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Hey, y’all. It's me Cheryl. Are you ready to have a spring fling at your Tupperware party where you're going to be making quite the impression with all of your guests and your host using your mid-February brochure. And what is so great about this mid-February brochure? Well, first of all, ya'll, we have an amazing Host Gift Special in your brochure. It's exclusive and it is our 9-pc. Vent ’N Serve. Now, why is it so exclusive, y’all? Well, first of all, it has not one but two of the Vent ’N Serve Soup Mug and it has one of my most favorite sizes and that is the Vent ’N Serve Large Deep. Now, why do your customers and why do your hosts love Vent ’N Serve? It’s because, A, guys, it's microwave-safe. And you know what? It’s also freezer-safe, it’s refrigerator-safe and you can also put it in the dishwasher. So, these containers do it all. I love, love, love the fact that we're also showcasing our MicroPro Grill in our mid-February brochure. It's a come back. Why would your host want to have a party? Well, obviously to get these absolutely free. 700 $ and 2 in Canada. And then, they could take the MicroPro Grill as their half price item. And you know what? Who doesn't want these in their kitchen? More about these later. But now, let's talk about our amazing brand new Impressions colors. Okay, guys. So, like I said, are you ready to make an impression at all of your Tupperware parties where you're going to be using these amazing Impressions set. Don't you love all of the brand-new colors? Your best value, y’all, is your Krazy 8 Set. And that Krazy 8 Set includes our 4-pc. Impressions Bowl set. Make sure you’re telling your customers that the bottom bowl, the 32-cup is exclusive and it's also going to feature not one, but two of our Microwave Cereal Bowls. Remember the bowls are microwaveable. The seals are not. And a set of 8 of our 16-oz. Impressions Tumblers. These are exclusive too, guys. Don't you love the new colors? Are you ready to go out and make more money at your Tupperware parties. When you're featuring our best value, your Krazy 8 Impressions set. Okay, guys. You know what’s so great about our Krazy 8 Set? It’s that you can do your "good, better, best" set at your Tupperware parties. Let me show you what they're going to look like. First of all, ya'll. You're "good" set is your Krazy 8 set. And that Krazy 8 set, your customers, when they purchase that, that entitles them to purchase not one, but two of our first level P with P and that is our 1 gal. infusion pitcher. That means, guys, you've got your good set, when you add two of these, you now have your "better" set. But, guess what, guys? Take it to a higher spin and your customers can add our higher spin P with P which is it going to entitle them to not one, but two of our salad tongs and/or serving spoon, y’all. The great thing is you've got your "good, better, best" and when you take that good, better, best and you split it right down the middle, you have the best savings on your "best" set. That's going to drive up your party sales which is going to help your host qualify for her Host Gift Special and it's also going to put more money in your pocket. Are you excited? Make sure you're checking out your my week for your "good, better, best" flyer. Okay, ya'll, I'm super excited because the last two weeks of the February sales month on your tear off, we have your “Buy more, save more!” Luncheon Plates and they are in the brand-new color. What you all can do now is instead of having your "good, better, best," you now have your "gotta-have-it-all" set and when you position it that way and you share it with a friend, each one of those customers are friends, they're going to qualify for a set of four of our brand-new Impressions bowls colors, a set of four of our Microwave Cereal Bowls, a set of four of our 16-oz. Impressions Tumblers, our 1 gal. Pitcher with the Infuser, with their tongs, guys, and a set of four of the Microwave Luncheon Plates. Who doesn't want all of these beautiful Tupperware in their kitchen? I know I do and you do, too. Okay, ya'll, guess what? We also have on that tear off that your customers can add to their “gotta-have-it-all” set the Serving Center in the brand-new Impressions colors and they can also add the Table Accessories with our Butter Dish and our Salt and Pepper Shakers and that's just add-on sales which put more money in your pocket, guys. On the flip side of the tear off, we have Easter-made-easy for all of your guests at the Tupperware party so make sure you're checking it out. Okay, guys, you know what, at your Tupperware parties, are you ready to show your guest how you're going to help them create the best Easter baskets ever! Using the spread in your mid-February brochure, who doesn't want Tote-Em Pails? Who doesn’t want our stencils? Who would not want to have Elsa in their Easter basket? I have to tell y’all, all kids are going to love our adorable little Mini Party Set, right? It’s a mommy and me because this set matches our brand-new Impressions colors. So, we have what you need to make those Easter baskets the best ever. Okay, y’all. We’re also showcasing in your mid-February brochure our revolutionary MicroPro Grill. It truly is a revolutionary. You know what, y’all? Between now and the end of the February sales month, you can take this to your Tupperware parties and you can share with all of the guests the four ways so they can get their MicroPro Grill. The first way is they can purchase it for retail as a customer. The second way is they can host a party and they can get it for half price or they can host the party, use their host credit and get it for free or up until the end of the February sales month, they can join your team and this is your “say yes” offer for them and they can purchase it at a small co-pay and this would make a great addition to their opportunity kit to take to all of their Tupperware parties and one of the very first recipes that they can share at their Tupperware party is our California Panini recipe. You can find that recipe on your my.Tupperware website. And, you know what? Maria Mariano said it best at our leadership conference when she was training. She said, “You know how you say, ‘I love you?’ You say it with T-I-M-E and that is time.” And this product is going to save you time and save you money in your kitchen. Speaking of saving time, guys. We have an amazing story of Renee. Read her story to tell your story about how Tupperware made a huge difference in her life during a very challenging time and as known we always says, “Think big, start small but begin now.” See y’all.

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