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For The Next Generation (2011) 2/13

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"In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must also show the world as changeable and help change it." Ernst Fisher From this wider perspective, so much of what we do to each other must have the rest of creation shaking their heads in disbelief. The fact is that someone born in the United States is not more special than someone born in Mexico. Someone born in London is not more special than someone born in Liverpool. Someone who is white is not more special than someone who is black! They are just vehicles for the consciousness to experience. You go down to the seashore, and you pick up a droplet of water in your hand, how can anyone say that that droplet is any more or less special than all the other billions and trillions of droplets you see in the ocean before you? So when I began to understand all this, and appreciate this other explanation to dogmatic religion and "this world is all there is" science, I started to ask a few questions about this situation, like: "How come that this explanation at the very bottom line least is as credible as the other two, How come the other two get guaranteed air time, often no questions asked, "here is your air time, say what you like" And the alternative to both of them is ridiculed or condemned or repressed by reflex action. The answer that I came up with was that, clearly, some people don't want the public to have access to this information but who? And what? And why? I began to ask other questions like: I don't know about you, but I have met a lot of people in my life and I can't to my knowledge recall anyone who wanted a war! Who had any interest in wars, who felt that wars were anything but horrific and to be avoided, so I thought: "How come the world has been (...) with war throughout history? Who is behind them? for what? or why? Then I kind of look at this economic system that controls the world, An economic system that is so sane that the more successful in its own terms, the quicker it destroys the planet! It is the perfect environmental and human assassin! It insists every year that we take more from the earth even quicker, turn it into even more things, sell even more things, consume even more things, throw away even more things, to worship the real God of the modern world: Economic Growth It insists that every year, 20% of the people of the world consume 80% of the resources, while leaving the 80% to get by on the 20% Crazy! Of course it is! But that's the economic system "take, make and throw away" that controls your life and mine and that of six billion people, nearly! So I thought: "What is behind this self-destruction?" Or who? And why? I started to look at some of the other conventional wisdom that we pass on from generation to generation as the only way of doing things in this world. The wisdom that says: "Even though the economic system that I have just described is dismantling this planet, you ask a politician of any party anywhere in the world: "What do we do to get out of this environmental situation?" and they will say: "we must have more growth to raise the money to spend on the environment". If I say to you: "the way to put out a fire is to poor more petrol on it", you'd say: "He is out of his mind!" but that's what the politicians are saying when they say about more growth to sort out the environment! It's conventional wisdom, but it's fine to treat animals as mere commodities, to be made as fat as possible as quick as possible on as little food as possible. To condemn every year millions of animals to a lifetime of pain, fear and suffering in the name of economics. You are sane if you judge your success in health care, not by how many people are healthy, but buy how many diseased people you manage to teat "We're treating more patients than ever before..." Why? Why are so many people ill? It's conventional wisdom, but rising house prices are a sign of economic success when thousands are homeless because they can't afford them. You are sane, finally, if you think it's fine to support a system that is so successful, that every year, it turns out more suicide, alcoholism, drug taking, homelessness, pain, stress, fear and suffering in all its forms. We'd be in real troubles if this system wasn't working, wouldn't we? That is sanity, apparently, but it's the ultimate insanity! So who is behind it? or what and why? I began to realise too, that against the background of this utter self-destruction on the same planet is stunning wisdom and I began to see also that there is a great difference between cleverness and wisdom, they're not the same thing, this system is very clever, but it isn't very wise! and it's its lack of wisdom that is the problem. I began to see that what we call wisdom is often not found in this state of the art letters-after-their-names system, it's actually found in the native people that this system would see as backward Piece of Native American wisdom - what has become known as American Indians : "When you have cut down the last tree and poisoned the last river, you will know that you cannot eat money" That's wisdom. And there is another piece of very famous American Indian wisdom, in 1854, the American Government made an offer for Indian land and under the system that I've been talking about, and the attitudes and the values that are indoctrinated into us, what should have happened is this chief should have said: "Right! well, I'm on a winner here, cause it's a seller's market, I never put it on the market