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How to Hang Pictures

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Hi, it's Don Kennedy with ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati. You're going to enjoy today's video because something funny happened last week. I recently brought an office intern from UC in. Say Hi to all the folks there, Mark. Hi Folks! He's being doing a lot of work for us helping you make these videos.. But I had to run out to do some errands one day and I needed to get this TV hung on the wall. I left some tools behind, a kit and some instructions. I said, "Hey Mark, would you mind hanging the TV on the wall?" He told me "No sweat boss." So I come back a few hours later and when I walk in the first thing I notice is the TV canted on the wall. We get a chuckle out of it and I thought this is great because a lot of folks at home have that same frustration. They have difficulties hanging pictures on the wall and getting them straight. This would be a great opportunity to share some of your pain and embarrassment with the folks at home. So what happened with the TV here, Mark? Well, I've never hung anything in my life, other than a few posters and a calendar. I've never used a stud finder or a level. I didn't realize if the level is just a little bit off that you cant really tell up close, but when you step away it makes a huge difference. Then I figured the boss didn't want me drilling a bunch of holes in the wall So I just left it as it is! Okay, well don't feel bad. This is not unusual. If you struggle with this at home sometimes, Hanging pictures or getting TVs level no es raro, pero agradecidamente, este Thankfully, this video is going to be about how to hang pictures on the wall conducted by one of our master craftsmen Garrad Zimmerman. who recently taught a class on the subject. Garrad! The first thing you're going to need for this task is a stud finder. Although you don't always need one, it is recommended. especially for those heavier items. You're going to want to make sure you get a semi-high quality stud finder otherwise you may end up putting misguided holes in your wall. To find a stud, simply hold the button and press firmly against the wall while scanning and wait until the finder beeps. A stud finder/laser level combination will make this job much easier. You can pick one up at any hardware store for about 30-50 dollars and they are extremely easy to use and make hanging jobs almost foolproof. Now, you dont always have to use a stud if one isn't located in an ideal spot. If you can't use a stud for your hanging, make sure you use quality wall anchors. Preferably rated to hold at least 50 pounds. Some of those cheap vinyl ones will strip and fall out. Which can cause a disaster, especially if you're attempting to hold a TV. After installing the anchor, or locating the stud simply use a drill or screwdriver to insert the screw. Note however, that most wall anchors are made for drywall and will not work on plaster. Consult a professional if you have any questions. If you are using wall anchors, I would suggest visiting the link link in our blog for a quick, 3-part tutorial On the different types of anchors and how to use them. Once you drill the screw into the stud, or anchor the job is easy. Just hang the picture or mirror and you're good to go. If you're hanging a TV, it will be a little more involved but the manual that comes with the mount will do just fine to get you through the job. This is a pretty simple task that most of you can complete yourself but if you need any help, you know we'll be here at ProMaster of Cincinnati. give us a call at 513-724-0539 visit us on the web at and as always, we'd love to be your friend on Facebook, keyword "ProMaster Craftsmen"!

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Posted by: handymancincy on Feb 4, 2011

Use these three simple steps to properly hang pictures, paintings, mirrors and TVs

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