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PLL S07E20 'Til Death Do Us Part...

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We saw Bridget Wu at Rive Gauche the other day. Was she drinking out of her purse? Hardly. It was a Vanderwaal. -A Mona Vanderwaal? -I hear her bags are going for $1,000. Really? -Good for her. -I always knew she would make it. Hello, ladies. -Hey, Lucas. -Hey, Lucas. Can it get any hotter? If it does, I'm shoving an icepack down my panties. -You know, you can actually buy those. -Ice panties? No Aria, ice panty liners. I'm looking that up. Remember when we used to look up murder weapons? And distinctive traits of psychopaths exhibiting signs of hyper-reality disorder. And that rush we got when we thought we were close to finding out who A was. And that tingly feeling you get when you know A was watching you. What tingly feeling was that? I just can't believe we never figured out who it was. The other day, someone asked me how it felt to be living a normal life. And I've never been more insulted. Why do we miss A so much? Because without fear, there can be no courage. -Who said that? -Christopher Paolini. I never would've guessed it was you. Are you here to kill me? <i>Got a secret</i> <i>Can you keep it?</i> <i>Swear this one you’ll save</i> <i>Better lock it, in your pocket</i> <i>Taking this one to the grave</i> <i>If I show you then I know you</i> <i>Won’t tell what I said</i> <i>Cause two can keep a secret</i> <i>If one of them is dead</i> Can we just take a second to appreciate this Robert Redford, ONE YEAR LATER... Barbra Streisand, <i>The Way We Were</i> moment? Didn't they break up in that movie? Yeah, but in my head the new wife dies and then they just get back together. -What? -Nothing. It's just... This is the best week ever. Our book might become a movie and you're about to become my wife. Okay, if you don't stop looking at me like that, I'm never going to be able to say our vows without that ugly cry. You kind of are an ugly crier. Okay, I can say that, you cannot say that. No, I love your ugly cry. It makes you unique. Right, okay, don't try and talk yourself out of it. I'm... Done. All right, here you go. Is that a no? You don't like peas? It's awful, isn't it? What about you, Grace? Grace, do you want to try the peas? You want it? No? Okay, why do I get the feeling both your first words are going to be "no"? -All right. -Hi. -Can you please pick up Lily? -Of course. Come on. I can't stay for very long though, I have that meeting with Jen Gerstenblatt. Right. Good girl. I'm going to miss you. -Say bye to Mom. -Bye, Lily. Bye, Grace. -Come here. -Good girl. -Good girl. I love you. -I love you too. All right. Okay, it's going to be a fun day. Isn't it? Yeah. Thanks for coming so early. -Yeah, of course. -She doesn't know you're here, right? No, I hate lying to her. Well, she'll find out the truth soon enough. You know, it's important to me. You're giving me peace of mind just knowing that Emily's going to be taken care of. Like I promised you, I will always be here for her. Thank you. You know, I was thinking about staying in town for a while. Really? That's great. I feel like we're just starting to get to know each other again. Me too. But I was hoping you'd consider swapping the barn for your old room. Fine, you win, but just this once. I'm kidding. Can I help you? Toby. What are you doing here? Hey. Ali said you talked to Jason, you weren't coming back for the wedding. Yeah, I wasn't planning on it, but we finished a well ahead of schedule and I-- Decided to hike back from Africa? I didn't know if I was ready to come back. So I flew to New York and I just... I started walking. Wasn't sure where I'd end up. How are you doing? Who's this? This is Bashful. Seems a little shy. Yeah, he's a rescue. But be careful, though. So far, I'm the only person he's trusted enough to get close to. Okay. That's a first. Hi. Hey. Easy. Easy, it's all right. It's all right. Okay. Hey, if you give me a minute, I can give you a lift back into town. If you want. -What can I help you with? -Can you throw that in the truck? Yeah, I saw it on eBay and I couldn't resist. Yeah, good boy. Orson Welles said that if you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. So, how does that theme relate to the ending of <i>Then and Now?</i> Emerson, maybe you should give someone else a chance. Luke. It's like when you finish a book and you don't want it to end. Even though the characters are happy, you're still sad that it's ending. Exactly. Isn't your friend the reason the book doesn't have a happy ending? She stole Ezra from Nicole. They were hooking up -while she was rotting away-- -That's enough, Addison. It's just my opinion. Lesbo. Excuse me, what did you say? You may think you're winning the battle, but I'll win the war. Careful, Ali. You don't want to leave a bruise. I could bury you with that. But then again, it wouldn't be the first time someone buried you. It's Ms. DiLaurentis. Hey, how'd your meeting with Mrs. Gerstenblatt go? She had to reschedule. Between the two of us, we have to know someone who knows someone who can take care of her. Claire. Are you okay? I'm fine. Is Addison bullying you? She's not, I'm fine, just late for class. Addison. Is that you? You should get to class, that was the last bell. Some of us can