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Teach you Eternal Life: The Solution as AMALGAMATION as LIFE as Freedom

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Solution for Amalgamating (as Life) This is the Solution, of amalgamating as Life. The solution, of Life. There's been..interesting, interview placements. The solution of self-will..the solution of equality..the solution of oneness.. the solution..of self-honesty.. But what is self-direction, practically? is to live..self-honesty, self-will, self-equality, self-oneness.. As 'who I am' every moment as every breathe. Realize, and understand.. that this is a process 'for you', as you, as all as one as equal..alone. As..all 'one' (smile) The the, amalgamation as Life..for self, as self.. is the, realization..that you will no longer participate..and be..of this world. You will 'Stop'..what has been accepted and allow, within this world, within self.. within the experience of self 'of this world'. the key..the self. the question however, is what is this self? who, is this self? Where is this self? That stops, infinitely. that stand, infinitely. Untouchable, unmoveable, unchangeable, the same yesterday today and tomorrow, I am 'here', I am Life, I am one as equal. I stand..I express..I live..I move, I direct. Human beings, everyone..this i, is here, as you, as the moment, as the breathe. Realize, that this is a process..of the amalgamation, of Life. Life born from the who you are as who each is 'as one as equal'. The process, of the manifestation, as heaven as earth. and Life..can only be born, from the physical. The first, process..of the living example of self, is the amalgamation of self, as Life. Then you will see, human being, then you will hear, human being..yourself. as the words, as your harmonic self expression of Life, is the purity of who we are. The process, of the Life is the return, to innocence. The innocence we have missed..the innocence we have forgotten.. The innocence..we 'think', perceive, and believe.. we do not deserve, and we are not worthy of. Human beings..dedicate, and commit yourself.. to the self enjoyment of you..birthing Life from the physical. So that we..may stand, so that 'I' may stand. The I, of Life that live, express and apply 'who I am'.. in every moment of every breathe, I remain 'here' and I do not stop, until I am done, until all of me stand one and equal as me as 'who I am', here as the moment, as the breathe. Human beings..that experience, within you..'lifted', within you Breathe..'stand up' within yourself, it is a is experienced like a lift inside you. Maybe why lift exist in this elevators, Lift (hand up) Lift from the perspective, of standing up inside you as you. You stand up, you breathe..I am 'here'. and you begin and you start this process of..amalgamating, as Life, of Life as you. The solution, video interviews are here as you, to assist and support you. I am, the key, I am the solution.. this I, is you as 'who you are' in every moment of every breathe: self-honesty in application. That's how we..'create', we 'manifest', through our attention placement as 'Here', as the moment, as the breathe. Self-honesty, oneness, equality of expression and application.. as example of 'who we are', in every moment we live this, in every moment: I am. and so we manifest the expression of heaven, as earth, as who we are.. through a 'process'..of living in every moment as every breathe. Thank you very much. Please Join us for Discussion: For Reqular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 8, 2009


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