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Jacque Fresco - No Beginning or Ending

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And you know? People always living for, yes but, how did all begin? I can't conceive a beginning. And the reason is, if you took a steel ball, and you heat it with lasers, high intensity lasers, you can vaporize it. And the guy says, gee, the ball disappeared. No, change it's state, and became radiant energy, but nothing can be created or disappear, or begin, or end. Look, when i kick a bucket which is barely of one foot down below this soil, without floating and bombing fluid, the plants on top gets a little taller faster, the warms get farther, you know, i move from this state into the organisms of another state, but i don't end, i end as a constructed entity walking around, but you would see soil enriched by organic matter, plants grow faster. But they don't grow, plant can't grow. This is nonsense. They react to radiant energy, nutrients, water, solar radiation, nothing is of itself propelling. Does this make sense? No. The whole idea, where they all begin to assume something there, is that begin of that, boom, and everything starts moving. How old is this universe? That's is nonsensical, you can take all the organism, our planet might be some many billions of years old, but it doesn't mean that it came from nothing. There is dust falling on the Earth every day, tons of it from the space, and the earth is getting larger, and then it reaches in a critical mass, meaning, with a pressure so great that may explode. But that is not the beginning of anything. Why we call the beginning? Might be the end of a planet. You know, the Big Bang might be the end of this system, not the beginning. And all of this nonsense of speculation should be in the room of speculation...

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 13, 2012

In these outtakes from Future by Design, Jacque focuses on the fallacy of beginnings and endings.

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