see, and hear. So go. Now! Yes, ma'am. I may not be able to see, but I can smell a bitch a mile away. And I thought you used to be the mean girl. I'm sure she makes a kickass life skills teacher, but she still creeps me out. We stayed in Rosewood for her and I supported that. You have spent countless nights visiting her and I supported that, too. Caleb! It's not for eternity. -It's just until she finishes therapy. -And how long is that going to be? It's Welby. They just dropped off Mona. She's on her way up. We were doing so well, Hanna. With your designs taking off, me selling my software to Lucas... We bought the loft. I'm going to get ready for the party. You're not even going to say hello? Hi. I was getting worried. I thought maybe you changed your mind. No. No, of course not. So... How do you feel about Thai takeout for dinner? Mona, we have the bachelor/bachelorette party tonight. I told you, remember? I'm sorry. With the meds, I'm not as sharp as I used to be. You're getting better, Mona. Yeah. Yeah, you know, I'll be fine by myself. Just show me how to work the TV and point me in the direction of the all-day game channel. I would've never known this was the Lost Woods resort. Spencer researched the history and philosophy of all the great camps in the Adirondacks. Of course you did. Have you told Mary? We've decided that when we're both ready, we'll tell her together. Okay, you can come on out now. All right, so what's this big surprise? Wait for it. -Surprise! -Surprise! You guys! It's beautiful! -I thought we were going to have a kegger. -Me too. My vote got shot down. Well, since we can't go with you on your honeymoon... Because that would be weird. We thought we'd spend a night in Provence with you guys. We're just jealous that you're going to France and we're not. <i>This Italian city, off the coast of</i> <i>Venice, is known for its glassmaking.</i> <i>-Murano?</i> <i>-Yes, Oh, my God!</i> So, are you nervous? About being married? No. I think he means are you nervous about getting married. Should I be? I mean, we didn't just elope because we thought Hanna was going to prison. That's exactly why we eloped. It was a joke, Hanna. Well, it's no secret. Aria knows I'm more excited for the honeymoon than I am for the wedding. That's not what I'm talking about, but, yes, there is that. -What was that? -Christians. There's a church camp across the lake. Noisy Christians. So, what are you guys planning for your honeymoon? All I know is that I need to pack for the South of France. Ezra put me in charge of the wedding, so he took charge of the honeymoon. And he has promised me a surprise for every single year we've known each other. That is so romantic. We never took a honeymoon. To love. -Hear, hear. -To love. Yeah, things definitely got a little tense when our mothers started discussing the seating chart. Tense. My mother almost threw a centerpiece at Ella's head. No, Dianne said that she knocked it across the room by accident. And I for one, I believe her. Does anybody else want another drink? -Hanna? -I'm good thanks. I could use your help. How many people does it take to make a mojito? Two. What's going on? You and Caleb are sitting so far apart that you could be in different time zones. Mona's living with us. We're her sponsor. -What? Why would you do that? -She doesn't have anyone else. -I'm not trying to take Caleb's side here. -Then don't. Look, I'm the one who made her play the game. I shouldn't have done that. Hanna do you know the Greek myth about the girl who tried to escape from hell? There's only one rule. You don't look back. LOST WOODS RESORT But seriously, though, after all this group has been through, I don't think marriage is going to be that hard. That's because you haven't had kids yet. And, this is our first time out in months. Exactly. Which is why you and I should go back to our room. Good night. Subtle. Babe, we should go, too. Guys, yeah. We're going to call it a night, too. Good night. Are you tired? No, not really. How is that possible? -You partner at your mother's law firm-- -As a paralegal. And you're going to law school fulltime. You want to take me back to your room? Damn, you've still got it. How many points is squeegee? You don't even want to know. You seem good. Yeah, I am. Melissa and I are finally getting along. And my mom and I are so close. And it's real and it's solid and... I never knew how badly I wanted that until I had it. Yeah. Q-A-T? It's the leaves of a shrub that you chew like tobacco. Okay. Still reading the dictionary for fun? Is everything okay? You know I'm here for you, right? What? I just want you to know that you'll always have family. Why are you getting so sentimental all of a sudden? I don't know. -I'll stop. -No, please. I'm trying to create a vibe here and it definitely is not sweet. So have you made any other major life decisions that might affect me, -or should I just wait to be surprised? -Can we not do this right now? You're stressing me out and it's bad for my body. We need to talk about this. Well, can it wait a half hour? I'm trying to get pregnant. That is exactly why we need to talk about this. Fine, talk. But can you do it at a low volume? You're scaring my ovaries. Hanna... I'm a passenger in our marriage. -That is not true. -Well, it feels like it. With Sylvia Plath as our new roommate, and even my sex drive is dictated by your ovulation app. Hold on, Mona and trying to have a baby are two very different things. Maybe they're not. I mean, if you don't care how I feel about one, then maybe you're not ready to do the other. Hello? Are you sure? Who's there? Aria? What's wrong? I can't marry Ezra. I know it's hard, but you have to tell him. I can't! I can't do that. Our rehearsal dinner's tomorrow. Are you sure you want to go through a ceremony holding onto something like that? <i>This isn't up for debate.