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Pitch Perfect

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Hi there, welcome to Barden University, Heres your official, Be You Rape Whistle. Dont blow on it unless its actually happening Hi, any interest in joining our music group? We sing songs without any instruments Yikes, sorry, I dont even sing Yikes, sorry I dont even sing Bulletproof, fireaway.. Aha! Oh My God! You can sing! You have to join the Bellas Ladies gather around.. You want some of this I know you do.. Nice! You girls are awesome Lee horrible, I hate you, kill yourself. Girl Power!! I would stop at nothing to take those guys down The Trebels dont respect us This is war I am confident that will find super hot girls for Perfect Pitch What about her? Whats your name? Fat Amy You call yourself Fat Amy? Yeah, so twig bitches like you dont do it behind my back Hey Amy! I just been shot! Im gonna finish him like a cheese cake You spin my head right round Oh boy, the bad boys of Acapella have just gotten badder This is a list of all the songs we´ve ever performed There is nothing from this century on here I saw the signs... Is not enough to be good we need to be different I got akward Lets remix this bussines Our goal is get to the finals How are we paying for regionals? A bikini contest is definitly out of the question No Aubrey, Im like super good at bikini car washes I have a feeling we should kiss I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth But then I think, I better not. Ok. There will be no more wasting time with school or boyfriends Can I trust you add your own cardio? Yeah, no, dont put me down for cardio What are you doing? Horizontal running So I just find songs that have the same chord progression And create a track that blends them together This is really good! Are you guys getting ready for the riff off? What a riff off? Oh Mickey you´re so fine, you´re so fine, you blow my mind Hey , Mickey Shawty get down, good Lord Stricly bitch you dont play around Cover much ground, got game by the pound I like the way you work it, aha, no diggity I gotta bagg it up, baby And our next category is... Songs about sex Sex? Lets talk about sex, little bit, little bit, lets talk about sex Baby all through the night Ill make love to you, like you want me to It feels like the first time Hands in Aca-Bitches You shoulda taken that cardio tip more seriously I have notes What are notes? Vocal nogils Well, at least is not herpes Or do you have that as well I can sing, but Im also good at modern dance And mermaid dancing Its a lot of floor work Ahora en cines

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