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Hi, I'm Paul Aiello, Vice President of Digital Platform Solutions for NEC Corporation. We're here at the Advantage Conference which is a global partner event for NEC's channel partners throughout the globe. On the Smart Workspace Pod you'll see a whole variety of solutions that address the employee experience because all customer experience begin with the employee experience. It starts with a visitor management system we call the FDA, or Front Desk Assistant. Employees or visitors coming into the building can register, have their face be their guide throughout the building, in terms of access control, opening doors, smart lockers, things of that nature. By using the Facial Recognition component of NEC's platform and using the FDA as a starting point, when you come into a building we can notify your host, we can register you, we can select your badge, and put all of those pieces together. In addition to the FDA we also have an employee time clock whereby employees can seamlessly enter and exit the facility using their face as their time card. Access using our UNIVERGE Integration platform will allow access into payroll systems, gate access systems, and a variety of other components. So, NEC is very focused on making the employee experience frictionless, seamless, and truly making flexible workspaces a possibility. All these solutions are being driven by two core components of NEC's technology— Our award winning Facial Recognition technology and the UNIVERGE Integration platform which is our middle ware connectivity bus that allows us to build a series of workflows, actions, and triggers to drive all of the interactions both in the workspace and out of the workspace. You may have noticed that behind me there's also IP cameras located on each of the Pods. So, as people have moved through the demonstrations, anyone who has registered at the Front Desk Assistant is actually recognized and sees very specific content and is welcomed when they reach all of the other Pods which is all part of that seamless Smart Workspace solution. Orchestrating a brighter world. NEC.

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