</i> But Aria's hiding this from him. We'd be crazy not to use it. <i>-It's not part of my plan.</i> -Well, I don't know your plan. I'm in the dark. You asked me to put on the "Melissa" mask and you don't even want me to use it. <i>It was a test.</i> <i>I had to know I could trust you.</i> <i>-You passed.</i> -So what now? Does that mean you'll tell me who you are? <i>Not yet.</i> So, that was my mom. She's about ready to kill the party planner. Let's hope we can make it out of the dinner rehearsal alive. Hey, that's okay. Easy. Aria, what's going on? Hey, tell me. What's going on? I got a confirmation. -Yesterday. -Confirmation-- I was late, I thought I was pregnant. -Aria-- -I can't have kids. Mona? Mona? Great, she skipped out on you. -Caleb, who are you calling? -The cops. I told you this would happen. How was the party? -Didn't you hear us? -No, I was in the shower. Did you need something? No, I was gonna make us some lunch. I wanted to know if you were hungry. No thanks, I ate. I've missed you, sweetheart. It's been weeks since your last visit. I'm sorry. VISITOR I missed you, too, Mom. We're gonna get through this. I'm sorry. Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives. It will be. You still plan on marrying me tomorrow, right? Then nothing's changed. I love you. And we are going to have a family. We will adopt or get a surrogate. We'll do whatever we have to. Okay. How are you doing? Every day is a challenge. But I try and keep my spirits up. I try not to lose hope. You can say it. Hope breeds eternal misery. Well, the old Spencer would have agreed with you, but I don't believe that anymore. How are you holding up? I need your help. Excuse me. -Hey, sweetheart. -Hey, Mom. Mona? I didn't know you'd be coming tonight. Neither did I. Well, we thought it was a good opportunity for Mona to come here and reconnect. With everyone. Drinks? I'm not allowed to have alcohol, but I could go for a cocktail wiener. -Hanna, what were you thinking? -Are you nuts? I'll let you take over from here. Why would you bring her here? Why would you bring her to my rehearsal dinner? I'm sorry, okay? I didn't know what else to do. Caleb doesn't want to leave Mona home alone and it's hard to find a sitter -for someone in their mid-20s. -Hanna... The last time we saw Mona, she tried to push you off the bell tower. Yeah, and she feels bad about that. Can we just pretend for one night that she's a friend? -Who we pretending is a friend? -Mona. You guys, I am begging you. Please, for one night. Can you just fake it? I can do that. What is this? This is a 40-year-old single-malt Scotch. It's a wedding present from my grandfather. And I have hidden the bottle in the back. Well, this is... Cheers. I never asked for your blessing. If that's what's happening now, I got to say you've left it down to the wire. I never asked because... I never really felt like you and Ella truly accepted me. You... You never really worked to prove us wrong. You never made a persuasive argument as to why we should feel good about you as a son-in-law. And I guess that's why we do. Feel good about it. Instead of trying to make us happy, you've focused on making Aria happy. And she is. So, yeah, you get my blessing. You've had it for a while now. Just don't screw it up. Thank you. I would never serve my guests cocktail wieners. Those are foie gras merguez. And they are delicious, I mean, really. It was just a joke. Well... -It wasn't funny. -Right. Hi, can I have a giant glass of pinot grigio, please? Thanks, you can just leave that bottle right there, too. -Great, yeah, there. -Here you are. It's that bad? If I didn't love Aria so much, I would strangle that woman with her own pearls. Peter's mother was pretentious like that. Ate a slice of pizza with a knife and fork. I eat pizza with a knife and fork. When I told Dianne that we weren't members of the country club, -she looked at me like I spit out a tooth. -Your fingers don't get greasy and the cheese doesn't slide off. Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement. At least then, we had some peace and quiet. Oh, my God. You remember how we got out of there? You know, Pam didn't drink for a year after that. Forget I brought it up. -Cheers! -Cheers! -So, when do I get to meet the girls? -Anytime you want to babysit. With four girls in the house, we could use a manny. Hey, call it what you want. Just know I'm always there for you. Thanks. I'll be right back. Hadley. Willa. -Hi Ms. Fields. -Hi, well-- -Can I talk to you ladies? -We're working. Okay, well, you can tell your boss we're talking about rumaki spheres. Look, Willa, I've know you since you volunteered at the Y. And, Hadley, I know it's hard being the new girl at school. But you still have a choice in who you make friends with. Is this about Addison, because she is