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Masters of KAB. Class #1 : Ari Hillula 1987 CUT (Assistance from the Tzadik)

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Tonight is "Hey Vav" which means the 5th day in the month of Av the Hebrew month of "Arie" or Leo and on this day, Rabbi Isaac Luria, The ARI passed away from this world And of course he left his legacy that lives with us today and tonight, in addition to the study of his writings which we already understand is the connection that we hope to make with the ARI and the purpose of which we will shortly understand and we shall also understand that as we learned on Lag B'Omer that Rabbi Shimon chose that particular day, as it says in the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon chose that day to leave this world. What does it mean to leave this world? that his physical body, his physical body, took leave of the illusionary world that we live in because from the point of view of of reality, these people have really never died so was the case of the ARI that on Hey B'Av he chose to leave this world before we can understand the significance of why would the ARI pass away and on this particular day, and in this particular month let us first understand the importance of even connecting with someone like the ARI so we will go to his own writings while he wasn't directing the writings to himself because he was still alive when he transferred all of this knowledge to his student, Rabbi Chaim Vital but nevertheless, it serves its purpose as far as we can we can benefit and take advantage of what he wrote and I read from the "shaar ruach hakodesh" "the gates of the holy spirit" translated in English on page 74 and I read as follows and I want to read of course the actual ARI as we know that the connection the stronger connection is made through the hebrew language, number 1 and furthermore through the writing of what the man himself wrote, not that he wrote it but that he transmitted in the way of his student Rabbi Chaim Vital [Hebrew] "An individual who makes connections... and connects the cosmos..." "Elyion" meaning "the upper worlds" "the celestial worlds" [Hebrew] "one who can make unity... and create unity in the cosmos... that person, will also benifit from this unification by having souls of tzadikim cling and attach to him" [Hebrew] "souls of tzadikim... from time to time reveal themselves to living people while the tzadikim are no longer are amongst the physical living, nevertheless the souls of tzadikim are revealed from time to time to living people" [Hebrew] "and they attach and cling to them" [Hebrew] in other words, lets assume that maybe we are not connected with the ARI as "soul" origins in other words, maybe some of us or maybe all of us come from an origin of another individual how can we tonight, benefit, whatever that benefit is, and we shall learn what that benefit is what we are doing tonight, taking advantage of an opportunity we can nevertheless, still make that connection with, let's say, the ARI despite the fact that maybe we are not necessarily connected "soul-wise" with the ARI and the benefit will be if we do make that connection with the ARI, then the ARI then the ARI can become a part, or an "ubar" "ibur", meaning, it's like the fetus in a mother's womb it's part of the mother, yet independent, but still part, connected with. The ARI, the soul of the ARI or the soul of that tzadik, can literally come and become attached with us to assist us... Therefore... continues the ARI: [Hebrew] "therefore, the custom of going to pray... "al kivrei tzadikim" on the burial sites of tzadikim and "leitpalel" is a form of connection making connections we are not present at the ARI of course, from a teleportation concept if you meditate that we are there, and for those who have been there, and during the "arvit" that was the purpose of the "kavanah" (intention) to transport ourselves, which is not difficult everyone can do it, and everyone does it as I pointed out many a times, just close your eyes for a minute and if you've ever been to Hong Kong, and you want to visit Hong Kong in a second you don't need any airplanes you don't need any other modes of transportation you can be there within a matter of seconds and you are really there your presence is there, from a scientific point of view your presence is there, so that's not difficult the same way, is when we want to transport ourselves to Tsfat, where the ARI is buried tonight, which is "Hey Av" we also want to make this connection why? because the ARI the ARI was one of those who know how to make things "ichudim" to make those connections with the eighth "ratzon" and because today is the day of "yom of the hilula" meaning the day that he passed on and that's why we call it, not a day of mourning, it is a day of "hilula" a day of praise, a day of joy they passed away... why is it a day of joy? because on this day we are certain that he returns for everybody now, while others can make the connections throughout the year on this particular day of "Hey Av" we are all certain that the ARI returns

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Ari Hillula 1987 CUT

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