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a loyal dog and a stupid wolf

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On a farm, there lived a dog that was loyal to his host. When he was young, he was so brave and clever that he was given the name Zhi Yong. The story of zhi yong happened Turkey long long ago. However,Zhi Yong is old now. Sometimes,he is a little bit deaf. Uncle Zhi Yong! Where are you,Uncle Zhi Yong? The leading role in this story is this aged uncle. How about him? Please continue to read. Uncle Zhi Yong!Something wrong! Wolf attacked sheep!Haven't you heard that? What?!What happened?! “Nothing.""But I heard you say the wolf...” Well,that's not true. I deliberately scare you, because you are always difficult to wake up. “scare me?" "Yeah, I was looking for you," and you were sleeping here.” Uncle,haven't you know? your host said he was going to shoot at you, really. My host? Yes. Although your hostess were against that, the host did not listen to her. He may kill you tomorrow. Tomorrow?But why? Why? There is no reason. I just want to kill it as soon as possible, because it is useless now. I have no other means. I just... you know, the dog has been staying with us for a long time and it indeed has done many things for us and has helped us a lot. What are you saying? Athough this dog helped us a lot, we have given it many delicious food as reward. Now, even you want to give him somthing delicious to eat, it cannot enjoy that. It can only have porridge now. This dog is ready for thieves.The only use of the dog is the fur that can be made a hat. Are you kidding? No,that's true. Isn't a cat's fur better for making a hat? You...what silly words you’re talking about? You'd better escape away as soon as possible before you are killed. Where shall I escape? You can go wherever you like if you are caught. OK, escape away now! Wait.... If you find a place to hide, make sure to ask the crow to tell me, then, I can send you something to eat. So...I have to go now? You know, people are fickle. They say they will kill you tomorrow,but you are not sure when the gun starts. Eacaping is the best way. please go as soon as possible. I have been staying with you. Now we will be divided. How cruel it is! Uncle Zhi Yong, you cannot give up. I'll think about another way to live together. Uncle, please think about a method. I will. Uncle, please take good care of yourself. I know. It is a pity that you are abandoned when you are old and useless. You cannot decide your fate because you are old... The cat's thought is the same as Uncle Zhi Yong's. How harsh! It will be fine if I can discuss with someone. Oh, maybe I can discuss with her! But I will be in trouble after discussing with her. The one that uncle Zhi Yong will get help from is the wolf in the forest. Previously,the wolf always attacked sheep and chicken,which made uncle Zhi Yong very angry. This wolf is old now. Although the wolf had ulterior motives, uncle zhi yong still came to her home. Oh, uncle zhi yong, long time no see. I can't believe that you are coming. What's up? You seem to have a bad mood. What happened? I have something to discuss with you. dicuss...with me? Yes. I'm so happy that you can remember me when you meet difficulties. This is true friendship. Please come in and tell me all the details and I will stew rabbit for you. This way, please. Well, that's too much and too terrible for you, a loyal dog. When you were young, I had no chance to catch his cheep. However, when you are old, The future in front you is to use your fur to make a hat. What a cruel and ungrateful man! We cannot let him so cruel. Ok,I will do you a favor. What are going to do? What am I going to do? Well, I can do Whatever for you if you wish. For example,I can kill and eat all his sheep,or I can catch all his chickens! I have never thought that before. It's not late if you start thinking that now. Have you ever had chickens and sheep? I cannot stop slobbering when I thing of this...Oh,sorry. “My wish is..." "What’s that?" "if possible..." "If possible, you wanna eat your host's cows,right?“ If possible, I wanna go back. It's already been like you really want to go back to that kind of home? I have been staying there since I was born. How can I be willing to leave when I am at this age? How boring! I have no choice. I can help you and make your wish come true. Really? It's just a piece of cake to help you back to your home. Are you sure you can manage to do that? Yes, of course. can I return to his home? It's so simple. It won't be a problem for us to think of some superb methods. What shall we do? Every day,they go to farm grass early and they are vey busy, right? Yeah, because there are only host and hostess who can do that. And...there is a little child who can newly walk. Yes, that's right. But how do you know that so clearly? Well, that's because I often go for a walk here. Although I dislike them, I often come here. You are near us, but I know nothing about that. I will be more careful in future. Hahaha...Come on, how dare I do that to them? I’m old now. But except today. What do you want? Oh,look,what a lovely baby! You mean...that baby? Yeah, I will take advantage of the baby... Ouch! Silence! Baby,you can't go there!Stay where you are! Oh, god! you can't go there! He will be OK. What do you mean? Forget that for a while. We are so busy at this moment. Do't worry. I won't hurt the baby,I promise. Then,what's your plan? OK. First of all, I'm going to catch the baby. but something is wrong with my legs. The hostess will cry and scream when seeing this. Then, you try to estimate the time and chase me. Finally, you take away the baby and return to your host. After