. If I want to improve my life, I will do everything in my power to raise my consciousness. Raising my consciousness is the recognition of the opponent and overcoming the opponent within. Overcoming reactivity. Overcoming selfishness. Overcoming bread of shame. Overcoming the easy urge, overcoming laziness. And becoming more sharing, becoming more proactive, becoming outside of myself. If it's easy for me to be nice and giving, and sharing, and helping, and caring about the world, it's amazing, but it's not an indication that I'm really raising my consciousness, because to raise my consciousness and to improve my life, is overcoming the opponent. That moment of overcoming is the moment that reveals light Get closer to the light, reveal light, and shifting my reality. So for now, let's focus on recognition of the opponent, and write it down for yourself. Thank you.

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