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Position v time graph lab set up

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Hey guys! If you're ready to do the Position Time Graph lab sometimes we refer to it as the Graphs of Motion lab I'm going to walk you through setting that up. You're gonna click on Logger Pro. Should be on your desktop Once that program opens up you can either use this file folder logo or you can use the word file either one is going to allow you... to open up we're scrolling down here to Prove and Sensors and then I'm gonna scroll down to Motion Detector like that. and then I'll click motion detector again "open" There we go! Really, the only graph I'm concerned with is this top one so I'm gonna click on it It needs this little box right here it kinda stretch out the graph so it take up my whole screen. And then I get a better view of my data When I'm ready to coed data I'll just push this collect button it should be green, wait for the motion detector to make some clicking sounds and then get started. The lab has a couple of different parts When you get to the last part of the lab where you're doing some position matches you just go back up here to "File", "open" again, you can use the folder and then we'll be matching up this guys right here. Position match 1, 2 and 3 So, that's what you need to know to get started. you know, I'll open up position match 1 "open" No, I don't need to save anything so I can just click "no" there and the position match 1 opens up. Things to know: Loose clothes, your I.D, sometimes get picked up by the motion detector you get weird lines. So use a folder, or a book, or some solid surface, hold that in front of you as you walk in front of the motion detector. That should clean that line right up! Have fun!

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Posted by: anncrowe on Sep 5, 2018

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