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Phearom - Alongsider Community Coordinator

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My name is Phearom Nak and I will tell you something about my story. I was born in Battambang Province in the year 1984. I am a twin brother. During my childhood, I lived with really hard situations. When I was three months old, my father passed away from cancer. Unfortunately my mom believed in the fortune teller. The fortune teller thought that my twin and I were “bad luck babies” and that we killed my father. Then my mom was not happy with both of us. They sent us to an orphanage centre. When I turned 8 years old, I remember I fell from the wall of the house I was unconscious. I couldn’t remember anything. Then I stayed in the hospital for three months After three months the doctor mentioned that I’d died already! They took me to the morgue, but then my hard started moving The doctor said, “Oh this kid is alive!” Even though I didn’t know who God was, I would say it’s a miracle, that God saved me. Phearom went on to get an education in Sociology He forgave his mom and now they have a great relationship And he’s been inspired to help children like him. So God was choosing me and calling me ever since I was a child. That is why I want to use my life to serve God, to help and work and to change Cambodia through this generation. I am the Alongsiders Cambodia coordinator. I contact pastors or they contact me. Then I go to talk to them about Alongsiders. If they are interested, I arrange a meeting with the youth. At this meeting I share the vision of Alongsiders. I follow up with the youth leader afterwards, and when they select their little brothers and sisters, I will register them. Once the Alongsiders have started meeting weekly with their little brothers and sisters, I follow up to encourage and see how they’re doing. Every year I help organize the annual camp. We encourage the young people in the church to go and walk alongside those kids who walk alone. Those kids who are orphans and vulnerable children, they just need somebody who really understands their situation, listens to them, prays for them and walks alongside them God is raising up leaders of Alongsiders movements all over the world Men and women who will change their nations by changing a generation Join the movement today

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Posted by: alongsiders on Mar 15, 2016

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