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Anton Lavey 3 - How Thought Created heaven and Hell and GOD and Devil

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 3 This is Anton again before I continue I'm just going to- explain to you something interesting in terms of pronunciation of my name, my surname I can do it La-Vey or I can do it La-Ve or I can do it L'a-vey anyway whatsoever, the reason for that is because in the dimensions we access sound- frequency (ah) no not sound frequency, frequency - no sound expression let's just use sound expression so in other words, we are not so much in terms of 'spelling' you know so human beings in this moment in this world, is kind of going spelling wise or how it was pronounced previously etc. but you know what- what you will find is, in this process that is to come I am certain many human beings have been experiencing on earth is that who you are is that actually sound fascinating so, human beings and this existence expression were transformed into sound expression and even communication would start changing you know, much will change because you will actually realize that everything even manifested is manifested sound so bear with me so I will- just for fun go either La'-vey or L'a-vey or Lavey whatever so it doesn't really matter really fuck I am here, ok so where was I? we were aware how each- how one billion people ok let's say- another example with me for instance one billion people praising manifesting Lucifer, Satan or devil you know, as a religion and now all those human- all those beings believes one singular belief live compounded energy into that belief, that belief is stretched out into the dimensional creating interdimensional entity, ok? and, that's how existence like that is maintained you want to hear another interesting thing? ok let's take for instance- Kurt Cobain, ok? so let's say, during his time there were ten thousand hundred thousand beings going: That is the son of the devil you know, people do that apparently when people express themselves in different way that is not of the conformity and conditions of society and they go: Kurt Cobain will be damned to hell, or he is this devil's son! he is of the devil he will burn in hell, you know all that shit if ten thousand people or hundred thousand people say that what will happen to him when he dies? doesn't matter what he believes he will fucking go there! it is amazing, so if you have a, condemnation to a person and that is collectively by many beings - to one being you! manifest and are responsible for that person's fate when they die, they had no power fascinating but now that is how it worked in terms of the placement systems, inside human beings which I found rather fascinating I must say so when I was in this devil, Satan Lucifer, existence it was a different experience because, you kind of you do whatever you want really! you do whatever you want and where the fuck can you do that in existence? at that time, nowhere because firstly, I'd say that was the only place that you were free ok? but even then freedom doesn't really existed but I will get to that later so why do I say that, firstly I know, that those beings in that god heaven hell scenario, that went because of their belief they had on earth is lost, they are so lost firstly, because they believe that there is a god and that voice that is speaking the entity they actually! created that is more superior than they you know, more- more than and that's a present fuck did you know there you have these heaven, where these beings were basically voice speaking this light that's coming, this god and- and had gone on their knees and started praying, stilled just praying just praying, and I laughed at the situation you know because some of us, now we- and the devil Lucifer Satan existence were seeing as what do you call it? of course Satanist, oh my god! Satanist and, we actually go to these beings we tell them: What the fuck you are doing! did you know, that you were creating that god and you know what I explained it to them, and they go: No, impossible I don't have that power, I'm unable to do that you are trying to condemn me no one wanted to fucking hear us you know I mean this Lucifer was- you know we know we created this Lucifer entity but you know what? we had fun with it, because we knew it was us you know- it was fucking amazing that we could create the Lucifer this Satan and this devil and it had all these abilities and we also had that abilities! we realize, that we also had the same ability as Lucifer Satan and devil we designed it on earth! I mean how amazing is that and we knew we could do that as well so we were equal in terms of that realization and then we went: But you know what? why don't those people do the same thing? I mean if you look at that god entity, why not do the same thing? why not- realize you are actually equal to that god entity you created, in the dimensions you know what they said: It's a sin to see yourself as equal to god! I was literally going: What? but yet, oneness and equality exist, with Lucifer, with Satan and devil in that existence fascinating right? yah merry and fun, like you won't believe and you know what that's what we did on earth as well, if you look at most possessions demon possession, the reason for demon possession to have human beings realized that there isn't anything more greater or profound than yourself when human beings were creating these entities in existence that is that is a certain ability, right? but not really not really and there's much to tell, so much and so I'll continue in the fourth interview thank you very much, this is Anton La'Vey bye More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Rudolf Steiner, Clarence Seward Darrow, Sir Francis Bacon CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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