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Routine Immunization

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You're watching UNICEF television. unicef Today is _____ or Mother's Day in Sidhapur____ a small town in the western Indian state of Gudjarat The purpose is to vaccinate pregnant women and children against polio measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus Cold chain management is an important part of the routine immunization program of the government of India All the vaccine vials are kept in carriers at a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius Dr. Divyesh Patel Block Health Officer, Siddhapur Here, we conduct a routine immunization session on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday The session here is being conducted by ANM. Beneficiaries come here and get the vaccines. This is for an urban population of almost 60,000 people Outreach sessions are also organized in rural areas with the same challenge reaching as many people as possible through meticulous micro-planning, training, and communication campaigns. Subadra D. Patel is an ASHA worker. For her, that means hours of walking to reach those who live the farthest from the delivery point and convince them to come on _____ day. Subadra D. Patel Accredited Social Health Activist I came here to tell her about the vaccination day. It's been 2-3 months she's pregnant. It's time for tetanus vaccine. She first refused to come because of some religious vow but later she asked her Guru, and he said it's ok. So now she's coming with me Mothers coming with their babies are being taken care of by local health workers while pregnant women get crucial vaccines. These sessions also serve to monitor the health of the expectant mothers Nurses conduct urine and blood tests and check the blood pressure of pregnant women recording it meticulously on the mother and child card. This initiative of the government of Gujarat is already showing encouraging results but there is still a lot to be done. The routine immunization coverage in the state is under 60% Monthly review meetings are held by the district health officer to adopt corrective measures with the participation of UNICEF and WHO officials. On the field, nurses and health visitors are observing improvements after years of hard work. Bhavanaben Acharya Block health visitor It'ts been a long time we haven't seen any case of tetanus, unlike 20 years ago Susheela L. Patel Auxiliary Nurse Midwife And there is almost no polio cases any more. That makes us feel really good about our work The government of India has committed to reach

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Routine Immunization

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