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Design, Build and Secure a Future in Technology

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A lot of people do ask me what is informatics, what am I learning and I eagerly want to tell them that I'm learning so much right now. We go through so many different aspects, technology, information, human studies That may be applied to anything that I may want to go into later on as a career. The informatics program is different in that it takes a user-centered perspective to technology which is very different from many other programs that focus on technology. Informatics is a holistic approach combining people and technology to bring out the best traits in both. The Informatics program is fantastic. (Narrator) The Informatics program at the University of Washington Information School gives people the tools to design, build and secure information systems that meet human, organizational and societal needs. Informatics is about using cutting edge technology and the latest design principles and how we apply those to our work and our systems so people have the best experience possible. I think one of the program's strengths is to give you the knowledge to work with people, with technology and have an understanding of both of them. (Narrator) 3 informatics degree paths allow students to develop the depth of skills and expertise that allow them to thrive in the information field after graduation. I'm just really exploring the different opportunities within Informatics. I'm also a double degree major in the business school so I feel that technology is really complementary to whatever field I choose. (Narrator) Informatics students see the potential of information and technology for change in the world. Informatics is preparing me to see how technology can be infused with whatever career that I choose in the end. Really what I'm interested in is facilitating peoples quality of life with information. The informatics program is the study of the information systems, technology, human perspective and those are like the 3 main fields that are important for industry out there. (Narrator) Informatics students focus on designing and building information systems and solutions that are user-centered, that meet the needs of people. The project that I'm working on for my capstone with the City of Seattle is to make a system that bicyclists can find safe and comfortable routes through the City of Seattle just like anybody else using Google maps or Yahoo maps. I chose this project because I am a bicyclist and one of the themes for the capstone is environmental sustainability so I decided that a project that would help people get out of their cars and maybe bicycle a little more would be a good project for me. My capstone which is my senior project, my last as an informatics student dealt with the Washington State Access to Justice Technology Principles. These principles were adopted by the Washington State Supreme Court and they help define the way technology should be used within our state and our website actually encompasses the principles: it puts the principles on display in a format that is accessible that anyone can read in multiple languages. Any type of website that's developed specifically for the judicial system, it's most important that we start with the user. So we talked about data and information. (Narrator) In the Informatics program we prepare students to be information leaders. The skills I found most useful in the Informatics program really focus on interaction between people and the technology they need on a daily basis. Anything up here is infomation, like anything that we do or anything that we are learning. It impacts almost anything in your life. (Narrator) Informatics majors benefit from working closely with a talented group of peers and faculty. Part of the culture of the iSchool is that its a department where you really get to know the faculty, really get to know your fellow students. Its very welcoming and it seems like everyone is very focused on the students and helping them learn and ensuring that they get the best experience possible It's really a great small school in a big school experience and you really get all those fantastic benefits. You meet a lot of people along the way that care about you and want to increase your knowledge of technology and the implications of that in society. And along the way you really learn a lot about yourself. So it's an adventure.

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Posted by: raneyn on Sep 26, 2010

UW iSchool BA of Informatics introductory video.

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