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Abduction (2011)

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♫ [driving rock guitar] Sometimes I feel different. I walk around like everybody else... Hey. Karen. (boy) Ready to party! Yeah! Woohoo! ...but inside I just feel like I'm a stranger in my own life. [phone rings once] Hello? (Karen) Nathan - I've got something you need to see. I found this site that shows you what some kids might look like today. [Silversun Pickups - "There's No Secrets This Year"] ♪ Make sure you're looking closely ♪ Why would my picture end up on a missing persons website? (Karen) If this is for real, then who are those people who are living in your house? Mrs. Harper? Yes. We have a couple of questions about your son Nathan. [woman screams] Son! Go now! Run! [two shots fired] (Frank) Nathan Price is a high-valued asset. He escaped an attack last night. We've got 36 hours to find this kid, before they do. (Nathan) Suddenly everyone around me is dying. (woman) You've got to get out of here, Nathan. (Nathan) Who are you? (woman) I'm a friend of your father. Your real father. (Frank) I want the video feeds from every security camera. Track his friends... (Nathan) What's my real name?! [voice repeats on recorder] ...track anyone they've ever spoken to. (Nathan) Who are these people? (woman) They can't be trusted. (Frank) Listen to me, Nathan. We're going to find you. (Nathan) Not if I find you first. (Karen) Wow. (Nathan) Whoever these people are, whatever they want... ...I have to stop them. (man w accent) You have something that belongs to me, now it's time to give it back. (Karen) What do you plan on doing, Nathan? [click] (Nathan) Trust me. Jump! [shot] [shot] [triple shot] (Frank) You want to play with no rules? You better be careful what you let out of the box. [Captions by]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 22, 2011

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