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Ivanti + University of Oxford

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The University of Oxford, it's a great place to work and we're aiming to deliver the best service we possibly can to staff and students, so it's in keeping with this organization. I'm quite excited about service manager in terms of the look and feel for self service. I think most of us have the technology in our pockets these days that allows us to do an awful lot of stuff automatically without any fuss or bother. So we want to use mobile computing, we want to be able to use an interface that is very, very clear and simple and allows us to just get on with the rest of our day, and I think Ivanti is responding to that. Ivanti have helps us by delivering functionality that we needed to be able to cope with the complex and environment we've got here at Oxford, and also, we have been working with some of the products development team to help them and get user feedback on new functionality, so it has been a very much have a partnership between the two organizations and it's worked really well and we're extremely happy. Obviously, any tool can do anything, and sometimes that's part of the problem what you actually just do need to be able to do is talk about the situation and talk about what you're trying to achieve and talk about some of the internal challenges. And I think Ivanti very open to talking to us about how best that product can help us to achieve our own organizational goals. We're not working in isolation, so Ivanti have been really good about allowing us to share our experience in a very open way with other organizations, so we feel like we're part of the community. I think a colleague described that as feeling like you're part of the family so it feels like an extended family, being involved in the Ivanti community at the moment.

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Posted by: ivanti on Sep 17, 2018

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