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Private Eye Popeye: The stolen Jewel

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And the stolen jewel 'Ring ring, ring ring' "Hello, Private Eye Popeye here, what can I do for you?" "Help I'm being shot at!"screamed Olive While Popeye's head inflated. "I'm going to have to trace the call!" Popeye followed the telephone line until he arrived at the house the call came from. "This must be the place" "She is in here sir," explained the butler. "Thank-you" "Yikes!" "Private Eye Popeye at your service" "Thank god you're here!" "The man shot at me because he was trying to get my family's most prize possession" "It's been in my family for centuries" Popeye inspects the jewel. When he turns back to give Olive back the jewel she was gone! "Hey, give me that back!" shouted Popeye "You're the one who is trying to steal the jewel! Someone phone the police!" shouted Popeye before being slammed by the robber's fist. After hitting Popeye, the robber grabbed the jewel and ran. "Help, I'm blind!" screamed Popeye. "That's better." Popeye attempted to catch the robber, but the doorway had turned into a brick wall! The robber then got into a plane, thinking that Popeye could never catch him in the air. Popeye surprised the robber, because he was right beside him in the middle of the sky riding a goose. Unfortunately for Popeye, Christmas came a little early. The robber flew to Paris and stopped for a bite. "Bonjour, Monsieur" He then ran to a cab trying to get away from Popeye But the cab driver turned out to be Popeye! Then he ran to the Eiffel Tower. He pressed the button to call the elevator. "Going up?" Startled, he jumped onto a motorcycle and drove to Switzerland. Once at Switzerland, he climbed a mountain, attempting to out run Popeye. It just so happens that Popeye was at the top of the mountain before the robber. Angered by not being able to outrun Popeye, the robber head butted Popeye off the mountain. He then ran and ran, until he saw a beautiful, young lady, and climbed to her balcony. The robber decided it would be a good idea to give this lady a present, so he takes out the jewel,"For you my lady." The lady turned out to be Popeye, and the robber once again hit Popeye. The robber once again started running away from Popeye. It turned out that Popeye had landed in spinach! 'Omnomnomnom!' Popeye then caught up to the robber and gave him a huge punch, that made the robber fly all the way to the Phillipine Islands. Popeye then caught up to the robber and gave him a huge punch, that made the robber fly all the way to the Phillipine Islands. Popeye then gave him another punch, making the robber this time fly over to the Hawaiian Islands. Popeye then gave one last punch, which made the robber end up where he belongs. Popeye then hurried back to return Olive's family jewel. "I think this belongs to you young madame," Popeye said softly. "Thank-you so much Private Eye Popeye!" Olive happily said. "All in a day's work!"

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Duration: 6 minutes and 32 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: zack on Nov 4, 2009

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