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Luke Rudowski at Bilderberg 2011 about leaked agenda

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there would be interesting please delete broke the movement your church and in the United States view and print of this time to build a bridge event organized by speaking party and some other bloggers Luke, what are you doing up here? Oh, I am just a tourist here. Ehr, there is nothing goint on here. there is no secret elite meeting anywhere. There's no police anywhere. So Im just ah, doing the sights here, thats all Im doing here, thats it... How did you get here actually? Im actualy doing a whole european tour right now of all the european countries. all the european countries and that there's no reason i should not be on bilderberg in Switserland 2011 so Im here to cover this secret elite gangster mafia that has ruled the world in secret that the mainstream media never ever ever wants to talk about in america or prety much anywhere else in the world. I mean, there is some coverage in europe but it's mostly a lot of whitewash so we are here documenting the truth Showing everybody whats happening, raw, uncut for the people here but you get some serious coverage by russia today disguise address today is one of the holy you know the organization of calls Iam co-host of one of the programs there (Adam versus the man) from opened the programs there on the adverse manam reporting for the field with a live report in i did not watch but very soon we don't have to do a live report for them and art it's great that his what outlet instead lets people are here the choosen and and obliged to you see what's going on in the let me do i want a nato ever ever said to be who never ever did so watson's feel about them out of the possible no i have no idea report from out of its pittsburgh over experts point out what ask lets people savings and loan three and that's because we do that one patricija difficult to get more media an interview with this six media another no society has all that well for you forget about the mainstream media forget about all these corporate advertisement patrolled mechanism for that uh... help of ito optic six down to all bunch of makeup that looks pretty incomplete let's forget about that that's what they should be mainstream media is becoming ops coming here students becoming people feel things wrong and you did uncut and show the world action cemetery that's back and be censored or compressed anywhere else and that we are becoming the means to me we are to meet you what do you think of baxter's of the building twitter sqrt well blow their agenda has been leaked that are going to talk about escalators libya they're going to be talking about always for the internet wonder why they were going to do that i don't know why they were going to control the internet sororities program on the internet and our what else can we talk about libya that and offcourse on energy monetary policy they're going to be deciding as well and uh... one other thing i think that it that way but up most of all the rest are happening right now over four and he's never going to be uh... siding with their seer of imports that they have within their own right off towards one of the child there should be critical spiro and other meetings activity not actually visa admitted to ten said you know that because of the bill the bird review of the hero so these people actually built a lot of hard off you know sometimes even brag about it ralph powerful one they are but within the mainstream media in switzerland tel zero not sad to hear that they're just meaning that they're just this is nothing does not support it is not a conspiracy now so certificates of saint out bc media tells you don't want to adhere but then they come out themselves and brag about how they treated hero go so that's pretty strange when you go to record-setting heat within the filled the brick you can't get through results its principal people people wake up to that and for more people had some thoughts about we're going to it forward we are changing the party and they're getting information from other sources that can never ever ever were able to see the four so it's just people think it without you live in information truth it's only local need going from here it should be highly talk in ireland stalin uh... maybe the people in the camps today a m people remembered go back to spain madrid the girls have worked out there so i'm gonna be all over europe and uh... was to be safe travels consists of two degrees right said thirty got tear gas thirty got redwood deportation would arrest area my password seized but they did not believe in god and uh... it's didn't seem right and uh... a lot more scum ahead at like one would want to hear certified mechanical black under trips and either receive grants

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