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Why do we insist on not giving children what they want for Christmas? 10 families One experiment -Ok, we are going to write a letter to The Three Magi. Do you already know what you are going to ask? -Yes -Yes -Yes - This year, I've been a good boy - A game - A guitar - A Wii - This, this, and that - A unicorn... that flies - End to end - I will set these here to send them to the magi. And now you are going to write another letter. One for your parents. IKEA PRESENTS THE OTHER LETTER - What would you ask your parents this Christmas? - Huh? - I... - Something else? - No - Your daughters wrote a letter for The Three Magi. And this one, for you. - Dear mom and dad… - I want you to spend more time with me, to do more experiments at home… - I would like … if you paid a little more attention to us… - I would like if... - If you had dinner with us more often… - I want you to tickle me - And that we read a story together - I want us to spend a day together - I just can’t - I want to play mom, I want you to play cowboys with me - I want to play more soccer with me - Are you surprised that they ask you this for Christmas? - Not really, actually it doesn’t surprise us. Not me. - He always has a lot of toys - The feeling of trying to… - Replace - Replace - Well, filling that little vacuum with a toy that they... - To make the most of our time with our children. - And to think that you want to give them the best and the best is you. - If he is writing it, it’s because he needs it, right? But there is something they didn’t write - If you could only send one of the two letters, which one would you choose? The one for The Three Magi or the one for mom and dad? - Gee, that is a though question... -Hmmmnm - My mom’s - My parents' - Mom and dad Christmas unfurnishes our heads Nothing like home to refurnish it back in place Send your letter to

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