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The Royal Tenenbaums #1

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shh Royal Tenenbaum bought the house on Archer Avenue in the winter of his 35th year Over the next decade he and his wife had three children and then they separated Are you getting divorced? At the moment, no... but... it doesn't look good. Do you still love us? Of course I do. Do you still love Mom? Yes, very much, but your mother's asked me to leave and I must respect her position on the matter Is it our fault? No. No. Obviously we made certain sacrifices as a result of having children, but uh... no, Lord, no. Then why'd she ask you to leave? I don't really know anymore. Maybe, uh, I wasn't as true to her as I could've been. Well, she said... Let's just drop it shall we, uh, Chassie? They were never legally divorced. Thank you, Pagoda. Etheline Tenenbaum kept the house and raised the children and their education was her highest priority. Yes, I'll hold, please. Thank you. I need $187. Write yourself a cheque. Bene. Si Grazie mille She wrote a book on the subject. Uh, the gentleman in the blue cardigan, please Thank you. I have a two-part question. Go ahead Chas Tenenbaum had, since elementary school taken most of his meals in his room standing up at his desk with a cup of coffee to save time. In the sixth grade, he went into business breeding Dalmatian mice which he sold to a pet shop in Little Tokyo. He started buying real estate in his early teens and seemed to have an almost preternatural understanding of international finance. He negotiated the purchase of his father 's summer house on Eagle 's Island Hold it, Chassie. Hold it right there. What are you doing? You're on my team. There are no teams. The BB was still lodged between two knuckles in Chas 's left hand. Margot Tenenbaum was adopted at age two. Her father had always noted this when introducing her. This is my adopted daughter Margot Tenenbaum. She was a playwright, and won a Braverman Grant of $15000 in the ninth grade. She and her brother Richie ran away from home one winter and camped out in the African wing of the public archives. Hi, Eli. You said I could run away, too No, I didn't, and don't tell anyone you saw us They shared a sleeping bag and survived on crackers and root beer Four years later Margot disappeared alone for two weeks and came back with half a finger missing. Richie Tenenbaum had been a champion tennis player since the third grade Do you copy, Anonymous? He turned pro at 17 and won the U. S. Nationals "three years in a row He kept a studio in the corner of the ballroom but had failed to develop as a painter Up... Up... right... perfect Pagoda? On weekends Royal took him on outings around the city These invitations were never extended to anyone else Richie 's best friend, Eli Cash lived with his aunt in the building across the street He was a regular fixture at family gatherings holidays, mornings before school, and most afternoons The three Tenenbaum children performed Margot 's first play on the night of her 11th birthday They had agreed to invite their father to the party What'd you think, Dad? Mmm... didn't seem believable to me Why are you wearing pajamas? Do you live here? He has permission to sleep over Well, did you at least think

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Posted by: caoli.price on Jul 22, 2010

An estranged family of former child prodigies reunites when one of their member announces he has a terminal illness.

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