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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~13:46:19 - 14:01:20

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I don't know what the others are jumping over. -You all should anyway. -Yeah, we should just go straight to start. -Let's go! 1, 2, 3, C... Begin. -That's it, you're confusing everything. -Memory! Memory, you like failing. He says you shouldn't do it with us. Let's go, we should do it so that one goes in. Come in at the corner. Wait a little, ok? Start jumping. We won't allow it! We're saying the truth! -It's the way you're doing it. -Memory's turning it. -No! On the bike... So if we do it slowly, you'll make fools of us. Yeah, start jumping. Charles! -I know how to do it, but I'm doing it on purpose. -I'll start going in. He says that what's-his-name should go in. Turn the rope. -Who should do it with us? -Vivian and her friends. -Do it over there. -No, like this... I thought so... It's better like this. -Let's go! 1, 2, 3... -Charles, turn the rope! 1, 2, 3, C... Begin! Hello... Charles, you keep holding it! You're slowing down at the end. The time is 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock... 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock... 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock... Come out! Come out! I thought I'd reached 12 o'clock! Ok, start again. Let's go with it. Charles, turn the rope. 1, 2, 3, C... Begin! One at a time. Start. Ok. Go in... -So I'm one! -Two! -Cry like this... -I thought we should keep going? -You two, say "1". -1! Eh! Well I'd already said it. So what are we going to do? So the one that failed should go on in his friend's spot. -He came out from the corner. -Whoever fails should go at his friend's. Ehh! Let's go 1...2...3...C... Begin. Go in at the corner! -Charles isn't turning it! -That's right, Charles is just doing this. -Am I not turning it? -I thought that you would turn it nicely so that it works. A little on the way... It's all you, Memory, all you! It's Charles' turn to go in... -Let's go home. -No, right here is fine, where it's flat in the sand. Charles... Let's go. -Ah you need to say when you start turning the rope. -Ok, let's go. Fine, let's go. Take it away, ok? Come in through the corner, go out through the corner. -That's it, Charles, get out! -Did I cheat? I didn't cheat! Charles, you shouldn't be singing your own songs. Don't mess up the song... 3, C, Begin. -Come in at the corner... -Hey Charles! -Charles doesn't know how to go in. -The one who's doing it... Go stand at your spot. Go in at the corner. Wait... Ugh! Charles, continue at the spot I'm telling you! Eh, whoever wants to continue should continue at that spot! -Don't go past the spot! -Charles, get on your spot! Charles, you failed because of this. -Let's go, we should go do it at Samson's spot... -No, this is fine. -I thought Gift said he wanted to play. -He should come here. Here where it's flat. Hey there are the filmmakers. Come in at the corner and get out at the corner. Simeon, go to your spot. -Where? -You came here and got out there. -No, my friends... -No, Charles, you didn't do it over here? -What? I'm inside! No, my friends, I didn't fail! I didn't fail! But you guys, he didn't fail. -You caught it. -You stopped yourself! -He didn't fail! -You guys stopped on your own! -I was turning the rope. -I didn't hear it. -Whoever is singing, go to your spot and you over there. -Go stand over there... -Stand there. What? Slide over here! Hey, look at the filmmakers! 1, 2, ... 1, 2, 3 C... Begin! The door closed on the baby. It's all you. It's all you. You're laughing. -We're not picking it up! -Is that really what you're doing? Ok, come and go in. Why are you messing with your friends? We're going to start again. We turn it around like a bike! -I thought you were starting all over again? -Yes, let's go! Vizi? 3, C... Begin! What is it? We're doing it alright. You, I thought you were turning it too fast. Do it. Are we not turning it? You were turning it too fast last time. No, it's your fault! I didn't go in with you! No, but say the truth, Simeon. You, Simeon! We didn't turn it for you at first. Were we not turning it at