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shalaby sequence

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I will reveal a secret to you.. Let everyone around you know about it. This world is not a bad or an ugly place The world around us is beautiful really beautiful. Forests, rivers, seas, passion, love, sympathy, hope and forgiveness. Beloved ones, family, And friends. The World is a beautiful place. We enter it with a priceless blessing Unconditional love, Your parent’s pleasure and joy. The world is a beautiful place. They very well know that these who climb mountains, mazes’ farmers, fishermen, and mothers in warm houses. The world is a beautiful place, Knows it.. those who listen to music that is emitted from the universe They also know it those who love know and admire. They know this secret those who read exquisite novels, folk music admirers, those questing knowledge. The world is a beautiful place, they know it those aspirants who lazily glance at people from an old vintage cafe, and those who speak to strangers tenderly, also those who do effort to make a nice joke to see your laugh.. They also know it these who are grateful, those who disagree with you but with respect. The world The world is a beautiful place, they know this those who open their eyes to the world and see vivid colours of the universe. Who feel this air they breath, and those who enjoy watching birds feeding their youngsters. Knows the secret too, this who plays with their children, who cooks for her neighbor, who knits a warm scarf for her spouse, this who looks to his beloved’s eyes, this who prepares the breakfast to his wife to bed this who bends down so his daughter rides on his back as a horse. Just have faith and believe That the world is a beautiful place. And open your eyes. to see.

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Posted by: shpanda95 on Jan 15, 2017

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