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Tracking down old

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS Tracking down old "Nazis": the fundamental reason Tracking down old nonagenarians continues. This time it's about Hubert Zafke a 95 years old German, who worked in the Auschwitz's infirmary in the summer 1944. He is accused of complicity in the murder of 3 681 Jews. The fact that this is an old man mentally and physically diminished does not alter the case. He will be judged from February 29 on. Some might be surprised at the new trial against a man who has ALREADY been judged after the war, and which, moreover, already served his sentence. In 1992, in a brochure on crime control, an author wrote that after 15 years, for example, society has nothing to say about a man who, having served his sentence, do not deserve new one. Socially, the old man no longer exists, only the new one matters to the generation with which he maintains correct relationships. In this, however, fanatics of memory will respond that in 1948, Hubert Zafke was sentenced by a Polish court who was not interested in the extermination of Jews. The old Auschwitz commemoration slabs, installed by the communist authorities, attest it : it was about 4 million people without further detail, who suffered and who died in the hands of "Nazis". Nowhere, they spoke of Jews. Hence, a possible new trial, because organized on different foundations, with the Holocaust in perspective. Yet this eternal hunt makes some uncomfortable. Witness this comment read on a very politically correct daily. Frankly, why all this, apart from attempting a catharsis? In what the punishment of a pre-centennal little subordinate will offer some relief to the latest victims alive? We will never forget. That all. NEVER! Currently there is to judge (and punish) so many authors of more or less contemporary genocides. Whose most recent is the annihilation of the Libyan, Kurds, Africans people massacred by Daesh ... and so many others. There is no time to whine about the past. NOW, we just need try to prevent it from happening again. Your position, dear user, is that of numeros people, people who believe like you the Holocaust, but refuse to accept logical consequences. Let me explain. You condemn from the tip of the lips the stalking of "Nazis" nonagenarians, but those who organize this hunt will remind you that there is the law. Crimes against humanity are imprescriptible and consequently they can be prosecuted without limit in time. Therefore, you have to admit that the proceedings against Hubert Zafke are legitimate. You point out that there are other genocide perpetrators more or less contemporary to judge and punish. True. But the survivors, relatives of victims, and qualified associations need only to take care of it. In Libya, in Syria, in Africa or elsewhere they only have to approach the competent authorities. Meanwhile, nothing prevents the German judiciary to prosecute this former SS who worked in the Birkenau camp. One does not preclude the other. I know. You will say that even if, according to the letter of the law, crimes against humanity are imprescriptible, in the case of a senile old man that requirement should be granted. To this, the memory fanatics will reply in the negative. Because, what is the basis of the prescription? Let's open this university thesis published in 1962, and which precisely studied this aspect of the law. I deliberately took an ancient text so that it is not contaminated by the after war ideology. According to the author, the main reason for the prescription was based on the fact that at the expiration of a certain time, the memory of the offense committed, faded, that society is no longer interested in punishing the convicted, and then, the social utility, one of the bases of the right to punish, is lacking. Do you really believe, dear user, that today the offense committed faded? Of course not. Besides, you write it yourself: "WE will never forget. That all. Never!" Pounding this, you annihilate yourself the main reason on which the prescription is based on. You see, dear user, when one believe in the Holocaust, An infernal logic is taking place, against which we can do nothing. You also invoke the fact that it is about a little subordinate. It is undeniable, and everyone will agree with you, only you add that : "we must try to prevent a recurrence of the horrors of the past." Thus, here again, you refute your own argument. For how to avoid this recurrence? The answer is obvious. By pursuing all accomplices to the smaller subordinate. Indeed, if at the top of the State, there will always be people wanting to do the unthinkable, these individuals will be powerless when they will no longer find no one at the bottom of the ladder, to obey their criminal orders. Therefore, It is by pursuing all accomplices until the end of time, and to the smallest subordinate, that one will manage to educate the masses. Yes, dear user, invoking the memory forever, you endorse the infernal machine. Yet, you sense it yourself, tracking down these sickly nonagenarians has very little to do with real justice. It's a perverted justice. But perverted for what purpose? Personally, I see two of them: The first is the revenge that some Jews may want to take on the Christians. This fact, I discovered it completely by chance, during a search I led about Freemason I was reading a book by Charles Détré, a french occultist who died in 1918, and Great spirit. The author castigates Christians in these terms: "Had there been restriction for the crime attributed to Jews in Jesus' death? Even today, do you not condemn them all to execration, because their forefathers crucified him? How many Jews' ears and noses did you cut from generation to generation, to avenge the founder of a merciful religion you flatter to follow and you do not even know!" This argument, I admit never having thought about it, until reading this book. But it seems very powerful to me. Personally, I would understand a Jew who would say: "Okay, for centuries Christians have persecuted us, on charges of having killed one of us, they recognized as their own. Well, now that a Christian nation exterminated 6 million of us, we will give them back what they deserve, and without no restriction." Naturally, I do not accuse all Jews to think that, but