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M2016 David

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Hello World - I'm David, I'm a seminarian for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. Soccer was a big deal in my house growing up. My older sister played soccer, my younger brother played soccer, I played soccer, my Dad coached soccer my Mom was forced to watch soccer and she enjoyed it as much as she could. But yeah, soccer was a big deal. We always watched the World Cup. I remember in 2002, the United States made it to the corner finals, and they lost to Germany, and I thought, wow, this is really cool, like America's on the map soccer-wise. But soccer sometimes made it difficult, I mean, for us to pray as a family, but you know I loved soccer, and there's nothing wrong with loving soccer. But for me, it just kept me away from God. So in my sophomore year of high school (?), I was playing a soccer game about an hour and a half north of where my parents live, and I ended up dislocating my knee. You know, they took me to the hospital and popped my knee back in, told me, you can't play for like six months. and you know, I've been playing soccer since I was six. And you know, the youth group at my church, the life teen group, they would meet on Wednesdays and Sundays. So I had something to kind of fill that void. So I said, okay, I'll go. And life teen retreat, it was so great to see so many people my age who actually believed in this. Like, they weren't faking it, they were really joyful. And around that time, a recently ordained priest was sent to St. Vincent's, Fr. Jason. And he was so joyful, and he still is joyful. He was very approachable, and it was obvious that he really cared about the teenagers in the Life Teen program. And man, you know, just meeting him planted a seed, like maybe I could be happy doing that. Maybe quite possibly. And the next thought in my head was like, no no, that's not David. David does whatever David wants. But the thought just never left my head, like it was just always there. They call God the hound of heaven for a reason, cause He'll just keep knocking at your heart. Then I really didn't tell anyone. Then I graduated from high school, and I, you know, 'normal people go to college' so I decided hey I'm going to go to college. And even my freshman year, I would be walking to class and the thought would pop into my head - I could be walking to class at seminary right now. Or I'd be in the dining hall eating with my friends, and the thought would pop into my head I could be eating lunch with other seminarians right now. And I remember one night I could not sleep, and it was the day before Fr. Jason was moving away from the parish. He was receiving a different assignment. So I woke up, went to 8am Mass, and caught him right after Mass - it's the day before he was going to leave. I said: "Fr. Jason, could I talk to you?' And he says: 'Yeah, come back into my office,' and his office was bare, you know, he was getting reading to leave. And I sat down, I started talking to him, and was like, 'Father, I think I might be called to go to seminary'. And he's like, 'I always thought so.' And I was like, 'You could have told me that a long time ago!' I had some health problems over Christmas break, and I talked to the bishop, I talked to the vocations director, and they determined, 'Hey David, would you be open to going to a parish?' And at first I was like, 'You know, spend a whole year in a parish, sounds dreadful.' But it's been excellent. So this year I'm assigned at a parish, in Fort Wayne, St. John the Baptist, and it's been a good experience. It's given me an opportunity to grow. We're always called to constant conversion, and this has been a great time to just renew my love for Christ. To kind of remember why I went to seminary. Cause sometimes it easy to forget why you went to seminary, what your purpose is, why God called you. And I feel like I'm just you know finding that out all over again, having it respoken to my heart why I want to be a priest. So I've never been to Europe, never been to Poland, and I'm excited to see the world church. You know, the world cup brings all the countries of the world together for a common goal of soccer. But soccer is good but there's something greater in this gathering of people. People don't get on the plane and travel to another country and sleep on the ground for a vacation package. You know, you do that for a pilgrimage, we're going to encounter something real. Something truly present. We're going to encounter Christ, we're going to encounter Christ's Church that He has given us. And going to Poland, I mean I have in my head how I think it's going to go. But I want to be suprised by God's love and mercy there. You know, he's suprised me my whole life, when I dislocated my knee, and I was so sad, but He opened up another door that I could get more involved in my faith. Or having to be a year at a parish, a pastoral year, that was certainly a surprise, but God in His love and mercy, brought me to this amazing parish, You know, I don't know what I'm going to find there in Poland, you know, I'm going to encounter God's love and mercy, and I'm ready for Him to surprise me. Hello world, you haven't met me yet, and I haven't met you yet, and I will see you at World Youth Day. And if you're not going, I will see you at the Eucharist at World Youth Day.

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