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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 2 of 9

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The Arabs said 'we brought faith (Iman)', Allah said, No, tell them you have brought Islam only. You will become momin only when the light/noor will enter into your heart”. When the light/noor will enter in the heart then you will become Momin. After this comes the prayer of a momin which is called prayer in reality (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat). Beyond that is the stage of 'Wali/Saint' his prayer is called the prayer of passionate love (Namaz-e-Ishq). Why is it called the prayer of passionate love (Namaz-e-Ishq)? Now the chanting of Allah Allah which is being continued, with that light/noor of Allah Allah those souls which are within you are being nourished with that (Noor). Your food is meat and bread and there food is the light of Allah. They will be nourished by the light of Allah. As there are Genies (jins) and angels likewise those creatures are within you. When those creatures take hold of power, they try to come out of this body. That point of time you thought what Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]; is doing? You just thought and they came out from the chest and went in the feet of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. Then, their Kaaba is not here, it is your Khana Kaaba over here (in mecca). There Kaaba is bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba), and then to offer their prayers they go to bait-ul-Maumoor Momin‘s voice only reached there but in case of a saint his soul use to go there. That does not raise its head until Allah does not answer. Allah answers “I am Present O' worshiper” (Labaik Ya abadi) then they raise their head. When this body was made six creatures were put into it they were neither light bearing (Divinely) nor Devilish. One such creature which was put into this body, its name is self (nafs). When that self came into this body Bullay Shah said: “This polluted Nafs (self) has polluted us; we were not polluted from origin” What so ever the disease of sin is present in you that is due to this self (nafs). Thus either you purify it or take it out from inside. . It’s very difficult to take it out and it’s very tough to purify it as well. Killing nafs (self) is equal to killing a big oppressor. When that Allah Allah goes in every vein, it reaches every vein. That self (nafs) is sitting in the navel point (naaf). That is why while praying/salat we press it (pressing with two hands at navel point while salat). That is in the navel point (naaf). The light goes till that self (nafs) as well and that noor surrounds it from four sides. The food of the self (nafs) is a phosphorous (naar); it goes in through the food we eat or with the air. When that [naar] gets in that light burns it. Then the food goes in and that noor/light burns it. Now that self (nafs) becomes hungry. Those are creatures and they also talk with each other. At this point of time, it (nafs) asks the neighbors to provide some food for survival. They reply to take this morsel of light, and recite the kalima (Motto). Some self (nafs) are defiant, they don’t recite kalmia neither they take food of light, they dies, if it dies the problem is solved. Some of the self (nafs) are kind of cowardice thus they recite the kalmia (Motto) for survival. When they recite the Motto (kalima) then they are given the food of light. They recite the kalima (Motto) just to survive. That was a black dog and now by reciting the kalima (Motto) that has become a white dog and by continues recitation of kalima (Motto) it becomes in the shape of an ox. Then by keep reciting the kalima (Motto) it converts into the shape of goat. Then by the effect of kalima (Motto) its shape becomes like you. Then at that time when you will offer prayers he will also offer prayers with you, when you will chant the name of Allah he will also swing with you. Then he (Self/nafs) is to be taken in the court/gathering of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); that time Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and people sitting at that time in that gathering greatly admire him. Blessings/plausive for him and for his Spiritual guide (Murshid) purified the dog and made it a Man and brought him to My (PBUH) gathering. This is called satisfied self (Nafs-e-Mutmaina). Then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grant him some prestigious status. Now it has approached here. Now Allah is next. Dear! So far you have only reached till Bait ul Maumoor you have not reached to Allah yet. In the Bait ul Maumoor there are angels as well, Gaberial (AS) is also present there. Allah is way far from here where the angels also burns. There are seven skies/heavens, Malkoot, Jabroot, Lahoot......etc Almighty Allah has kept seven creatures within you. Names of those are categorically mentioned in Hadith Sharif "Qalb, Ruh, Siri, Khafi, Akhfa, Ana, Nafs". Maybe he is found of sightseeing Malkoot, he will make heart (Qalb) powerful and will visit the Malkoot. May be he is fond of going to Jabroot, he will make his Spiritual entity soul 'Latifa-e-Ruh' powerful and will reach into Jabroot. May be he is fond of visiting Lahoot, he will make spiritual entity the secret 'Latifa-e-Siri' stronger and will reach Lahoot May be he has passion to see Allah, That is a creature which is in forehead; by that people become Hafiz, that uses to have vision of Allah. May be he has passion to see Allah; he will make his spiritual entity Ana 'Latifa-e-Ana' powerful. Dhikr of this spiritual entity Ana is "Ya Hu", by the light/noor of Ya Hu it will be lightened and will become powerful. Then you thought let’s see what is happening up above, you thought and it had flown up. Its station is not Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) its station is something else and for this Allama Iqbal has said: “Still more heavens are present beyond the stars; still there are more trials of Ishq (Passionate love) to come” It flown up and those who were in Bait ul Maumoor they were amazed to see. (And said) “Whatsoever it is let it be, beyond the Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) it will be burnt because even the angels are unable to reach there”. And this! Has reached beyond the Bait ul Maumoor it has reached where essence of Almighty Allah is present. With apparent body Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reached there and by these creatures the saints of Allah 'Awlia Allah' reaches there. Once it has reached there, since it has gone through tough times, he went with great struggle, he went by the help of great preparation then they see each other with great love & affection. Then Allah says, “I see you and you see Me”. Now as it’s a satellite above and an image is telling here that what is happening up above. Your latifa (spiritual entity) is above and the whole image is coming into your heart. The whole image of Allah comes into his heart. Then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see me”. Dear! Now the angels come to know about this they were very fond of seeing Allah. they had been worshiping since thousands of years. They come to know that he is the very person. Gabriel (AS) declares that he is the very person in whom Allah has entered, and then he is sleeping down where as till heavens there are queues and queues of angles waiting to see him. This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid). For whom Saint Sultan Bahu said: “O' Bahu seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj” Now this is the very Murshid (spiritual guide) who will take/lead to God. This very Murshid will bring one to God. Even if he does not take/lead one in the court of God, yet also his vision is a 'thawab' virtue. still his vision will be rewarded At this time there is a numerous number of Murshids, don’t know how many thousands of them are there; apart from Pakistan we have seen many of them in Europe and Norway as well. As the son of a Prophet cannot be a Prophet in the same way the son of saint cannot be saint. Prophet Hood neither is a heritage nor is Sainthood a heritage.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 23, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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