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Do you know what that is? No uncle. This is a 1 kilogram weight. It is used to check the weight of an object. And how is it done uncle? We will come to that Amber. Tell me, have you seen this anywhere? Oh yes! I have seen this at the market. The vegetable vendor uses this. Very good Amber! This is a weighing balance and these are called as pans. You have to keep a weight on one pan and the object to be measured on the other pan. Now, let's check the weight of the watermelon. So we know that the weight of the watermelon is 1 kilogram. Now, let's check the weight of the ground nuts. Oh! So, these ground nuts weigh 1 kilogram too. Yes Amber! You are correct! Does that mean all these ground nuts together make 1 kilogram? Yes Amber! You are absolutely right. All these ground nuts together weigh 1 kilogram. And this watermelon alone weighs 1 kilogram. Okay! But do you know why it is so? No uncle. It's because different objects having the same weight can be of different sizes and shapes. So does that mean bigger the size of an object more is its weight? Hmm. Not always Amber. A big balloon is always lighter than a stone right? Oh yes! That's right. There is one more way to measure the weight of an object. It is done using other objects. Oh really? Sounds fun. How do we do that? Let me show you a small example. Suppose we have to measure the weight of this pineapple using these small stones. Oh! So these stones are used as weights. Right? Absolutely Amber! Now I will place a fruit on one scale and start placing the stones on the other. Oh! So when do we stop placing them uncle? That would be when both the pans are at the same level. Come on. Let's start. Ok. Now they are of same weight. Exactly. Now let us find out the weight of this pineapple. Count the number of stone in the other pan. There are 10 stones uncle. Good job! So the weight of that pineapple is the same as the weight of 10 stones. So, we successfully found the weight of the pineapple using the stones. Waow! That was fun. Thanks uncle. My pleasure Amber.

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vlc-record-2016-01-27-14h24m59s-Maths Lesson - Learn the Basics of Weight.mp4-

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