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See Flash Player 10.1 Running on Android

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[♪drum beat♪] [open screen project] [♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE® FLASH® PLATFORM] Hi, my name is Ted Patrick I'm a technical evangelist here at Adobe. [Ted Patrick - Technical Evangelist, Adobe Systems] I wanted to show you some of the progress we've made on Android and bringing Flash Player to smartphone devices. So I have a Nexus One, and this has Flash Player 10.1 installed on it. As you can see, I'm actually navigating a game site. This is Kongregate. It's a mobile optimized site with a simple Flash menu that will allow me to navigate. So I navigate to the page, and you can see the game is actually on the page. All I have to do to go full screen is tap on the Flash content. So I'll select New Game, Continue. So it's just a simple touch game to allow you to align these potions and provide simple game play. Let's actually go back and take a look at another game. This time we're going to look at a game called Pinch Hitter. And again, simply tap on the Flash content to go full screen. This content is optimized to play horizontal or in landscape mode on the phone. So I'll press Play and wait for the pitch. [whoosh] [crack of bat] [crack of bat] Uh-oh. Next we're going to take a look at video and the BBC. So as you can see, this is video playing on the BBC site, no difference than what a regular Web browser would present. And if I simply just tap into the video, it will actually size to screen, and that actually allows me to use the video controls. I can simply press Pause. The controls and all the navigation work exactly the way that this Flash content was originally purposed, and this content runs identically on both standard Web browser and on smartphone. So identical experience. Let's navigate to some other video. I happen to like "The Office," so let's go to The TBS site loads perfectly, identically to what I would see in the full browsing experience. All Flash elements, including advertising, load as normal. I can zoom in. So "The Office" playing as normal on the phone. Just the simple navigation to be able to tap into a video online and have it play full screen provides a really optimized video experience on the device. The last one I'm going to show you is Google Finance. Google Finance uses Flash to augment the HTML experience. So take a careful look at the interactions between the Flash elements and the HTML. So I've navigated here to Google Finance. I simply tap on the Flash element to activate it. Once activated, my touch points work perfectly with the content. And when I'm done, you can see the HTML content powered by JavaScript actually reacts to my touch event and syncs independently. This is an example of Flash and HTML content working together on the same page. If you have an Android 2.2 device and you want to take a look at some of the site and content that I've shown you today, head on over to the Android Market and download Flash Player 10.1 for your device. If you're a developer and you'd like to learn more about how to build optimized content and create rich experiences on these types of smartphones, head over to Adobe Labs. [Adobe Labs -] [♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE® FLASH® PLATFORM] [open screen project] [♪♪]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 21, 2010

Ted Patrick of Adobe previews the full web – games, video, interactive applications – on his Nexus One running Flash Player 10.1 for Android.

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