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How to use Google groups to share information and resources

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In this video I'm going to show you how to use Google groups Here we are on the Meedan Translations Google group As you can see there are four elements: 'Discussions', 'Members', 'Pages' and 'Files' We can see those four sections as we logged in But, if I wasn't logged in, I can only see three sections 'Discussions', 'Pages' and 'Files I wouldn't be able to see who are the members of the groups Only members can do that I also wouldn't be able to reply to discussions and upload pages So let's search for something on the site and see if we can find some interesting text I am interested in al-Jazeera and here are two discussions which include the term 'Jazeera' This one is a translation, posted on Jan 14th and this one was posted on Jan 7th There's actually a list that I've uploaded of useful commentators and you can see a couple of these commentators work for al-Jazeera So that's, 'Discussions' Let's go to 'Discussions' and see Here are the most recent discussions Ghaydaa, Yaser, Deena And we can add a new post Each discussion tells you how many messages there are in that discussion when it's uploaded and by whom and little bit of information about it Let's have a look now at 'Pages' Here are some pages that I've uploaded to the site these can actually be amended by anybody who logs in to the group Let's have a look at this one: How to find better articles on the web Here's some information that I've posted to this page about how to find better articles You can see if this is a version that was created by the [email protected] account on February 18th By 'Edit this page' I'm going to add one word I'm going to 'Save and Publish' I could post this as a message to the group but I'm going to 'Skip this' on this occasion To view the page see if my word has been added scrolling down, you can see that the current version has been created by the meedan-editor account at 2:37 and there's the older version which I can also see So, very useful tools, rather like a Wiki we can develop tools and resources collaborative so we can all share in these very useful tools and that's public on the Web but only members can edit it Of course members are only allowed in by us So, files! Here are some files that have been uploaded Size of the file and the date uploaded Much better though to upload text as a page there and then it can be edited or used by others more usefully Let's now have a look at some more information about the group here you can see 35 members this information is only available to members of the group Here's a description of the group we've given it some categories and here's some details about access anybody can view group content only members can view group members people can request an invitation members can create any edit pages members can upload files only members can post Here's the email address that we use to email the group and let's have a look at who's been sending messages Yasser sent the most this month and the most messages that have been sent of translators Deena and Yasser You can also edit your settings for the group and for individuals So you can choose to receive more emails or fewer as you wish Ok, so that's the Meedan's Translations Google Group

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Posted by: meedan on Mar 13, 2009

In this video, we explain how to use Google groups for sharing information and creating resources collaboratively. We use the Meedan Translations group as a use case for how to grow community interest and collective knowledge which can be accessible to users across the web.

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