having read "The Avengers" by Michel Bar Zohar, I know some believe it and act accordingly. Certainly, some Christians could say that Jesus was the incarnation of God himself, therefore, that his murder was a deicide therefore, it is not comparable to the killing of human beings, even if they were 6 million. However, I would recommend them to not enter this kind of religious controversy. As Jews will answer that since Abraham, they are the chosen people of God, and since Christ was condemned as blasphemous by the Sanhedrin, he was just an ordinary heretic, and an agitator, which makes utterly null Christian's claims. Jews, will they say, are the chosen people of God Therefore, there is no worse crime than to attack this People, and it's this massacre which must become the reference of humanity. Some Jews asserts it forthright. In this pamphlet written by a Jew who became a Christian entitled : "Why did God permitted that 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust?" the author compares the Holocaust to the crucifixion of Christ who sacrificed himself to redeem the sins of mankind. He wrote that: "Auschwitz is the renaissance on the scale of a people of the Crucifixion of one Jew, "in Auschwitz, the Jews expiated the sins of mankind. Auschwitz is the Golgotha of modern humanity. The cross has been replaced by the gas chambers." In such an atmosphere it is not surprising that the Holocaust becomes a religion, with its rites, and its multiple symbols and endless hunt of the alleged assassins before Yahweh. For, all these alleged murderers are new Cains, which bear the mark of infamy. That's why a controversy in terms of religion is totally unnecessary, the memory fanatics will always come out of it as the winner. However, let's leave this field and let's go back to our very secular question. Why this hunt of sickly nonagenarians? The reason lies, among other things, in this reference book written by Raul Hilberg. An author who is still today regarded as the number one expert of the Holocaust. Refer to the chapter concerning the killing centers, and more particularly on pages that evoke the gas chambers. You will notice this: as long as the author speaks about something other than these "gas chambers", he produces documents of the time, i.e. German originals. But when he talks about the homicidal gas chambers, he relies upon post-war records, that is to say mainly: testimonies, interrogatories, confessions or judgments. Having already produced a study that proves it, I will not go back to it again. I would simply show this summary table prepared by myself. When Raul Hilberg speaks of homicidal gas chambers and extermination, he can only quote postwar documents. It's obvious. This way of describing the Holocaust story was initiated in Nuremberg. For the judges, witnesses and especially the confessions, were considered as evidence that were sufficient to themselves. In the late 80s and early 90s, under pressure from the revisionists, an attempt was organized to find documentary evidence with the pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac, but its failure was obvious. This failure is measured when studying the last fat book on the Holocaust. His author, David Cesarani, died last October. Historian, researcher and teacher, having already written a biography about Eichmann He was considered one of the world specialists in the history of the Final Solution. This posthumous work of more than thousand pages, and whose bibliography includes over 50 pages, presents what could be called "the accredited thesis" in its current state. Despite 900 pages of development, David Cesarani totally abandoned the question technical aspect. He only briefly describe the gas chambers. Without ever questioning their operating possibilities. The author takes the thesis of Jean-Claude Pressac, according to which initially designed for simple health reasons, crematoria in Birkenau were subsequently converted into criminal Installation, with changing rooms and homicidal gas chambers. To demonstrate this, he first invokes the creation of a staircase that would have allowed future gassed to go down in the big morgue converted into changing rooms. This is where the victims would undress before entering the gas chamber. David Cesarani adds that in March 1943, So before the commissioning of the crematorium, this big morgue was called "undressing room", evidence that the purpose of its use has changed. It stresses that the other morgue was artificially ventilated which would allow it to be used as "gas chamber". This demonstration is not worth anything and here's why: In my answer to "à bout de nerfs", I recalled that a morgue must always be ventilated, the blower should allow 5 or even 10 air changes per hour. Therefore, the presence of a mechanical ventilation in the basement of crematorium 2 and 3 is not surprising. This being said, I come to the designation of the large morgue as "undressing room". Here is the original document of 6 March 1943, on which David Cesarani relies upon, but which he does not reproduce. It is question of a mortuary designated as "undressing room". Only, it is very dishonest to present this piece out of context. This context has been highlighted by Carlo Mattogno in his monumental study on hygiene in Auschwitz. Relying on a contemporary document, Carlo Mattogno shows that in January 1943, the doctor's camp had requested the development in the basements of the new crematorium of two rooms of equal surface, one being used for autopsy room and the other as resource room with possibility of preparation and preservation of colored tissue sections. In the process - and it was quite logical too - the doctor requested an undressing room that is to say, a room that would receive the new bodies and to undress them before processing them in one way or another. So, that was unrelated to a mass extermination project. It is in this context that the famous document of 6 March 1943 was written. In which the large morgue was described as "undressing room". David Cesarani is therefore wrong to see any evidence of mass extermination in Birkenau. As for the stairs that should provide direct access from the outside to the large mortuary, Carlo Mattogno recalls that in February 1943, mortality was still very strong at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Nearly 