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Comerciales Autos 70s México

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[♪Song playing♪] Yes. Sometimes a car is an old sweetheart. And when the time comes to replace it for a new one. I am there to help you. I am one of a thousand AMDA car dealers throughout the country... that offer you the type of car you need. And the details you wish it to have. We also assist you with financing if required. You will receive the car with plates, registration and stickers. We offer genuine parts. And provide your unit with guaranteed service. [♪Singing song♪] Yes, your car could be an old sweetheart. When you replace it for a new love. We are there. One thousand Mexican organizations to serve you. [♪Music playing♪} The new DINA trucks... satisfy completely the hauler needs. For their reliability, endurance and economy. [♪Music playing♪] The dynamic and comfortable design of its wide cabin... makes it also an ideal vehicle for transportation. [♪Music Playing♪] In any activity. And under different operation conditions. The efficiency of the new DINA truck is unbeatable. Sales, parts and service throughout the country. With the DINA extensive dealer network. Produced by National Diesel. Pts, pts. Ah! It's you making a commercial. Mmm you are cleaning your Valiant. Nice line. Juvenile. Get off! Let me see it well. And who is looking for you now? Ah! It's the...Who are they? Eh! Which one likes you the most? The Valiant! Do you like it because is transporting chicks? Because it is convertible? I know there are five Valiant models. Are there six...Ah! I miss one. Ah! The truck, of course. [Laughs] In all its models, Valiant has angel. [♪Music Playing♪]

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Posted by: benvm on Mar 21, 2015

Comerciales Autos 70s México

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