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Classic Chevrolet - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Hi Folks, Ethan Waddell here, sales professional and product specialist at Classic Chevrolet in beautiful Lake City, Michigan. Today, we're going to be going over the 2018 Silverado 1500. There are six different trim levels with the Silverado. You have the work truck, the LS, the custom, the LT, the LTZ, and the high country. This particular model is an LT, double cab with a standard box. It measures 230 inches overall length. Has a fuel tank approximately 26 gallons. Will get 22 miles per gallon on the highway and 16 miles per gallon in the city. LT models come standard with a chrome bumper and grill. They come standard with 17 inch aluminum wheels. All Silverados come with the triple-sealed door technology and inlaid doors for a quiet ride and a reduced wind noise. Inside, on the door panel, we have window locks for the back windows and we have child locks for the back doors. We have express down windows on all four for the drivers side, with express up on the driver's side window. We have our lock buttons right here, and we have our mirror controls over here. You have standard power heated mirrors with a spotter mirror on the driver's side. Over here, on the dash, you have an available trailer break controller built in for for all of your trailering needs. You have your four wheel drive selectors. You have two high, auto, four high, and four low. And down here we have our headlight controls with auto headlights and push button LED fog lamps. Inside the truck, you have a four and a half inch, color display that shows your digital speedometer. Your trip A with average fuel economy, trip B with average fuel economy, your fuel range, oil life, tire pressures, average economy, a blank screen, and a few more options that can be in there. On your steering wheel, you going to have your cruise control right here and, on the other side, you have your bluetooth phone and your navigation for your dash screen. Behind the steering wheel are two buttons for your radio controls and on the other side, is to scroll through your presets. Over here you have your wiper controls. We're going to hop inside here. And right up here on your shifter, you're going to have a tow haul mode for when you're towing and you're going to have your manual mode for your transmission. When you drop it down into low gear, which is right up here, you can shift between the gears yourself. In your center console, you're going to have your eight inch color touchscreen display with your audio controls, your bluetooth phone, your projection for your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. When you put the vehicle in reverse, you get a nice color display with guidelines that will move when you turn your wheel. Below that you have your radio controls with a CD player, and you have dual zone climate control. This button here is for your traction control, which is always on until you turn it off, and this opperates your cargo lamps, which is above the bed, and, if available, underneath the rails. Coming down here, you have a 12-volt outlet and down here, you have a built in 110 power inverter that is ready to pull--rated for about 150 watts. Another option that is on these trucks is heated seats for the front driver and passenger seats. They can do just the back portion over here or you can do the full seat here. You have high, medium, low, and off options. Under your center console you have a nice little locking storage that you can put a lot of things under and inside your center console, you have another which flips up, 12 volt outlet right here and over here, you have two USBs and a three and half millimeter jack. Truck beds are made of all steel, and underneath the rails, you're going to have an LED light under the cargo box. Also, Silverados come standard with a corner set bumper and the hand hold right up here. On your tailgate, this is going to be your rearview camera right here, and the tailgates on the LT models come standard with a easy lift and lower technology. They have torsion bars in there for easy lowering, so they don't slam down and they can be lifted up with just one finger. Down here, for your electrical hookups, you have a seven way and a four way flat built right in. No need for those bulky converters anymore, and down here you have your tow package. Coming around to the passenger side, passenger side door has your window controls, your locks, and your seats are manual. This lever controls your backrest and if you come up here, underneath here, this is your slide for your seat. Your going to have two different glove boxes, this one locks. Opens up, it's a little smaller, but you have a USB port up there for more connectivity and the bottom one is your larger glovebox that does not lock. We're going to come around to under the hood in just a moment. On the front you have your HID projector style headlamps with LED daytime running lamps and LED foglamps. We're going to open the hood here and underneath, we have a 5.3 liter V8 ecotech motor with electronic power steering and a standard six speed automatic transmission. The 5.3 point liter V8 with a six speed and a 342 gear ratio, which this truck has, is ready to pull 9,200 pounds. Half ton Silverados are double cabs are rated to pull up to 11,100 pounds with available max towing package. That folks is a quick rundown on the 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500. Thanks for watching this video and have a great day.

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