nice to me. And I don't want to be on the other side of that. Your aunt had a real confidence to her. And that's what I loved. Maya was kind. She picked me. It wasn't the other way around. And you don't say no to someone like Addison. I mean, she'd have to be, like, dead first. Taking off? Yeah. Somehow I got roped into being my mom's designated driver. What are you doing on Sunday? I'm going riding. You want company? I told you I'd give it a try. Yeah, that was, like, six years ago. Maybe it just took some time to get used to the idea. I meant to congratulate you. On winning the game. We never finished it. You did. While I was asleep. I didn't know the word, though. -I don't even know which word I put down. -Limerence. I looked it up. You did? Kind of unrequited love. Yeah. Thank you for driving, sweetheart. We have to... We have to make a couple of extra stops. -Okay. -Hi, Toby. -Hey. -I call shotgun! Watch out! I know it's none of my business, but... Don't take for granted the people who love you the most just because sometimes they let you. -What does that even mean? -You're my daughter. And I will always be on your side. Even when you're wrong. I can't help it. So you think I'm wrong about Mona? You agree with Caleb? But I am still on your side. Marin? -Will you get in the car? -I love you. Love you, Mom. Pile in. It's finally happening. This is a little surreal. I know, we're... actually getting married. Hey, Aria. It would be really encouraging for me if every time you bring up the topic of our wedding, you don't look like you're about to burst into tears. I'm sorry. I can't help it, just sitting there listening to your family's toasts. Dad, even your brother talking about our kids, I just... Just feel like I'm letting people down. Stop. We have options. I remembered a friend of the family, she's a fertility specialist. After this weekend's done, we'll go to her. -We'll get a second opinion. -This was a second opinion. In fact, it was a third opinion. I went to two other doctors and they said the same thing. You did? -How long have you known? -I just wanted to be sure before-- How long have you known? A few weeks? A little bit longer than that. I don't understand. I thought that we were supposed to go through these -things together, or-- -Yeah, I was scared. I thought that maybe this was something that you couldn't get past. If you think so little of me, why do you still want to marry me? It wasn't about you, it was about me. Can you understand that? Yes, you're right. I can. I'm sorry I'm just tired. It's been a very emotional day. Okay. Come upstairs, let's talk. No, I... I think what I need is sleep. We're gonna be okay. I just wished that you had as much faith in me as I have in you. I love you. I love you, too. But it's not really the same thing, is it? -Are they still sleeping? -Yeah. You've barely said two words to me all night. That's not true. Well, either you're entering a vegetative state or you're pissed at me. Saw you with my mom at the party. What were you whispering about? I don't know. I mean, it was pretty loud in there. She put something in your purse. What was it? I don't know. Breath mints? I mean, your mom is pretty passive-aggressive and there were onions -on those sliders. -My mom avoided me all night. What is going on? -Nothing. -Ali! We're not going to sleep until you tell me what's in that purse. Remind me to never throw you a surprise party. This is my grandmother's ring. I had this whole romantic proposal planned. And it didn't include a pug sweatshirt, but I guess I'll just wing it. You want to propose to me? Well, I'm still trying to. When I was at my most lonely, and unhappy and angry place, you loved me. When I was an ugly human being, you saw a beautiful soul. You make the world a better place. Because you see the good in it. And you make me a better woman because you searched for one. Do you promise? To do that every day, for the rest of our lives? Yes. I love you. I love you, too. Hey. You're up late. Yeah, I'm not tired. What are you watching? I can't tell. It's either a really bad comedy about chefs or a really good infomercial about deep fryers. Can we talk? I don't know what else to say, Hanna. The decisions you make don't just affect you. Actually, let's not talk. -Hanna-- -No. I hear you. Okay? I'm going to tell Mona that's not going to work out. I'm not saying you can't help her. I'll help you help her. -We just need our own space -I know. I'll tell her first thing in the morning. You can deal with Mona until then, right? Sure. How much damage can she do in one night? -I love you. -I love you, too. You want to make a baby? Now? Yeah. You can just leave the cart outside. Coffee? At this hour? You'll be up all night. Toby, is that you? Mona. Déjà vu, bitch. Boo! We didn't think you'd wake up so soon, Spencer. Mary. Sweet dreams. I really need your discretion on this. Clearly it was very last minute. So if you just keep it quiet... Yeah, thank you. -Ezra? -Hey! -Hi. -What are you doing here? What do you mean she escaped? We don't have the details, but we'll stay in constant touch with the state police. And if Mary Drake does try to reach out to you-- This has to be a joke, right? I mean, our friend is getting married today. This can't be happening. Officer Maple, if she does try and contact us, I promise we'll let you