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Edurne Pasaban - La motivación se encuentra en las pequeñas cosas

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I would love to tell you about this: motivation. Edurne Pasaban First woman to climb the 14 highest peaks in the world. It is not easy to have motivation. It was not easy to have it when I was climbing 8,000 meter mountains but it is not easy now either and less in the moment that we are living. For me today, get out of bed and be motivated to move forward is not easy. But the mountain has taught me one thing and my experience has taught me one thing and I hope that what I'm going to tell you is useful. I have learned on the mountain and with everything that I have lived that motivation is not in great things, that the motivation is not in getting the most out of it. Motivation is in very small things that each of we must identify. In that which gives meaning to life. Do you know how many times when I was in that last camp at 7,700 meters, that last day that you are at 7,700 inside a tiny tent waiting for dawn to climb to the summit of 8,000, and in that little tent which are usually three person tents and we are four because the less weight and the less things we carry up there the better, and you are inside that tent, you can't stretch, it smells bad, it's all wet and you say: What do I do here once again another year? Once again Edurne, you haven't learned anything. What are you doing here with these guys again? Well, I always wondered when I was in that situation, always. And do you know what motivated me at that time? At that time when I was there in those conditions if I was able to feel the feeling you have on the last day when the expedition is over, that last day that you have already come down all the way down, up to 4,000 meters. That last day you get into your sleeping bag at 4,000 meters and you say that's it, the expedition is over, tomorrow we go home. Tomorrow I'm going to get up I'm going to eat some fried eggs with ham that my cook is going to make me, I am going to take a shower as I can, here in base camp with the water that the cook heats and I am going home. If you, when you are at 7,400 meters are capable, or if I am capable of feel that feeling from the last day, I tell you that you put on your boots, you put on your boots and we go up, to the top. To try. I don't know if we are going to get it but you get out the tent, I promise you get out of the tent. That is why I think that motivation, and more now, is never in great things, it is in very simple things. In those little things that, each one of you who are listening to me, you must detect and have them close to take them when you need them.

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Edurne Pasaban - La motivación se encuentra en las pequeñas cosas

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