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(Crowd shouting "Independence") It's felt like a victory rally for a collision of catalans pro-independence parties. It's succeeded intoning this election into a vote, on wether this region should break away from Spain. And its the results came in, they claimed the hit on a man date to set a path to words "Independence".

For pro-independence movement here in Catalonia are planting it as a complete victory. But it is not the way they wanted it. It looks that they got a majority of seats in the Catalan parliament, but not a majority of votes. (Crowd shouting "Independence) They'll even have to team up with a small anticapitalist separatist party to have a majority of seats.

But Catalonia's president painted an ambiguous results as a clear success. "We've won the plebiscits, this is the important thing." "Will you go for independence now?" "We have a clear... absoult majority in the Catalan Parliament to go ahead." The Spanish government will say he and his moviment failed. But in the absence of a real referendum here, his supporters believe they can push ahead. "We don't get a majority in votes, we should do a... we should question again the population of Cataliona." "But the Spanish govern won't let you have a referendum." "Yeah, that's a problem." "What happens after tonight?" "A new government and the beginning of the process of independence." "I think." "Even if you don't have 50% of the votes?" "Yes." "In these elections?" "Yes, because I think it's not fair to counting votes, if it's not a real referendum." That ultimate thread is to declare independence without the consent of the Spanish State. It's the tactics of the pro-independence movement to try impressure Madrid into allowing a proper referendum. Tom Barriage, BBC News in Barcelona.

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