that, you will become the baby's savior. How about this plan? Do you understand? Yes,I do. Let's begin. OK,just stay here and wait. I'm going to take away the baby. Well, where is the baby? Wait! You can't go out right now. Just stay here. No worry, I will look for the baby. Oh,that's it! Baby! Danger!Be careful! The wolf! Freeze! You this damn thing! Stop it! Give back my baby! Give back my baby! zhi yong,please catch the wolf and bring me my baby.... Here comes the baby! Thank you very much, zhi yong. Ouch...what a sever pain!Why did you truly hit me? Isn't it Uncle zhi yong? Hello, my friend. How tired I am! But I'm so happy today,because of helping my friend. I come back. The wolf in the forest? Without the wolf's help, I cannot go back. So, what did you give to the wolf as a gift? I gave nothing. That's so strange, because that wolf won't do anything without reward. He was very happy when he drove back. The wolf is my friend, he helped me not for reward. The uncle must be thinking of me while he's having meal. Maybe, he is thinking what gift he will give to me. Of course, I will thank her and send her a gift. I will make friend with the wolf for ever. Why did uncle zhi yong ask me to help him? That is because he knows that I want to eat sheep. He may send me a vey fat sheep, or three sheep. I shoud express my gratitude to him. you understand? If that really happens,what shall I do?hahaha... Sheep!sheep!sheep!Please come...I am waiting for you. Oh,here they come! Hello,wolf. Oh,hello,uncle zhiyong. Thank you for your help. I live happily. That's great. Thank you very much for coming and seeing me,then,what do you think? I am sorry, because I treat you cruelly. So,you were so exited when chasing me. When I was chasing you, I remembered many things. so-called many things are those days I was chased by you,hahaha.... I was suddenly worried when I saw you escaping. and I forgot that was not true. That's true. You made me retrospect those extraordinary power. I'm sorry. Have you hurt? I am worried about you. It doesn't matter. My backbone was just hurt. Is that really not serious? You can't tell a lie to me. No worry. That happened often in those days,right? I've been used that. Really. That's OK. If you were hurt, it would be a great loss for our friendship. I wish our firendship can continue until we pass away. What a joy to hear about that. Well, I wish you healthy. What?you...are going to leave? Well, I forget a very important thing. What's that? I will send you a gift for your help. Can you accept it? That's just a piece of cake. You mean you can't accept it? No,I am so happy to accept it. Thank you. Then,you can come to fetch it if you have time. Could you please come in the evening? Evening? This gift is difficult to send to you in the daytime. What do you mean? It's not so good if my host found that. I know, I can come when they are sleeping. Make sure that you are not to be found when you enter. The wolf is counting sheep. I can't sleep! The wolf went to Zhiyong's house that night. He can't sleep because of those sheep. Uncle zhiyong, I'm coming for my gift. The wolf is coming now,I have to get ready as soon as possible. What's up? The wolf saved my life, and I wanna send this carpet to him as a gift. But this carpet was given to you by your host. I can't find any gift which is better than this one. Can you keep a secret? The sheep found me. It is not so easy to come here. I'd better take one. And then, I will apologise to Uncle zhiyong. OH! Please keep quiet! This night, I'm not a devil who chase you and bite you. Wolf, is that you? Ok,I catch you,come here! I will hug in this way. Good child, let's go back home together. Uncle zhiyong? What's up? You have got up. I know,you can arrange for this perfectably and you pretended to fall asleep. Because what you will give me is the gift that cannot be known by your host,anyway. A theif You are stubborn! You beast! Wait and see... I will revenge! It's you! I won't let you escape away! Zhiyong! Remember! I will revenge! Wait and see, I will renge That's my hope! you are a traitor! What? I can't bear that! Let's duel! You are scared when hearing the word"duel".You are coward! What? Ok, I will go. Where is the place? Tommorrow morning,in the forest,don't forget to ask someone to be with you. because it is necessary to let everyone to see your deadbody when you die! Uncle zhiyong, don't go. Shall we go back home? Don't you feel ashamed when contacting that kind of wolf? I can't forgive him. I will give him a lesson. You will lose your life! Uncle, the wolf knows you are strong. However, if he takes some measures,such as using a gun... Well,a gun? He's coming! Where? Over there Uncle, the wolf brings a gun! What? Just like what I said! What shall we do? What's that on his back? Is that a gun? Oh,yes,it's a gun. His host has a gun and will lend it to him. He really comes with a gun. It's useless for you to have a stick in your hand. What shall we do? Shut up! Don't let him know! It's not worth being shot. Let's go back. I won't give up! He' coming and what shall we do? Shut up! Uncle, what shall we do? We will be shot and die. Cat,please leave. I'll go. I hate fighting. I like to fight. I can't agree. If I was shot... You are such a coward that you are not qualified to be my servant! Have it your own way. Go away! I'm still the wolf of this forest. "Cat,please go." "No." Please leave. Well, I can't stop half way! Zhiyong,wait and see, My fur is yours if I really die! Wait and see! Hahahaha.... Wolf,you left something yeaterday evening. What? The gift I'm going to give you. Oh,that's right! Let's go. They are firends again.

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