therefore, I'm in the driving seat, so what I'll do is duck and weave and I'll crack on... - I don't want to sell - get them to push up the price, and the moment that I think they gonna pull out, I'll put up my hand and say: you convinced me" and people are thinking : "Oh what a great business man he is, that chief, fantastic! Be something in the City he will! But there is another value system on this planet also, the value system that said this - in terms of this chief: "How can you buy or sell the sky? We do not own freshness of the air, or the sparkle on the water. How then can you buy them from us? Every part of the earth is sacred to my people, holy in their memory and experience. We know the white man doesn't understand our ways, he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs, the earth is not his friend but his enemy and when he has conquered it, he moves on he kidnaps the earth from his children, his appetite will devour the earth and leave behind a desert. If the beasts were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of the spirit for whatever before was the earth, before was the children of the earth. It's so grim to think that those words were spoken in 1854, when you look what has happened since... "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty". Ghandi HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION THAT WILL SET US FREE. David Icke For the next generation... Have you ever felt you are looking down a rabbit hole? We know we are unhappy, but what's to be done? you know, I mean we have a million minor fixes and people peddling all of these things but somehow, salvation itself becomes an impediment to salvation. I mean once you see five hundred forms of salvation being sold at prices you can't afford, the very notion of salvation becomes obscene, you know, it becomes one more obscene layer that takes meaning out of life and disempowers us and turns us into a subscription customer, that seems to be how we always are being forced to end up, well, the only way out of this, I think is to, hum... It takes courage because you have to turn your back on your culture in the most profound sense there is. Because there are many ways to turn your back on your culture, I mean if everyone is wearing grey, you can wear green, that's one way to turn your back on a culture but another way is to break its laws. Now, that's a little more serious and you know, it brings in big philosophical issues, but in fact, the culture is an enormous arrow pointing: GO THIS WAY And you know what lies that way? impoverishment, madness, degradation and death! That's where the culture is pointing. You can see it! You can see it, just look where we're headed. If everyone on earth aspires to the kind of lifestyle that you people can enjoy by virtually having paid the money to be at a scene like this, there is not enough glass, metal and plastic in the planet to make that many Selikas and Jaguars and Bluebirds and Snowbirds and all the rest of this crap So, what is needed is: An Awakening. You know, there's been a lot of talking about Abraham Lincoln but the president that we need today is not Abraham Lincoln, the president that we need today is Thomas Jefferson He said that we needed a revolution every generation Thomas Jefferson said you have to be ready in order to preserve the vitality of your liberty and your freedom to defend it, not by overthrowing anything else except for what you've been holding in your head that may not be applicable anymore. We've gotten very lazy, we're many generations overdue for a revolution, we're not thinking I'm not talking about blood and violence, although I'm afraid that's already happened, I'm talking about a revolution that is probably the hardest kind, the kind that takes place inside the human soul and the human mind to be able to tear everything down, throw everything out and start with a completely fresh piece of paper and say: "Ok, how do we solve this problem?" When looking down that rabbit hole, what you can see is a revolution of the hardest kind. Anyone that chooses to challenge establishment orthodox, traditional world-views, not to mention the system that we live in sets themselves up for vehement attacks; I'm well aware of this. If you look back at the history of anyone that has chosen to challenge the establishment , it's a very dark history. There are a great number of people out there that know that something is wrong but they do not understand the source of that wrongness, because they are in the box of indoctrination. Socrates. Socrates never speculated on the slavery that was existing during his time. That was normality to him. This goes with every type of political philosopher that's ever existed, whether it's Carl Marx, whether it's Plato. They're all locked into an established paradigm, and their thought processes can only go so far. They see the box around them, they see the leaks and the holes and the cracks and they go up to the cracks and they try to fix them; they try to patch the holes. But they don't stop to think that maybe there's something wrong with the box itself. Maybe the integrity of the box that they exist in is inherently invalid, it's inherently void.

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Posted by: fabulousbb on Jul 28, 2011

FOR THE NEXT GENERATION (2011) by Dominoes Falling Productions.
A film aiming to inspire positive change in a time that is very difficult for many across the planet, and to spread awareness of some serious challenges that lie ahead.

Question everything, including this.

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