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(music playing) - The most important thing in the world is human life. And every life should be saved at every cost. The upper GI cancers, do not have very good outcomes yet. - Any other person I ever knew who had pancreatic cancer was dead. For me it was, absolutely devastating. At that stage, I had one grandchild, I figured that was the only grandchild I'd ever meet. (music playing) - More work needs to be done, to improve the outcome of these patients. And it will be done by research. - Gastrointestinal cancers has been lots of breakthroughs in recent years. And it's exciting being apart of that. Being apart of the clinical trails, that show me cases of positive outcomes. It's finally through research that we get any [INDISCERNIBLE], we're a totally researched driven evidence base practice of care. It's not just a survival. It's how we get better. How they get back to their normal life. Through [INDISCERNIBLE]. (music playing) The innovation is important, to be able to treat more patients. - [INDISCERNIBLE] malignancies, best series of malignancies many patients don't get through the cancer journey. but bringing these new technologies, these new treatments, these new chemotherapy drugs, better surgery, integrating it all the multi-[INDISCERNIBLE] team. It gives these patients the best chance for getting free of cancers, and being cured.

(music playing) - Excellence means obviously to get to the top. And unfortunately, to me, [INDISCERNIBLE] to do better. - Excellency, teaching an excellence in research. And the [INDISCERNIBLE] environment is like the key planks. - Something that I think is unique about Prince of Wales is the passion that the different clinicians bring to their role, and to their care for patients. - I like being the genius in Europe. And in [INDISCNERIBLE] Australia. I've never seen such unique, just so united. - It's a big hospital with a boutique of feeling. The patient benefits that very personalized approach. I think we were doing personalized care a long time before it became a bands-width. (music playing) - Here at Prince of Wales, we're one of the busiest upper GI cancer units in Australia. You can have the best people in the world, but if you don't have very resources in the buildings, to care for their patients. Then it all comes to North. - The first impression as a patient walks in, don't set the tone for the future. (music playing) - How do you get [INDISCERNIBLE]? [INDISCERNIBLE]. It would really have to be all these patients group together in one area. Specialized in [INDISCERNIBLE]. - This can really help us to actually betters us [INDSICERNIBLE]. And we can have better patient care. - The staff will be super specialized, and they can make a very complex names of GI cancer patient. - These are really serious cancers. Many patients don't make it. And we need to better throw everything at them with the best clinicians, the best treating team, the best technologies, the best medicines, the best surgery. So that we can aim to cure as many of our patients as possible. - And apart of that team, when you see the [INDISCERNIBLE] are you going to crack? [INDISCERNIBLE] can't afraid. It's the best feeling. That's what I work for. - Chris knows how important it is to my family. He knows I wouldn't be here today without him. I now have five grandchildren. So, I'm eternally grateful. (music playing) - You have the power... - To create discoveries... - To push boundaries. - To defy the odds. - To care. - To give a fighting chance - To save somebodies life. (music playing)

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