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Richard Dawkins Foundation - 2009 Fundraiser

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Science is the best tool ever devised for understanding how the world works Science is part of culture with our science we can not understand ourselves and we can not understand more than world You know it's unfortunate. I think may people still see science as a subject that they studied in school but left behind when they took their final exam To me science is really a way of life It's a perspective, it's an outlook, a way of engaging with the world So that one can employ rational reasoning deductive logic to really understand what is true and what's right and what is acctually accurate about the world around us and that is not a subject. That's a perspective I think that science changes the way your mind works That what science does; it teaches your to think critically. and to think a little more deeply about things That no longer is it sufficient to go by superficial impressions Science has to provide the answers to some huge problems that we are facing And of course climate change is the one that we are all thinking of and the energy problem and coming up with alternative sources of energy But there are vast of other things to do with communicable diseases and ah what we need to do in terms of thinking about computation and the way our economy is going to be driven in the future All these things relate to science and scientific method When you look at the 21st century At opportunities that we have, the challenges that we face From things like stem cells and climate change From nano-science to space travel to nuclear proliferation to all manner of things that will have a dramatic impact on life there all scientific and if you don't have a public that is willing to engage with the scientific ideas it's nearly impossible to have informed decision making so in order that we can participate in the ongoing development of life and culture In order that we can play a part in the global dialogue about where our planet is going to go in the 21st century We all have to speak at some level the language of science When we're growing up we just believe anything that people tell us especially authority and adults textbooks and publications, youtube, the internet I mean there's just this sorta sea of information coming at us and how can you tell the difference between it's right and it's wrong. How do you know? If you added an extra egg, they are often able to rear the chick Cultural evolution is a new kind of evolution

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