know immediately. You should know she's probably not alone. She needed help to get out. So you and your friends should stay vigilant. Well, you missed breakfast, but Mum's planning a special lunch. I don't even know what question to ask first. Who are you? Really? How hard did Mona hit you? You want to know who I am? I'm just a girl who met a man when he came in from the rain. Spencer. What are you doing here? Sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else. Nice try, but sadly, it hasn't been so long that you can pretend like you don't know who I am. I'd remember if we had met, love. I can promise you that. All right, Spencer, you gotta stop this. You are freaking me out. Sorry, if you're trying to have a crack at me, I must admit, this is a new one. Now, will it be a pint? Are you all right? You look like you've seen a ghost. Who are you? Alex. Alex Drake. Now, you going to order something or not? Yeah, I'll have a vodka soda. Okay. I didn't know about you, didn't know about Charlotte. I didn't even know about Mary Drake. At first I thought," Wren's put me on." But then he pulled out his phone, showed me a picture. I still don't know why, but I started to cry. He just ran into you at a bar? I was in shock. And I had a list of questions about a mile long. It took Wren days to tell me everything he knew. But I've never felt so close to someone so fast. And he felt the same way. Melissa was already out of the picture. She was dating some composer. So he was fair game. I guess you could say he has a type. You know, first her, then you, then her. Then me. Yeah, it's a lot to process. -Would you like a sedative? -Is Wren a part of this? The threats, the torture, your twisted board game. After Charlotte died, I needed closure. I wanted it on my own terms. Wren let me come to Rosewood alone 'cause he knew I would come back to him. And after I found out who killed Charlotte, that's just what I did. Yet here you are. I know this isn't fun for you, but it is very exciting for me. You see, I've been dying to meet you. You could have just called. That is such a classic Spencer line. I'll be sure to use it. If I'm in here because you're pretending to be me, my friends are gonna figure it out. -You're never gonna pull this off. -I've already pulled it off. -Spencer. -You've got this, Hanna. You're gonna be okay. -I think I'm gonna die in here. -No, I won't let that happen. Toby, can I kiss you? Just one last time? Just to say goodbye. Like mother, like daughter. That's what you and Mary were arguing about. She pretended to be Jessica to sleep with my father, and now you're pretending to be me to sleep with Toby. What's Wren think about that? He doesn't care anymore. But there was a time when Wren would do anything for me. Look, I made you a promise and you know what that means to me. -I keep my word. -Alex, come on. Are you really doing all this for Charlotte? -I know you loved your sister, but-- -No, those bitches took her away from me. And now they're getting everything that they deserve. I'm honoring her, don't you get that? I get everything about you. And I miss you. I miss us. Ezra. God. -Hey. -Hey. I don't think you've ever met Wren Kingston. Ezra, this is Wren. Wren, this is Ezra Fitz. -Hello. -Pleasure. I made good on my promise to Wren that night. And when the game was over, I went back to London. But I just... I couldn't stop thinking about you. About how good you have it. About how much your friends love you. And it was just driving me mad and... Wren saw it happening. Alex, you mean everything to me. I even created a life for you. But this is too much. You said it yourself, Wren. Okay? It was the luck of the draw. Spencer got everything and I got nothing. You have Charlotte's money now. -Isn't that enough? -This isn't about money. Okay? This is about having a home and parents. And friends who risk their lives for each other. Even when they make mistakes. Even when they make huge mistakes, they still love each other. I just... Please, I want to know what that feels like. -So you tell them the truth. -Come on. And when they hear your story, -they'll understand. -You're joking, right? After everything I put them through. -Alex, Come on! -I can never be one of them. Not as Alex. Wren. Do you love me? Till death do us part. Come on! Alex! If you love me, then shoot me. Please, Wren. Please, darling. -Come on, Wren. -This is crazy. Please, Wren, I have to look exactly like her. Please. Okay. Please. Please, Wren! -Can't do this! -Do it! Hey, it's okay. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. The plan was to be you with Wren. But no matter what, he always thought of me as Alex and I just... I didn't wanna be her anymore. So you broke up with him? No. No, I can never do that. But he is always close by. I turned his ashes into an eternity stone. Because diamonds last forever. Sorry, I've got to go get ready. Hey, how are you planning on wearing your hair for the wedding? Don't worry about it. I'll figure it out. Bye. Okay. That was the state police. Still no leads on Mary. How could that happen? Look, somebody had to have helped her. My mom hired extra security for today. So I don't think that we should be telling Aria until after the wedding. Yeah, I agree. Well? #Aria'sWeddingDress. Em, are you crying? Yeah. You look so beautiful. Thank you. Oh, my