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161116 고화질재업 STAR!调查团 地表最强Fighter MONSTA X专访 몬스타엑스 MONSTAX

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Two, Three Hu Monsta X Hello everyone, we are MONSTA X! HW: Everyone at Yin Yue Tai, We’re glad to see all of you~! What is the album concept for THE CLAN PART.2 GUILTY? JH: MONSTA X’s title song, Fighter JH: Our style has always been intense/strong, isn’t it? KH: Very intense/strong! JH: This time we’re back again with a strong/intense concept, JH: It’s a song filled with energy/fighting spirit, JH: And it has a “I’m fighting for you” kind of strong meaning JH: It’s a song where you can feel MONSTA X’s strength WH: Thankyou! (in chinese) QN: Which member has the most fighting spirit? MH: I think the body also shows how much of a fighter a person is MH: I pick Shownu hyung! WH: Shownu! KH: Shownu hyung! SH: Shouldn’t it be Kihyun? Kihyunnie? KH: Me? WH: What’s the reason? Tell us the reason please! SH: Uhhh, Kihyun, he hates unreasonable situations MH: He cant stand unreasonable situations WH: I don’t like unreasonable situations too! HW: That’s too forced/unconvincing~ JH: I think I.M can be a Fighter too! JH: Yep QN: During the process of filming the Fighter MV, which of the scenes were memorable? WH: Ahh, if it’s one of the highlights of the MV filming, WH: It should be the scene where I was welding WH: Because I didn’t wear safety goggles while filming the welding scene, WH: While welding, I almost went blind WH: Just like after seeing our MONBEBEs, WH: too dazzling, made me almost blind from the brightness/glare, that kind of feeling! WH: It’s that kind of logic I.M: This hyung is amazing I.M.: Amazing (thumbs up) QN: SHOWNU has taken part in Hit The Stage before, which performance was the most memorable? SN: Firstly, Hit The Stage has helped me a lot SN: Even though I still have my initial determination/resolve, SN: but taking part allowed me to have a chance to relive how determined I was when I first started SN: The most memorable performance was SN: Probably the first and last performance HW: Really cool WH: What’s the reason? SN: The reason… I.M: (he’s making fun of shownu’s “ne”) SN: The first performance was because it was the start/my first performance SN: The start and end performances are the most important! I.M: Start well and end well! JH: You’re right I.M.: Start well and end well, the starting and ending are both important! QN: Wonho, you take on the role of “revealing skin” in the group, do you agree? How do you maintain your body shape? WH: I don’t really take on the role of “exposing skin” for the group, WH: It’s for my own health I.M: Health WH: I exercise to keep my body healthy WH: And I also rely on exercising to release stress WH: Every time I exercise, I can release/get rid of all of my pent-up stress, WH: Exercising also helps me broaden my health-related knowledge WH: I use my leisure time to work out hard, WH: But compared to muscle building exercises, WH: I prefer doing aerobic exercises and Spinning (a form of aerobic exercise on a bike), WH: These kind of more tiring exercises. QN: How good is Hyungwon’s chinese now? Use Chinese to give a confession to MONBEBEs! HW: Hello everyone, We are MONSTA X, HW: Our new song just came out, HW: I hope everyone will listen to our new song, HW: We miss you all (monbebes) every day, HW: Hope that everyone will support us, HW: We will definitely work very hard! WH: (He) improved so much~ HW: Thank you, goodbye~ MH: Are you saying that we miss MONBEBEs? WH: That was totally freestyle! MH: I understood the part where he said he missed MONBEBEs HW: Oh, yes~ JH: I can really feel this student’s efforts~ QN: As the group’s MAKNAE, I.M, which hyung do you think is the fiercest towards you? I.M: Actually, our MONSTA X is one, I.M: We are a whole, (SN: super tense) I.M: So there isn’t any particularly scary hyung JH: Indeed the answer is the same as what I expected I.M: Really treats me well just like family I.M: We hang out very well~ MH: Ah friends, friends! (in chinese) JH: Ah, friends! (in chinese) MH: We are friends! (in chinese) WH: ah, everyone is friends, that kind of meaning right? I.M: Many friends! (in chinese) [T/N: why do the chinese subs say fat friend (胖友) hm probably a typo] MH: Good friends~ (in chinese) JH: Good (in chinese) QN: Give I.M 60secs to talk informally to the hyungs! I.M.: I don’t need 60 seconds I.M: Even though I don’t know how many more years we’ll be together for I.M.: I’ve always been talking to them informally I.M: So i dont need the 60 seconds, I.M: Thank you ( ̄︶ ̄) (in chinese) GAME RULES: members must point out the member that most matches the question and give a reason why QN: Who do you want to change bodies with most?

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