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Teach you Design of: GUILT as Enslaves Man

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Guilt - The Design of Guilt as Entrapment This is the design of guild as 'entrapment'. Guilt! is the, manifestation of the relationship 'connection', which enslaves you, within and as the mind consciousness 'system'. for extended periods of time, it is interesting. Because it's, because it is actually from 'guilt', and of 'guilt'.. that most..emotional turmoil of 'inner conflict', originate from. Let me give you an example, of how 'guilt' of the mind, 'enslaves you' to a mind, through relationship 'connection'..of the emotional manifestation, of 'guilt' to a past experience, that exists and you hold, and you nurture, and 'you have remained' within you and as you. Which generate, and charge, the mind consciousness system - constantly and continuously. As you constantly and continuously, 'exist and remain', within and as 'guilt of you'. Let's take an example. You have, three girls. A B and C, that are, 'best friends'. A, has got a boyfriend. (smile) B, 'slept' with A's boyfriend. and went and told C about it. Now B and C is having a conversation. Now C! is feeling "compelled", to tell A, that B "slept", with A's girlfriend. Why? because 'guilt' was formed in C. When B came and told C! that B slept with A's boyfriend. Why? Why guilt!? Why does guilt exist? Because of, 'relationship obligated responsibility'. Now C, goes and tells, 'A'..A has a hissy fit. and, goes to B. B goes into absolute guilt. A's boyfriend goes into absolutely guilt! and now, C is also in guilt! Guilt! is a, disease, is a virus transfer from one being into another, to another. Which fucks up relationship extensively Why? Because guilt is like a virus, coming inside human physical body saying: I'm going take over all your relationships separated from you outside in your world! I am your 'new relationship', I am 'guilt'! and so guilt is 'inserted' and manifested within the human physical body, and the human being defined themselves 'according to guilt'! and there, is an injection of the virus into the mind consciousness system, of which the mind consciousness- system 'feeds of'. So this particular virus, is actually, 'the nurturing sustenance', of the mind consciousness system. Therefore, it is interesting, 'guilt' not real. (smile) Guilt! only exists within self-dishonesty. Why? Guilt is, a placement of 'manipulation'. How? for instance: As I've said: B, slept with A's boyfriend..B went to tell C. and then C, went to tell A. C! was the one that felt, "guilty". if she "wouldn't have", say to..A. That B was, sleeping, with her boyfriend. Why guilt? What is guilt really? within and of the mind consciousness system. Guilt is self-dishonesty in that moment because.. in 'actual fact'! C, 'does not care'. (smile) Doesn't not give a shit, but.. "because she knows", what's going to be the consequences she's going to tell A. She knows what the consequences are. But instead of taking 'self-responsibility', in realizing the situation, she goes into guilt. Which is like, going into guilt saying: Oh no I'm not "in charge" or.. I'm not in charge of the situation, I'm merely giving you "the message" and then she kind of goes, 'steps back' and say: There's all your shit! you take care of it! you handle it! When actually! What was C suppose to do? you know what do you do in situations like that, if you.. be in necessary to go and tell that person, you go and tell that person! but it's, realizing that, you're taking that responsibility, of informing that person of what was happening. There is no guilt involved why must guilt be involved? guilt only exists in self-dishonesty. Because.. This being 'knew', that if she's going to 'tell A about it', B is going to be 'really angry'. and then 'apparently trust has broken'. Really, 'friendship' is broken, really, 'relationship' is broken. See! this entire situation is 'really', out of proportion and totality. 'Everyone' is guilty at the end, everyone's friendship relationship has broken up. So human beings, in that, that being is trapped in guilt..for a very long time. and will remain in guilt in that..'ever since then'. What does guilt do? guilt eats you up, inside you. You can suppress it as much as you want, but it's still there, it's always there. I am giving you 'an example', of how the mind consciousness system use 'guilt' to entrap you in the mind. to always infinitely exists in guilt, as the mind consciousness system feeds off 'guilt'. and! also to realize, that friendships, relationships, 'trust'..and secrets, 'are a lie'. 'One, huge lie' within this existence, 'used' to manipulate, other human beings with. and when you actually did was what was necessary to be done, to inform that being: Listen! Your boyfriend, is cheating on you! Do not continue this relationship. straight forward direct You now go into 'guilt'. Because of the apparent friendship, and relationship and trust..bullshit, that was going on in the 'triangle' Human beings, when situation like these occurred, place such a being inside you, and realize, what would be 'the best', for you 'as who you are'. That, moment, was to inform that girl. But do not accept and allow yourself to go into guilt. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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