6 000 deaths. Therefore, the Germans could have decided to develop this staircase to facilitate the transport of corpses in the basement. The bodies were registered and then stripped prior being transported to the proper morgue: morgue #1. Carlo Mattogno adds, that the construction of this staircase could also be decided at a time when the Germans nourished the project to organize in the basement of the large crematoriums, delousing facilities for inmates, facilities to be used in case of emergency. The deportees would come in the "dirty" side, through the large morgue. However, these projects had been abandoned shortly after the beginning of the construction work of the future central sauna on April 30, 1943. In his work, besides, David Cesarani talks effectively of the construction of a central facility for bath and delousing, from March 1943. But he didn't draw the necessary conclusions. Anyway, the author mistakenly see in the construction of stairs as a crucial fact that would prove the modification of the crematoriums into extermination facility. When we are reduced to invoke such poor arguments, is that we faced an impressive lack of documentary. One fact moreover demonstrates it: The work of David Cesarani counts 48 illustrations. Well, one can't find either German's original documentations, or photo, or pattern, or even a simple explanatory sketchs of the murder weapon: the gas chamber. No physical representation, even in summary is given. This page also shows that the propaganda has hardly changed. One shows the camp of Bergen-Belsen when it was liberated, where all historians admit that there has never been a gas chamber, and below, the symbolic memorial of the Treblinka camp. So one makes us believe that these dead where murdered by gassing. This work demonstrates the complete bankruptcy of the official story 70 years later. This failure is particularly visible in the case of Auschwitz. I recall that the official thesis of the mass extermination by gassing in this camp was born in 1946 in Nuremberg, with the confessions of the first camp commander Rudolf Höss. In the years that followed, those who wrote on the subject contented themselves most of the time, to invoke the confession signed by Rudolf Höss in March 1946. In the mid-80s again the one who was considered as the expert No. 1 about the Holocaust was largely based on the confessions of the first commandant of Auschwitz. The argument was that none of the final solution main culprits had thought of denying as it had been unnecessary and ridiculous. However, in 2015 on a total of more than 900 pages exposing the final solution, David Cesarani did not devote a single line to Rudolf Höss' confessions and in the impressive bibliography, the memories of the first commandant of Auschwitz does not even appear. So exit Rudolf Höss, on which everything depended. Facing this gaping of documentary and material void, the Holocaust's propagandists no longer have a choice, they have to organize trials, more and more trials. The aim is to persuade the public that even the smallest accomplices do not think of denying the facts. Barely do they try to clear their personal responsibilities alleging that they have not themselves participated in the mass slaughter or that they ignored all about it. This strategy, by the way, can easily be understandable. For, today as yesterday, the accused who will stand up to challenge the existence of the gas chambers would invariably be condemned as an unrecoverable criminal. However, the accused who cooperates with the prosecution can hope for a mitigated punishment or symbolic, of a few years only in prison. One will therefore not be surprised that the accused adopt this strategy. But proponents of the official version, that's all good. Because, these sentences, even mitigated, allow saying: "you see, even the smallest accomplices do not even think of denying the facts, as these facts are obvious. So, how to believe a handful of Holocaust deniers, which claim that this did not happen like that." Finally, those penalties of minions covers the lack of physical and documentary evidence. The conviction of former Auschwitz Accountant, last July, were further proof that Auschwitz would have been used as an extermination camp as part of the final solution. And you, dear user, you believe this story primarily based on testimonials and other confessions collected after the war. You believe it and you solemnly promise to never forget. Since then, don't be surprise that this kind of trials are brought 70 years after against little subordinates. After the conviction of the accounting of Auschwitz, Paris Match had wondered: "Last Nazi trial?" No, because the Holocaust will never be demonstrated enough. But in the absence of physical and documentary evidence, only remains the evidence by means of sentencing. Consequently, the lawsuits will continue, as long as there are nonagenarians centenarians to hunt. How to close this new Pandora's box? It's simple, according to the prosecution, Hubert Zafke would be accomplice of gassing more than 3 000 Jews during summer 1944, he would have known he was working in an extermination camp, and would have voluntarily participated in its operation. In his defense the accused stated that in Auschwitz he saw nothing, heard nothing or killed anyone. Well, knowing that it is for the prosecution to provide evidence, One must demand proof that homicidal gas chambers really existed at Birkenau at least during the summer of 1944. Yes, dear user, you do not have a choice, if you want this kind of trial ceases, then one must stop believing and seriously question the history of the Birkenau camp. Are there any material or documentary evidence, that the Germans developed homicidal gas chambers? The whole question is there. Will you dare to ask it dear user? And at first, will you dare ask it to yourself? In any case I invite you to do it. Justice has everything to gain from it. Good evening. You like our videos? Then help us continue. Give for the cause: Translation and subtitling didi18

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Why are some Jewish associations bent on tracking down old Germans who worked in the camps? The reason: the official "Holocaust" history is bankrupt. Demo in this video ...

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