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Interview: Carla Hexel, owner, Mi Calle de Nueva York

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Today we’re here at the lovely Mi Calle de Nueva York, Madrids newest and most luxurious center for beauty and relaxation Carla Hexel, the owner, has agreed to talk to us about her shop and the services she offers Carla please tell me more about your business and the different products you’re using here What we do here at Mi Calle de Nueva York is all type(s) of treatments for hands and feet from manicures and pedicures to more elaborate treatments We (also do) facials and massages. And we have really special products that we bring from the states, for example, and others that we think are very innovative and exciting like the treatment with the fish that we have Ooo tell me a little bit more about those fish Those fish are called Garra Rufa and what they do is a peeling, an exfoliation, they go directly where the dead cells are in our skin, and they suck them, so they eliminate them Suck fish…… yes, they eliminate the dead cells through this really soft suction, and they leave the pores really clean and well, the skin very soft Sounds fantastic, strange but wonderful You have to try it! I think I do lets go give it a shot I don’t want to stress out the fish Oh My God! That is so cool! No way, that is so cool! They don’t seem like fish right No, they feel, I don’t know it feels what does this feel like, it feels like bubbles Here we are receiving one of the most interesting and innovative treatments available at Mi Calle de Nueva York. Carla please tell me a little bit more about these fish Well they are doing an exfoliation and they are doing a micro massage as well, its very good for your circulation It feels wonderful! Where are these little fish from? They are from Turkey, they were discovered there but now you can buy them in Germany or Poland as well And is this treatment available in other places? It is available in Asia, in Europe and I think in the States as well Here in Spain we were the first ones and we also do sell the fish to other beauty salons or hotels Wow that’s wonderful And how do your customers react to this treatment when you first made it available? At first they were afraid or they thought it was something really strange and some of my customers didn’t want to try it at first but once they try it and they see it is something very nice, it’s a really nice feeling right? It’s wonderful They come all the time for this treatment So you have a lot of Spanish converts Ha yes we do Well I think its fantastic and unusual and I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up Carla why did you choose to open your center here in Madrid? I did live abroad and when I came back to live (in) Madrid I didn’t find a place where I felt comfortable doing my manicure/pedicure Comfortable in different ways First of all I didn’t find a nice place with a nice atmosphere Secondly, and second most important is that the hygiene was not as good as I would hope Right And I think that’s very important And I didn’t find a place where I could just go with my friends and have a nice time and have really nice treatments and products. And you know have a cosmopolitan while we do our pedicure So I imagine you were very inspired by New York I was very inspired by New York So I tried to bring all what I was missing from New York All the products that we have the way the pedicures are done there, also even the price range it's like similar to New York and things like that. And I just opened this place Well that sounds fantastic. How did your customers react to the different services you offered here? They reacted very good At first here in Madrid, and I think in Spain it was not very common to do manicures or pedicures. So I think they are getting used to it and I think it worked really well, this type of business That sounds fantastic Carla, thanks so much for taking the time to show us around and tell us about your products and services Thank you very much for coming and I’m glad that you liked it We’ll be back I hope to see you very soon For more information about Mi Calle de Nueva York please be sure check out their website And for more information about you can feel free to also check out our website Thanks a lot bye!

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Francheska Melendez chats with Carla Hexel, owner of Mi Calle de Nueva York. Inspired by the luxury nail salons of Manhattan, Carla has brought a taste of the Big Apple to her shop on Madrid's calle Barquillo. Check out what they have to offer, including the Garra Rufa fish treatment.

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