God, you're crying, too? I'm just... I'm so happy to be here with all of you. Celebrating you, Aria. I couldn't have imagined this day without you guys. Let's take a selfie before the photographer gets here. -Yeah. -Yeah. I'm sorry, girls. She's a little fussy, so I thought I'd bring her in to see her mommies. -May I? -Yeah, of course. Hi. Aria, you look so beautiful. You look like you stepped out of Modern Brides. Thank you, Mrs. Fields. I think after all this years you can call me Pam. Okay, Pam. Hey, gorgeous. You have your daddy's eyes. Yeah, I knew Wren would make pretty babies. Yeah. Hello, Spencer. So you're a part of this, too? No, I'm trapped in here just like you. Yeah, well, you don't look so trapped to me. I'm a wanted convict. For Archer Dunhill's murder. A crime I didn't commit. Remember? I took the blame for you and your friends. So, I think I deserve a little trust. I thought we could have lunch together. I took a lover in Peru who owned a little restaurant that made the most exquisite saltado de pollo. I'm the only person he ever shared the recipe with. So, where are we? I don't know. She gave me something to sleep and the next thing I knew, I woke up here. But you're safe, Spencer. She promised me. And in time, you'll earn her trust and she'll let you out of your room. Why didn't you ever tell me about her? Until a few weeks ago, when she came to visit me, I didn't know where she was or if she was even alive. Nurse! Hurry! It's coming now. <i>What your parents didn't know</i> <i>was that there was a second child.</i> Dr. Cochran arranged for Alex's adoption in exchange for half the money. You sold her? The money bought me a ticket out of Radley. And Alex went to a wealthy couple in England. I thought she would live a <i>Cinderella</i> life. Have you read <i>Grimm's Fairy Tales?</i> The irony hasn't been wasted on me. Apparently, Alex had some issues. And when she was still young enough to forget them, her parents left her at an orphanage. They couldn't risk tarnishing their names, so they even took that back. And she was given her birth name. Alex Drake. She ran away from the Ambrose Home for Wayward Children on her 10th birthday. A year before I found out she was there. Can you imagine how alone she must've felt? Yeah, I can. There is nothing more that I would love than to hold you, Spencer. But she would never forgive me if you got out. -Thank you. -You don't have to thank me. I'm your mother. -Aria, this isn't about you. -Yes, it is, Dad. We got into an argument last night. I let him down. No, he let you down. And after we make sure that he's okay, I'm going to wring his neck. -Should we tell the guests? -No! Yes. I don't... I don't know. Should we? I'll take care of it. Aria, you should probably try calling him again. Ezra, I know that you're there. Please pick up. What is going on? Why isn't Ezra here? Ezra sent Aria a text. He's not coming. Hey. Hey, can you hear me? Are you okay? Ezra? I was making the reservation you suggested. And when I thanked her for the information, she seemed confused. Like she didn't know what I was talking about. So, out of concern, I followed her out. And when I pressed her for answers, she just turned and just gave me this death stare. And that was the last thing that I remember. -Are you okay? -It's my wedding day, Spencer. And we're locked in some sort of do-it-yourself dungeon. So, no, I'm not okay. I meant your head. Sorry, sarcasm is my brain's self-defense mechanism for whenever I'm about to be murdered. That was Spencer. She's gonna swing by the apartment and get you something to wear. My mom's sleeping over, so we're gonna stay with you, okay? Aria. Ezra? Still no word? Hello, sister. Hey. Hey, you don't have to do this. Can we have some privacy, please? Wait, wait. No, no. Stop, stop. Look, we both understand why you became A.D. You and I actually met once. Ezra, I don't think you've met Wren Kingston. Wren was almost my brother-in-law a couple of times. Have a drink with us. No. Stop. Stop! Look, he's right. You don't have to do this. You became A.D. because of Charlotte. I understand that and my friends will, too. Okay, they will forgive you, just like we forgave Mona. Sort of. This isn't just about you wanting my friends. -It's about Toby, isn't it? -He settled for Yvonne. We both know that. And now, he's free to be with his one true love. Me. So then, what's gonna happen now? You can't just keep me here forever. Of course I can. And you have Mary to thank for that. She saved you at the blind school and she's saving you now. So, that wasn't just Jenna and Noel. That was you and Sydney? Sydney? No, she was a one-off. She was stealing from a bank. I knew it and she fit the hoodie. But Jenna, now, she earned my respect. See, Jenna recruited Noel to look for me because she knew that Charlotte had a sister. And that the Carissimi Group was just the tip of the iceberg. See, Charlotte left me everything. So Jenna wanted money? Well, she was desperate for one last chance to see. She doesn't know who I am, but she offered to help me and I kept my promise. I paid for her surgery. She's still as blind as a bat and useless to me. What about Sara Harvey? Was she looking for you, too? Well, Charlotte told Sara that she hid her greatest treasure under Radley. And Sara thought that she was talking about some pot of gold, but what she meant was that file you found. You see, all Charlotte ever wanted was a family. That was by far the fastest transatlantic flight I've ever taken. And you are the most charming woman I have ever been charmed by. Archer, I'm sure you say that to all the girls. No, I do not. Charlotte Drake, I will be calling you. And I'm not going to wait three days. I'll ring you tomorrow. Is she here? Yeah, her plane just landed, she's waiting for you in the bar. And how do you know that she's my sister? Her name's Alex Drake. Just like the birth certificate -you found in your mum's Radley file. -I found 12 Alex Drakes, and I'm not related to any of them. Yeah, wait till you see her. Do we really look that much alike? <i>She looks a lot like</i> <i>someone, just not you.