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Matrix 2 - The Secret of the MIND

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Structural Resonance 2 - Veno This is Veno and I'm continuing with the Structural Resonance So, where were we? Dimensional being infused into human body vessel with systems inside to infuse the two together: dimensional being as a life force within the human physical body as a vessel. And of course these systems that are placed in, Was programmed - programmable - to have their creation become their slave So the dimensional beings don't remember their origin and are able to be programmed But that what was perceived to be situation - but you know what? It's not really It's not that the dimensional being was a life-force of the human physical body as vessel.. No -not actually. The dimensional being was actually the life force of the Systems that were placed inside the human physical body - yep Without the participation of the dimensional being within the human physical body - as these systems inside them - systems are not able to exist. So human beings: through your participation and the acceptance and allowance of yourself as such systems, You give it power, you give it it's ability to exist. But before I continue, so - Even then, in terms of the belief that you have to place You have to place dimensional being into human physical body as vessel - That create separation - and if you need the system to kind of infuse the two together as one - and then the dimensional being: within the human physical body as vessel as one - present the life-force for the systems placed inside them to have the ability to exist and manifest. Now, you're probably asking: "Veno: what are you saying when you're saying systems?" Ok, here we go. Systems. The systems are fascinating At birth - ok - you're already integrated with a Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious Mind 'Platform' - what do I mean by Platform? It means that you're - what do you require to build a building with? you require a foundation, you require the bricks, the cement and lots of other materials. So let's say in starting to build a house, you require the foundation laid down already. So, that would be the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind Foundation that is laid down already - the house is not built yet, meaning: The Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind within you is not yet developed That is linked here at the back of your head - by your two They call them your two occipital bone points, ok? Within there locks your Unconscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind - within the two here - You've got your Subconscious Mind and Unconscious Mind Lock-in on your left And you've got a Subconscious Mind and Unconscious Mind lock in on your right Both locked in to the two occipital bone points - and it really looks like Systems. Now those are already locked into you while you're in the mother's womb, ok? Your Unconscious Mind is developed: that house's built - When you're in the mother's womb, the house is just basically transferred to you from your parents. All babies are born with an Unconscious Mind fully ready developed. Why? the Unconscious Mind is that which connects and interconnects you with the rest of humanity - with all of humanity as one - meaning: That as you come of age and grow up in this world - you will become a system. You'll become of society, you will develop and.'sprout' as a system. And that's - that's a given because of this Unconscious Mind plug-in that occurs at the mother's womb. The Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind: those foundations are only laid down when you're in the mother's womb, that's all. You only have the two foundations that's laid down. The house's still required to be built, that house is required to be built - that's what you're going to do when you're born, ok? So, therefore in the mother's womb you've got the Unconscious Mind - the house is built, it's done. The Unconscious Mind is that which connects the interconnection to the whole world. So all the world, all the information of the world, all of human beings as who they are as Systems in this world - is downloaded into you into the Unconscious Mind compartment in your mind. So there's a compartment actually in your mind. Now these compartments and these Systems-Human beings exist interdimensionally. So, you have three layers in your mind: the bottom layer is your Unconscious Mind, your center layer is your Subconscious Mind and your top layer is your Conscious Mind. So, the bottom layer is already built, is already beautifully, the house built laid out with all the information of the world in humanity so that you'll become inborn System already - it's done. All you have to do Is just develop your Subconscious Mind and Conscious minds, you know 'develop your own personality and your own individual expression in this world - That's apparently "Unique", and that's it! - you know, The way's already prepared before you - go ahead little system, Oh little system, Go ahead - go and develop yourself - we'll give you that to do' that's also actually not true. And you'll all say: "why?" So - you have your Unconscious Mind explained - as I've said your Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind Platforms are already placed in the mother's womb. What does that mean? It means the following: From inside the mother's womb, your mother downloads the Information of her and your father into your Subconscious Mind. Now, it's only downloaded information, What is downloaded information? Downloaded information is information that travels Through the blood stream, ok? It is, Systems that liquefy into and as and become information that is spread through electricity Within the blood stream - and that cycle occurs during the nine month period that you're being developed inside the mother's womb. In other words: These systems - there's more, much more to explain, but in general - the systems develop together with you inside the mother's womb. And as you're connected to her blood stream - because that's where babies get their "food" from in terms of the blood flow - the blood circulation between the mother and the child that become as one, it's like a transfusion that takes place to a certain extent. And during that then the mother's cycle is activated for her systems to Liquefy into to flow, into flowing information - if you wanna put it that - ok I'll continue in my next interview. Thanks More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Tupac Shakur CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Veno explaining through the Interdimensional Portal how humanity exists as Mind Consciusness Systems as part of this construct as Consciousness
Desteni Productions introduction to Desteni

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