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The SocialVibe Widget for

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The SocialVibe widget gives you a great way to help out good causes just by adding it to your sidebar. You can select from a good range of different causes, and you can scroll through those, find out information about them, and how much they've raised so far. Once you've decided on the one you'd like to support, just click on that, and enter a couple of details about yourself, such as your birthdate, your gender, the country you're in, and if you are in the US, that would also be your ZIP code. If you're outside of the US, just add the country that you're in. Once you've done that, you'll choose a company to sponsor your fundraising efforts. It's this sponsor that will be contributing to your cause in exchange for a small action on the part of your reader. So once you've decided which one you'd like to select, it's just a matter of clicking on that, and you can then customize the widget and see how it will look in your sidebar over here on the right. So you can choose a color, for the border for instance, and that's something you can input using this slider up here or you can even just input a hex color if you have a particular color in mind that matches your blog theme. You can then add a display name, which will appear just here, and if you'd like to change the message, that's also something you can do just here. Click on Publish Badge, and then the finished results look just like this. So now, with no cost to them, and no cost to you, your readers can help out for a good cause. So they can do that by clicking on "Help Now!" or they can also view the progress of the current funding by clicking just here. That opens up this box, where they can see how much money's been raised so far, and how far along they are for that fundraising campaign. If they decide to help out themselves, It's really as simple as answering a simple question or another simple service for the sponsor. So in the end, everyone's a winner.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Michael Pick
Director: Michael Pick
Views: 115
Posted by: wordpresstv on Aug 10, 2009

The SocialVibe widget is a great way to support your favorite causes. Learn more about it in our support page.

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