</i> Charlotte? Oh, my God. <i>-It's crazy, right? They're identical--</i> -Twins. Once we started talking, we couldn't stop. We walked the streets of Paris until the sun came up. It felt like we'd known each other for our whole lives. Charlotte met Archer on that plane. And those two started one of the greatest love affairs I've ever seen. -He adored her. -So he was on the A team, too? No, that stunt that he pulled with Alison? No, that was all him. He found Mary and convinced her it was what Charlotte would have wanted. And it probably was. She loved him. Before she came back to Rosewood, the four of us, Charlotte and Archer, Wren and me, we did everything together. But Charlotte missed the game. Why are you giving them so much power over you? -I am the power. Don't you get it? -No, I don't. I won't be gone for long. I promise. Then let me come with you. Please. Come on, I wanna meet her. No. You are to stay as far away from the Hastings as possible. They're terrible people. Yeah, you sure you're not just keeping her for yourself? Don't be jealous. She's just a doll to me. I have to go. I'm gonna miss my flight. No. I'll drive you. It'll be too hard to say goodbye to you. I almost forgot. It's my favorite. I love you, Alex. I'll always take care of you. PATSY CLINE'S GREATEST HITS She never came back to London. And the next time I saw her, I was visiting her grave. Alex? Why do you think she never wanted us to meet? Well, I was thrown away like trash and Charlotte saved me. So I trusted her when she told me that you were toxic. Story time's over. Wait. Wait. So I'm still alive because I'm your sister, but what's gonna happen to Ezra? Well, he's not family, so... Enjoy his company while you can. I think that you and I are gonna be the closest of all. Hey, there. Hey. You know me, right? Yeah. Yeah, of course you do. Good boy. Good boy. You're okay. You're okay. Come on. -Easy! Are you okay? -Yeah. Yeah. It's fine. He's just having a bit of a bad day. The best thing to do when he gets like this is just to walk away. Easy. I was wondering if you've seen Ezra. We haven't been able to get a hold of him. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be looking for. Anything that doesn't make sense, like Ezra leaving Aria at the altar. Yeah, or why he would leave town without his packed bag. Mrs. Fitz. -No, I'm not Mrs. Fitz. -Who are you? Davis David of Davis David's Hot Air Balloon Rides. -Are you Mrs. Fitz? -No. Well, Ezra's booked us yesterday to take him and his wife up to kick off their honeymoon. When yesterday? Well, morning around 10:00 through The Radley concierge. Why would Ezra book you on a hot air balloon ride if he wasn't planning on marrying you? SUNDAY SERVICE PASTOR LARRY MMS Do you think it'll help? Because she needs to be stopped. If nothing else, just the threat of a civil case could be enough to force her parents to accept some responsibility for Addison's actions. Thank you, Veronica. -Everything okay? -Yeah. Yeah, you're just a rock star, that's all. Well, you've never called me that before, but I'll take it. -Bye. -Bye. Thank you for setting this up, Spencer. Yeah, I hope we can help. Is that a new perfume you're wearing? It's called Horse Hair. I was at the stables this morning with Toby. Well, maybe you can convince him to stay for a while. Yeah, I think I'd like to try. -Thanks again. -Of course. Call Toby. Hi, Toby... I know this may sound weird, but I don't think Spencer is Spencer. I hacked into all of his credit card accounts. Ezra hasn't spent a dime since he sent the text to Aria. He didn't buy gas, he didn't rent a room or buy a plane ticket. So you think he's still in Rosewood? I just accessed his LoJack and his car is... RADLEY HOTEL Parked at The Radley. I'm gonna send an S.O.S to Spencer. -I wouldn't do that. -Why? -What's wrong? -What is that? Spencer gave me this the day Yvonne and I were supposed to leave town, and then she asked me for a goodbye kiss, which I felt was an odd thing for Spencer to do. Okay, Toby, I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with Ezra? I didn't look at the book until today. -It's not hers. It's not Spencer's. -I'm confused. She was always writing down notes in that book. There's not one single note in there. Okay, now I'm really confused. Well, what if twins run in the family? If Spencer had a twin, that would make her Charlotte's half-sister. And someone with a motivation to be A.D. Okay, are we really saying that A.D. is back? Yeah, that she's Spencer's evil twin? That's who's doing this to us? I mean, out of all the insane theories we've jumped to, <i>Spencer having an evil twin</i> <i>has got to be the most insane.