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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Leading by Example

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global oneness project Leading by Example It's important to realize that HIV and AIDS affects all of us. You may be infected and it affects you directly. Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge - Cape Town, South Africa - Former South African Deputy Minister of Health You may know somebody that is infected and it does affect you, or somebody in your own family may have died of HIV and AIDS. If I am not infected, I still am affected because we live together in our community. That spirit of Ubuntu says I must consider the fact that I could myself get infected, my son could get infected. As a parent, what really guided me as the Deputy Minister of Health, in my approach to HIV and AIDS, was the fact that I am bringing up two young teenage sons and to realize that my sons could be infected. So I felt that I too could be infected. I felt that it was important that first I should lead by example. I must go and test for HIV and AIDs. I must encourage my sons to go and test. I must encourage people of the community to go test. In living by example you actually make people see that this is something that we can overcome. HIV and AIDS can be overcome, just like other diseases that we have had. We have had T.B., of course it has come back now with HIV and AIDS. There is cancer, which previously was considered a death sentance, but because we cooperated and worked together, the scientists working together with the health professionals and government, were able to find some ways in which to combat cancer. I think with regards to HIV and AIDS, what we now struggle and work hard to do is to find a vaccine for HIV, and that is particularly important for government, as we look at how to distribute our resources, to consider that there is this issue that affects people very directly but it is killing people, and it is absolutely critical for us to value life, to conserve life. Because as much as it is precious to me, it is precious to the next person, so it is really about caring for one another. Especially in a position where people have put their trust in you as a leader to to take the responsibility for their lives.

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