first? Didn't we turn it well? I won't stop either! Two! Oh my! I won't allow myself to go in. I'll stop like a tree. I'll be first, fine. Start writing, and I'll start here. Come in at the corner! Go out through the corner! I'd rather stay right here. -I'll be with Simeon... -Peter. So how will this be? Fine, you can be first. Fine, I'll be with Edith. You'll be with Noel and Fuleza. -You should've written over there? -Huh? We'll be with Memory. Frasier... Frasier... -So what's the problem? -Be first... Keep it. Sunga will be first and go in at the side. -This guy must want to be slapped. -He likes doing that? He needs to do it like this. Excuse me, let me write here first. Are you going in, Sunga? On your mark. Ready, set, go! Move away first. Like this... But my friend... You want me to hold it. It didn't get tangled up here? It didn't get tangled. Go over there and stand. -Frasier! -Excuse me, let me go in. Frasier, go over there and go in. I'm sitting down. Memory will be with us. We'll go stand over there! -All of you go stand with Memory! -One thousand! Game is one thousand, start, Charles! Charles likes fighting all the time and he also likes running. Charles! These two will follow me. Yes, take Sunga. -Yes, Sunga, come here. -No, you're lying, Tchezo. Tchezo and Sunga. Sunga, go stand there, Edith, stand there, Memory. -No, I won't come out. -Continue. Oh you! I thought I was here, I did it like this. -Ok! -Let's go, you'll come back right? -You're going crazy! Knock him. Frasier. Charles. You should just come over here. Charles. "Ulululu"... Noel, you didn't get there yet. I chanted "Ulululu"! Saji, Linda, pile up the sand. Saji? We'll play hop-scotch. That bump. I knocked the crazy one. Hey. Weren't you the one that said where we'll throw it away? Memory, knock her... Charles! Take it away. Simeon, why didn't you catch it? Charles, game over! Were you going fast like us? Throw it, so we can do it in the center. That's what we were doing so we wouldn't miss it. -So don't rush! -Ah, what? The way I'll be going fast with yours. -Go back, go back. -I'm over here! -I thought I was chanting "ulululu"? -When you chant...what did they do at Gomba? Well, was I there? Wait a little. -What? I'll go back. -If you don't go back, he says he'll kill you! Fine, go stand over there and come back. No. If you don't go back, he'll kill you. Right? If you don't go back... but it also depends on the center. -That's no good, I won't hear. -We won't hear either. Oh man, do you do it like that? -You are punishment! What? Say "ulululu" when you're running. Yes, I was running. So why didn't we throw it? We didn't throw it while you were running? Stand in the middle again. Right? Let's do this... Hey... "Ulululu"... Memory, you're acting like you're still writing? Stand there... -Where should I stand? -Throw it! Hit it, hit it hard, hit it hard! It's at the top. So it'll come back right... -Memory! I already said at the top. -Frasier. -"Ulululu"! Stop the singing, we'll kill you. -Sunga, don't you want it? -There's a lot. As long as we're still going out. He's here! -At the line. -So? Hey... -Yes... -Me, me, me... -My 'game over' is long. -Umm... One-hundred. -Sixty. -"Ulululu," you've failed, you're on punishment. -Punishment, punishment! -You said it, 200. -But on punishment. But it's not here on punishment, you delayed saying your game and I thought you chanted. 200, lady... You hit him... Here here... 210. He's going to hit you, he's started to get upset. Shout out, Simeon. Let's go and see. -Sunganani! -Ah Sunga. You keep finishing it for me! I also know how. Charles, Charles, Charles. 230 Or you'll eat cow feet, then. Are you picking on me, then? Two! -It went in. -I'll be at the center. -It'll be me! -It'll be me! -It'll be me! -Go sit over there. -I won't stand there. -You go over there, go there. -Hey Emma, go stand there! -Did you say to 'pass by'? It's called 'pass by'? There. I'm stopping. -I'm starting? Simeon, stand there. -Hey, throw the ball. We've come back there. -They've let it fly. -Hey Memory...

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason J. Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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