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Robert Kiyosaki Serie

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Save Money And now we're going to the sacred cow of: Save Money. In 1971, president Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, taking all the world off the gold standard and money was no longer money. So people are no longer saving money (AFTER 1971, SAVERS BECAME LOSERS & SMART DEBTORS BECAME WINNERS) Just to re-read again, this is $300 dollars, what an ounce of gold was worth in the year 2000. ($300 in US quarters) All right. So this here, is one ounce of gold in the year 2010 and is now $1,100. Oughh, this is why people are working so hard!! ($1,100 in US quarters) I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, yes, I can do it.....barely So the big reason, I've said in my books for years, that savers were losers is, very simple, because, in 1971, the dollar stopped being money and became debt, right, Mike? Yeah, the rules all changed in '71 Before, then, somebody when became working age they can expect to put away 10% a year and by the time they got into their 60's, they can retire on their savings account and expect to live of their interest. And in '71 everything changed and they started creating currency on a massive scale worldwide (PERMIT ME TO ISSUE AND CONTROL THE MONEY OF A NATION, AND I CARE NOT WHO MAKES ITS LAWS) And that is what causes inflation and the lost of purchasing power. So people think they can retire, back in the 50's, if you got $100,000 or $50, can retire So for my mom and dad -the World War II Generation, the Industrial Age Generation-, it was very smart to save money. For our generation, the baby-boom generation and on... (FRACTIONAL RESERVE) saving money, could be the most stupid thing you can do because the system is stealing your wealth through the very thing you work for: (REDUCING YOUR WEALTH THROUGH INFLATION) called money, which is not money anymore. Right. Real money is, actually, gold and silver. Money has to maintain its value over long periods of time. Currency doesn't have to. -Robert: And this is historically, it's always, for thousands of years, this is been money. -Michael: -5,000 years, this is been the predominant currency and became money, when somebody melted it into coins and laid it, in about 680 B.C. and each unit have the same buying power as the next one, and became interchangeable. So, let me ask you this: this printing of money, out of just paper, this is been tried before, isn't it? Many, many, many times, and there's always one result: you get far for higher prices of everything, but specially real money where they start creating a whole lot of currency, eventually. Gold and silver lie and wait and then, when the public senses this inflation of retail prices, that it's caused, by inflation of the amount, the quantity, of currency in circulation, they rush back to gold and silver; and they have for 5,000 years. - So what's... name some governments that have attempted to print money. -The Guayma Republic,..... -I don't know what I just did with that hundred trillion dollar bill- The Zimbabwe..... this is the most recent, a one hundred trillion dollar note!! This is the largest note ever printed: one hundred trillion!! -Robert: and this is printed in 2000 But, when Zimbabwe created as a country.... the Zimbabwen dollar was on parity with the US dollar or the US Dollar was the same as the Zimbabwe dollar. This doesn't buy anything today; doesn't buy a cup of coffee. -Kim: doesn't even buy a cup of coffee? -Michael: No. In fact, they have brought it by put it into You can write a list. It wouldn't be more valuable, at this point, that it was blank. So, the greeks did the same thing, when they start clipping coins -is just take the silver out of it- the romans tried it, the english tried it, the germans tried it, the chinese tried it and now the US is trying (SINCE 1971, THE DOLLAR HAS LOST 95% OF ITS VALUE) And so, that's why saving money is probably the biggest mistake you can make right now, because today, money is no longer money, is now debt!! I can't assure that, because my leg is now numbed. So, all currencies around the world are in trouble, the same way this Zimbabwean dollar is in trouble, That's the problem with saving money; after 1971, it was no longer money!! More that 70% of all the currency on the planet is US Dollars If the US Dollar goes, the world goes with it. I'm preparing, by getting fully diversified: I buy both gold and silver.

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Posted by: l.a.gomez on Aug 20, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki nos comparte una serie de 8 videos, en donde ataca directamente los mitos más arraigados ("vacas sagradas") alrededor del dinero y las ideas populares acerca de las finanzas. Videos muy reveladores que cambiaran tu perspectiva y de seguro tus ideas acerca del dinero y las finanzas Mayor información: [email protected]

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