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Russell Peters Sign Language

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- Does anybody here know sign language? And I mean actual sign language, not this... And not gang signs, you can't do gang signs to a deaf person, be like "[...] that guy stutters." Ya know... If you know sign language, you'll know I'm not making this shit up. Whoever invented sign language, had their own little racist agenda happening. Because sign language is a very offensive way of communicating. Their trying to change it now to make it more politically correct. I'm serious, you know what the sign for Chinese person is? Let me tell you something, it's exactly what you think it is. [ audience laughter ] You still feel bad for these deaf sons-of-bitches? You know what the sign for Indian person is? Because I live in L.A. I had to learn the sign for Mexican, I learned two signs for Mexican. The first one doesn't even seem offensive till you find out what it is. Here's the first sign for Mexican, look... You know what that is? A poncho... Here's the second type of Mexican, this is F**k'd up too, look... A long ass mustache. What the F**k does that have to do with being Mexican? My gardeners never shown up at my house, "Hola Senor, I am here to shave the grass." You're Columbian, I don't know what the sign for Columbian is, probably... You know? I don't know just saying... Cubans, probably... I don't know I'm just saying... I'm speculating on these ones. Black people, I don't know what the sign is for Black people is ya know... probably f**k'd up you know what I mean? "I don't know I think he was a "knee" "grow". You know I'm just saying. I don't know... I cannot confirm these ones. But anything is possible. Do you know what the sign for "retard" is? This is foul, I'm not making this up. Here's the sign for "retard". That's the sign for "retard". [ making a noise ] Ehhhh... You could have two deaf guys going, "Hey look 'Ehhh'". You have handicap people mocking the other handicap people. Jews... I don't know what you've done to the deaf community... I don't know if they had land and you wanted it but, I learned... [ audience laughter ] I learned three signs for Jewish people -- and I'm not making this shit up. Each sign is progressively more offensive than the next. But first here is the first type of Jewish person. Now the first sign isn't so bad, it kinda of makes sense when you see it. Here's the first type of Jewish person, here look... Right? It's a long beard, you go, "Oh that makes sense..." that makes sense right? Then they start to get F**k'd up. And I'm not making this shit up. Here's the second sign for Jewish person. That's f**k'd up isn't it? And here's the third sign for "Jew", and I'm not making any of this shit up, look... That is some foul shit. Arabs, I don't know what the sign for "Arab" is, but I can only imagine, ya know... [ makes a bomb blowing up noise ] ( boom ) La la la la la [ throwing an explosive ] You know what? It can't be "La la la", because deaf people can't hit that (audible) note. [imitating a deaf person] "Luh luh luh luh" Thank you very much you all guys rock! Goodnight. [ closing music and audience applause ]

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russell peters talks about sign language

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