</i> <i>-No, it's not.</i> <i>-My head is gonna explode.</i> It's time for plan B. You need to tell me who you are and where you are. -I won't let you do this. -Shut up, Mom! -Come on, Spencer. -Ezra, I have done this before. -I've got this. -Okay. Alex, you promised me that you wouldn't hurt her. No, I have to dispose of the proof, I'm not gonna hurt her! -It'll be painless. -We can leave now and still get away. Let's take a mother-daughter trip to Europe. No! I'm not going anywhere without Toby. I see it in his eyes, he's in love with me. He's in love with Spencer, not you. Well, I am Spencer now! Listen to me. I know what it's like to want something so badly that you start to believe that it's true. Do you understand? No. And I'm sorry. Wren came to Welby to kill me. But I convinced him I could help get Mary out of prison. So you lied to me? You're still playing the game with her. No, Hanna, I'm playing to beat her, and now, -I know where she is. -Where is that? North 39.5752. West 71.2857. That's here in Rosewood. 492 Hart Street. Wait, Toby, isn't that your house? The one you built? I never found out who bought it. I guess now we know. So let's go. Which way? It's right there, over here! Over here! Spencer, now! Oh, my God! She really was gonna keep me here forever. This... This has got to be the way out. Hello? -Hello? -Wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop! We're still underground. Oh, my God. No way out, Spencer. And there's nowhere to hide. -It feels weird. -What? Isn't that Spencer's coffee table? And her couch? This stuff is all brand new. There's still tags on them. Over here. It's all fake. No, there's gotta be a way out of here. What is this place? I don't know, but we're about to find out. Anything? The only way out is back through there. No, no way I'm doing that. Wait, stop! Stop! Please, I am your sister. -Just like Charlotte. -I'm your sister. Just like Charlotte. I'm sorry that you got the wrong end of the deal. I'm sorry that you got the wrong end of the deal. It's not too late to be family. Yeah, it is. Drop it! Ezra! Toby, it's me, it's Spencer. Don't listen to her. Look at me, you know me. You guys... Come on, seriously, after everything that we've been through. Oh, my God! You really do believe what you're saying. You're crazy. Please. Tell me your favorite poem from the book you gave me. I called 911. Mary Darke's already in custody. We caught her a few blocks from here. We'll take it from here. Well... No one call you "Loser Mona" anymore. You don't know the half of it. This relationship stands for love, loyalty and trust. But, above all, for friendship. Aria, your vows. I, Aria, take thee, Ezra, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. To love and to cherish till death do us part. I don't need tissues. Yeah, you do. I, Ezra, take thee, Aria, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, till death do us part. If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. I present to you, for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Fitz. I was looking online and your first-class seats are bigger than our bedroom. And you have to get the duck. If they're flying it in from Peking, it has to be-- Han, that's how the duck is prepared. It's not actually from Peking. You don't know that for sure, Spencer. Yes, I do, because Peking is now Beijing. Well, then, they should call it Beijing Duck. I'm gonna get the duck, Han. We heard Toby's sticking around. Yeah. Jason said that he's got that veterans' program in Philly. Yeah, if it works out, they should get a lot of homeless people off the streets. Yeah, and Toby is gonna keep climbing into your sheets. So, are you already honeymoon drunk? No, I'm happy for you. We all are. I've always loved you two together. Is it actually possible that all of us are happy at the same time? My God, don't say that out loud, it's a jinx. Well, then, I guess I can't say this other thing. Yes, you can. No, I promised Caleb I wouldn't say anything. Okay, just because you're married doesn't mean you can't have secrets. All right, well... It's a little early, but I'm pregnant. Congratulations! -You're okay with that, right? -Hanna, of course. That's amazing. Besides, we're right behind you. When we get back from our trip we're gonna meet with an adoption agency. -Just don't say anything. -No, I won't. It's Ezra, the car's here. Okay, well... You're gonna send us a ton of photos, right? And don't forget to take pictures of all your hotel rooms before you mess up all your stuff. There's this new group chat app that we should all be on. I'll text it to you. You guys, I'm leaving for three weeks. Why is everybody crying? I don't know. For some reason, this feels like it's the end of something. I love you guys. -We love you, too. -We love you, too. You've made an excellent choice, Atticus. Your sister will love it. Are you coming to dinner? I won't be long. See you soon. Tea time, pretty girl. -She can't keep us here forever. -Of course she can. She's Mona. Ava. Where's Addison and Willa? Addie? She's gone. What do you mean she's gone? I've looked everywhere for her. I think I heard her scream. Translated by:

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