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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP - Second Irish Referendum result, the debate starts now! October 2009

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Second Irish referendum: 'A victory for the bully boys, big money and bureaucrats' -Nigel Farage European Parliament, Brussels, 7 October 2009 It's all terribly simple really, isn’t it? We've had one vote against the Treaty in Ireland and one vote for the Treaty in Ireland, so if we've we got any sort of sporting sense we ought to make this the best of three; but the difference is that with a third referendum let’s make it a free and a fair referendum. Because what has happened in Ireland most certainly is not that! In fact, I hope you are all very proud of yourselves because what you've done is you've taken the littlest boy in the playground, got him into the corner and given him a good kicking. This is a victory for the bully boys; it's a victory for big money and it's a victory for bureaucrats. The whole thing was a travesty! Oh, so you... so you respect... you respect this vote, do you? You didn't respect the last vote, did you? The European Commission poured in millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to back... to back well, pounds -- euros, it doesn’t matter, but it does in our case because we've still got the pound, thank God! But you poured in millions. Something like a factor of between 10:1 and 20:1 was the outspending of the ‘yes’ side to the ‘no’ side. The Referendum Commission in Ireland didn't do their job, didn't tell the Irish people that of course the Lisbon constitutional treaty has profound, profound impacts upon their own constitution; and, perhaps worst of all, the Broadcasting Commission in Ireland changed the rules, so there wasn't equal coverage for the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ side. The whole thing's an outrage. But what they did campaign on, what you all campaigned on, was ‘Vote “yes” for jobs’. That's what it was all about. Well, hot off the press, folks: Aer Lingus have laid people off today and Intel, the people who put € 400 000 into the ‘yes’ campaign, have laid off 300 people today. One thousand, five hundred and fifty jobs have gone since Saturday; the only jobs that were preserved by the ‘yes’ vote were the jobs of the political class. I suspect that it's all over. I suspect that for Ireland their period of independence will be a very brief one in their history. I don't think that President Klaus will be able to hold out, I hope that he does; he's a fine and brave man. But it looks like we've got the victory of bureaucracy over national democracy. In historical terms, I think Britain now finds herself very alone, perhaps as she was back in 1940, but there is a real debate... there is a real debate... there's a real debate here. What is the point of having a Conservative Prime Minister if Mr Blair becomes the overlord? What's the point of a Foreign Secretary if we've got an EU foreign secretary with his own diplomatic service? What is the point of any of it? As far as I am concerned, this Irish referendum begins the real debate. There's no more pretending: if you want national democracy you cannot remain a member of this European Union, and we will campaign for Britain to leave and to leave, Danny, as soon possible. Thank you, thank you, Mr Nigel Farage.,,,

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Posted by: mmister on Oct 24, 2009

UK Independence Party Leader talks about the real debate starting now . You can not have national democracy and stay part of the EU. We will campaign for Britain to leave.

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