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¡Hy, everyone! Welcome to Yogatic. My name is Esther Ekhart and today´s yoga will be for beginners I´ve got a few requests in from different people really When you are a beginner you take things slow so any postures you do you do from the basic standing posture: mountain pose (Tada Asana). so that´s what we are focusing on today and then when you get that, when you really get the standing postures and know how to perform them properly you can become more adventurous and get into those postures from different other postures. We start on hands and knees. Just to warm up the spine on an inbreath lenghten front of the body. Lift your head and your tail up, pressing slightly into the hands and knees then on an outbreath and head on to lift your side-waist up to the cealing. Lengthen the back of the body and in the rhythm of your breath you repeat these two movements a couple of times. On the inbreath you lengthen and draw the shoulders back. Another outbreath. You round the spine, lifting the side-waist, releasing your head, until down. One more time... Another outbreath. You come back to neutral spine. Ok, then you can come to standing and from standing your feet are sit-bones distance apart Just take a basic mountain pose. So,in mountain pose you pull up your knees and your thighs and you press, you pull up everything into the hips. From there you press back out to the soles of the feet, into the floor. Ok. You lengthen the side body and legthen to the crown of the head. Your shoulders are back and down along the spine. You pull your belly bottom gently in and up a bit. Good. Just feel this pose for a moment. On an inbreath you can bring your arms up to warm up the arms a little. On another outbreath bring them back down. And you can repeat that a few times. Now we´re going to interlace your hands and push the palms up as you exhale, breathing in extend the right side of the body and the upper body moves to the left. You press into the right foot a litle. Feel the strech on the right side. Exhaling, pulling back to center. Breathing in to the other side, pressing into the left foot a little. Exhaling, pull back to center. On an inbreath release your hands and then breathing in. On an outbreath you can come down into a forward fold. Slowly, you can place your hands either on the floor or perhaps on the legs and on an inbreath you take a full strech forward so you place your hands on the legs if you can´t place them on the floor to you come up as far that you can feel your spine straight and so, either your hands are here or your knees can be bent and the hands can be on the floor to make that happen or if the flexibility is there for you you can do it with straight legs like this. You can choose which variation feels better for you. From there you can step your left leg back and you're warming up the hips for a moment just sinking down into a launch and you can even place the back knee on the floor and just hang out here for a moment just feeling the hips pointing your toes. And then you can step your left foot forward and do the same stepping the right leg back. And again, lowering the back knee pointing the foot and just feeling the hips opening here for a moment... talk to back toe, under you take down dog ... and you step back your front foot to the bed next to the left foot and just lengthen. In the down dog first you wanna lift up your heels high specially if you don´t know exactly yet what it then feels. And lenghten ths spine, so in the down dog I think the most important thing is for the spine to be long and from there you can lower your ... to the floor without compensating. So they just go slow as they go. Don´t force them. Good... and then you can step both feet forward come back into forward bend. And on an inbreath bring your hands into your sides, come up with a straight back. Exhaling... From here we're going to just take a few standing postures from this pose and it might run into a few different videos. This is number one. Ok, so we step the right leg back and I´m actually going to turn around so I´m going to do first on the right side so I´m gonna swivel my feet around and the right foot is pointing towards the wall there and my left foot is slightly pointing inward. to begin a warrior one you want your feet to be on two train tracks, so they`re not... the heels are not aligned with each other. So your left foot is a little bit out to the left and the right foot is a little bit out to the right, and it makes it easier to bring the hips face forward. Inhaling. Another outbreath. Placing your hands in your sides you can begin to bend into the front knee. Good. You might have to adjust the feet a little, so that the knee ends up right over the front foot or right over the heel; and you`re trying to keep your hips square to the front as much as possible and at the same time you press to the outside of your left foot. Then you find this is about as much as you can... as far as you can go you can bring your arms up and they can be next to the ear a little bit where you can see them so we're not overdoing that. Take a few breaths in... ... Then on an inbreath we come back up. You can keep your hands where they are or actually bring them down and then change your feet to the other side. there you will have to adjust again so that your feet are in two different tracks, left foot a little out to the left, right foot a little out to the right. Hands in the sides again. Inhaling and on an outbreath bend into the left knee. Keep pressing to the outside of your right foot. Your right leg is nice and straight. ... ... and when you've found your pose you can bring your arms back up. On an inbreath ... ... ... and come out. You can step your back foot forward to the basic standing position and just feel what is has done for the hips. ... and that was warrior one. Then we can go into warrior two. You step your right leg back again and we ... the feet back to their sides. You keep your body facing the long side of the mat. Your right foot is totally out You lift your left heel up and push it back a bit so that the left toes are pointing slightly in. Breathing in bring arm-sides upwards and on an outbreath just bend into the right knee. And check, see that your knee is in line with the first two toes. And then you can bring your right arm in alignment with the right leg. And your left arm in alignment with the left leg. We can find depth again. Without your knee buckling in. That´s the one thing to watch. Looking over the right arm. Also a thing to remember is that your body, upper body wants to be in a right angle with the floor. ... On an inbreath extended from left, feet over the heels so that your feet are pointing to the left. Make sure you lift up the right heel a bit and push it back inhaling and on an outbreath. Sink into the left knee. ... Breathing in... ... ... On inbreath back up. Release your arms and come out you step your back foot forward again. Ok! Till so far these two poses and keep out for the next beginners yoga for beginner number two. And we'll go through a few more standing postures so you don't have to do the warm-up again. So, We'll be about till you get a good basic sense of all the different standing postures and that you can strenghten your body that way and that 'll help you to prepare for the more adventurous part of yoga. See you next time! ...

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