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Is Spinal Manipulation recommended? Sadhguru

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Whatever wave that you measure on an instrument, has to be electrical or electromagnetic, isn't it? Yes, otherwise you cannot measure it on an instrument. So, the electromagnetic or electrical wave that happens is only a resultant factor. Accidentally you have touched something else. I know you are in the business, I don't want to say this but we would generally advice people never to let anybody to touch their spines, unless, that person really knows all the nuts and bolts of what it is. Not the physical structure, the other aspects of it. If I just hold your thumb or your ring finger, for a few seconds, I will give you a diagram of your spine, how it is functioning. You know, there are our own ways of charting the spine, what is happening if I just see this, I will tell your past, present and future. This is not any kind of, this thing it is just because it's all happening there, totally. So, touching the spine and manipulating the spine, I know somebody's in pain, you want to release it, do this, do that. It's there, I'm not totally off the thing, but, if somebody is sensitive, you could cause much damage to them. Most people are not, that's the safety. If people are really active and sensitive in that sphere of their life somebody else just touching it without knowing what it is could, you know. You need to understand this, why fundamentally, why when people go into sadhana they always went into celibacy is because of this, they don't want somebody else to touch their body and disturb the whole thing. Because it is a whole process of building up from one dimension to another, from the seed that you are to your ultimate nature. Whatever happens the important activity happens in your spine area, a large part of it. So people could just regress you or progress you accidentally. You know. Accidental progress also could be damaging you know, Isn't it? See you don't know you've been promoted, you still think you are a clerk in the company, but they made you the CEO, you do not know. This can be very destructive, isn't it? Yes? Accidental progression can be very bad. Regression is anyway bad, that we can understand. So, life should happen by intent, not by accident. When it happens by accident, even good things can become negative things in our lives, isn't it? So, in the yogic culture, touching the spine is like taboo. Unless somebody has total mastery over it, he doesn't touch the spine. Participant : Why would it be that everyone consistently becomes happier after receiving that type of touch? Sadhguru: I wouldn't agree that it's consistent. With some people, it'll happen. It'll definitely happen, no question about it. It'll definitely happen, I'm not questioning that. Consistently? No. Participant : Well, in research it was like 95%. Sadhguru: Research, you choose the right kind of people. See, all the polls and other reports everyday on the television about everything they got a poll, how many people did they meet in United States? They met 100 people and they decided what United States thinks. Isn't it? So, don't go by that. Consistent? Definitely it won't be consistent. I'll tell you with 100% authority on this. Because spine is my whole thing. So, consistent, it cannot be. It's impossible but it will definitely be happening with lots of people. It could be happening. Because spine is like that. We could just touch your spine, I could intoxicate you for three days just by touching your spine. Totally drunk that you can't get up all your legs like rubber. For three days, if I just touch your spine. Really. Want to get drunk one day?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about spinal manipulation and the affect it has on one's energy. Sadhguru explains that generally speaking, manipulation of the spine is not recommended. (SaO66)

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